I want to believe

Went to GSC Signature at the Gardens to catch a movie again. They only charge RM15 for the Premier class on Wednesdays (as opposed to the Gold class which we cannot afford huuhuu) so I think it’s really quite affordable.

We watched X-Files today, despite it getting really bad reviews left and right. Keep in mind tho, that those criticizing it are your typical “We Want Action” rather simple-minded Malaysians.

After the movie, as expected, everyone started thrashing the plot for being simple yet confusing at the same time. However, I realised that everyone didn’t even really get the plot in the first place.

I guess it was just a potent combination of insufficient linguistic proficiency, a lack of X-Files background knowledge and suboptimal editing (i dunno how to explain this, but the way they showed some important info was like “not so obvious” so a lot of people didn’t even notice those parts) leaving the audience slightly lost and bewildered.

A major flaw was that the plot of this movie lacked the disturbing factor that is expected of any X-File. Heck it doesn’t even really qualify as an X-File, in my humble opinion.

Being a semi-hardcore X-File fan, I still enjoyed watching Mulder and Scully making out on the screen tho (not very sexy ya).

At least the movie was scary enough to make me feel afraid of going into my toilet wtf.



Me no likey emo. Why is my future seemingly hazed over in dark clouds? Gee, I wish I could just know what lies ahead in advance so I wouldn’t have to keep guessing.


A few day’s worth of randomness

Here’s lebih kurang what I’ve been up to the past couple of days.

On Saturday Yun had this inter-Pharma (all da big pharmaceutical companies) badminton tournament so the good ol Best Buddy in me convinced myself that I wanted to watch badminton matches all day, and I volunteered to tag along.

Obviously, I absolutely do not have an ounce of interest in badminton games, let alone those played by geeky pharmaceutical people but I’m damn mou liu nowadays so yeah.

Go Yun!! Go Yun!! *Dirty dances with pompoms*

My disinterest (or rather, ignorance) in the game concerned imerged immediately, when I asked rather loudly what the lines on the court meant.

“Oh!! So if over this line means out lah izzit?”

Enough to raise a few eyebrows and invoke some sniggering behind me.

L-R: Opponent, Umpire, Yun. This girl was damn laupek (If I may say so myself) and kept toying with her hair while she played wtf. Stupid bimbo, badminton oso dunno how to play HMPH!! wtf.

So yeah, Yun beat her, but just by a bit.

The thing was that all of us had only slept for like 2 hours the night before (thanks to stupid Alfred who dragged us to Bar Celona) and she hadn’t had anything to eat for breakfast. By the end of the first match she was already trembling and as pale as my backside wtf. QUite scary.

Both contestants exhibiting rather un-macho poses.

SK rushed us to get some food so she wouldn’t faint, and after that we made a pitstop at a park so they could make out wtf.

SK and I were damn bodoh to wear long jeans lar cause it was FRIGGING~ hot in the badminton hall.

After the break Yun kinda lost some steam (plus she’s kinda anaemic actually) and got thrashed by her following 2 opponents but wtf we had already been there for 8 hours so I didn’t really care *evil*. All I wanted to do was to go home and take a nice looooooooooooooong cold shower!

I seriously DID NOT know that badminton halls were so hot!! Next time I go I’ll just wear a bikini lah. Hopefully everyone’s eyeballs will roll out of their sockets and I’ll win everything hoho.


Alfred brought me to Asia Cafe for lunch and just looking at all the food signboards and posters and pictures made me salivate buckets full!!

He actually caught me SMILING to myself while I stared deep into the delicate folds of a Shanghai siew long pao picture wtf.

How is it that Alfred’s sunnies (almost) fit ME?? I know I’m Ahfat but I’m not that fat! Them Adidas sunnies are like super comfy and stylo tho!!! *jelez*


Today was Shopping Day with muh SS girls Tan Ah Lyn and ahmoi Kah Yie.

We took a pitstop at IMU to sampat kepoh check out how the new renovations are going.

The first thing that struck us was that THE FRIGGING ESCALATORS ARE MOVING!!!

Like zomg IMU finally decided that running the escalators don’t really use up that much electricity after all, and decided to give the poor, harrassed, exhausted students a break.

Or maybe some poor soul tripped headlong down the escalators (which were previously non-moving, thus only serving as super narrow flights of stairs) and had to be rushed into the Clinical Skills Unit thereby allowing noob medical students to practise mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on the victim. Who then sued IMU for oral contamination.

Both their eyes are closed in this picture wtf. See, now we have one escalator going up (on the left) and one going down (on the right) *BANGGA*. If you’re an exIMUian you’ll understand my excitement.

The library now looks like a proper library, not just some lounge people go to to chat or take a 30 minute nap in between classes. We went in for like 10 seconds before we got chased out for not wearing proper formal attire wtf. “Jeans tak boleh! Tak boleh jeans!” Yah, ok.

The best part of the new IMU is of course the new lecture theatre. There was an ongoing session when we got there, so we could only take a peep.

The funny thing is all the doors to the new lecture theatre have peepholes. Like why the hell do they need peepholes? Oh wait, I know why. Cause last time people kept opening the doors to check if there were ongoing lectures and then letting the doors slam shut which was damn babi annoying. Not that I attended many lectures myself.

We still opened the doors just a sliver of a crack to take a peek anyways.

From IMU we drove to MidValley with high hopes of buying cheap Malaysian stuff once again.

Sad to say our hopes were dashed on the cruel jagged rocks of the China-made era.

Seriously, everything was still about the same price range as always, but the quality was SHIT.

Shit, I tell you.

There is seriously something wrong the day I go to a shopping mall and cannot find anything I even want (wanting is one thing, affording is another).

Ended up buying a pair of green shorts from MNG, black heels from Vincci and this dress from Miss Selfridge which I totally *love*.

It looks a bit funny here, but it’s totally chunted when I put it on. RM 223 =((( And no, it’s not lingerie.

Ah, the irony. Come back from UK to buy UK clothes wtf. Thank god my closet is already bursting with clothes, my shoe rack overloaded with shoes and my bag cupboard overflowing with labels (yes I have a cupboard just for storing my bags) so I should be able to survive this horrifying fate until I earn enough to be able to buy the really good stuff. Weee =)

Asap Facial Indeed

So after like ten billion years, I finally went for another facial at Leonard Drake again, cause I think they’re really professional.

The prices have gone up a bit tho since ten billion years ago, cause my facial back then costed a frigging RM150 but now they same facial costs a frigging frigging RM200 wtf damn expensive ok.

Anyhuu I signed up for some package thingy cause I thought it was damn worth it and it was like the cheapest package they have and the only one I could afford huuhuu.

(You also get 10% off all services)

The facial itself was O.M.G. superduperly good. There were like 2 masks, a half body massage (which made me giggle cause damn ticklish *omg damn jakun*) and the works, and I loved every minute of it except for the extraction bit which literally made me cry.

After the extraction the lady showed me all my gross blackheads and omg it was damn disgusting cause damn A LOT ok.

I definitely need to go for facials regularly.


Anyway I used the product voucher from the package to get a month’s supply of a detoxifying veg drink thingy as it contains probiotics which is supposed to be good for people with crappy intestinal flora and fauna like mine.

RM128 for 30 sachets:

Except that it causes diarrhoea which is not good for malnourished skinny kids like me.

Used the voucher to get this RM50 tiny bottle of essential oil (as if my face doesn’t produce enough oil lidat):


I emerged from Leonard Drake with glorious translucent glowing skin feeling all refreshed and sparkling.

And then stupid Alfred had to ajak us to Bar Celona wtf. Like that’s totally the last place I wanna go right after a facial ok.

But anyway I went cause I wanted to meet up with Lilin Bilin’s white coloured boyfriend hoho.


I really salute the person who came up with such a gimmicky name. Like at first when someone said he was going to Bar Celona I thought they meant Barcelona itself. As in the real city in Spain wtf.


Getting everyone in was a big mess cause Alfred brought along like 8 or 10 of his friends and then we had to like count how many bottles we had to open to get everyone in. And then everyone had to like line up and go in together wtf like Toot-Toot train only.


Yah and I finally got to meet Robin.

Too bad so sad he forgot to invite Batman wtf.

Hi Robin I know you’re reading this!

Lilin Bilin has big boobies!

(Uh, Robin, what are you doing?)


Despite the bar.club.lounge.whatever being a rather happening place, we just weren’t in the mood to be happening. We were more like in a mamak mood so we ended up just sitting around and chatting.

LOL @ Lilin Bilin’s Monster Cute Face:

It was damn funny ok cause you know lah Robin is like this so-called posh angmoh from London and you know lah we all Malaysians speak damn ciplak with our ‘lah’ and ‘ma’ and whateverlah.

So we duely made fun of his accent and forced him to read out stuff like “Kari kepala ikan” and “Semangat bermasyarakat” and “Seksi gila babi hutan kalimantan” wtf HOHOHO so cute ah!

No my face is NOT bigger than his!

Anyways, I felt quite bad for practically ignoring Alfred’s friends and all but I’m damn scared of alcohol already lar. No more drinking this month!


Oh, and the ultimate insult came from Robin when Lynn asked him if he actually understood what I was saying, and he went

Yes, I understand her.

But what she says doesn’t make sense.



Yar and around 1am the 5 of us dumped Alfred and his kaki to go chit-chat at McD’s about our good ol schooling days.

Sigh, I miss Seafield!

Malaysian food (out) my ass

Most people who know me know that I have the most delicate of stomachs.

Be it food that has been left out for half a day, roadside Ramli burger or that fucking duck porridge that gave me diarrhoea for half a year, I simply cannot tolerate even the minutest amount of bacteria in my food.

I have been pretty lucky so far, gobbling up satay, dim sum and hawker food for 8 days with no signs of watery stools. In contrary, I’ve even suffered a short bout of constipation due to the lack of fibre in my diet.

Yah, like who wants to come back to Malaysia and eat fruits rite?

Anyway, my luck ran out last night.

I ate a plate of maggi goreng at a mamak and woke up feeling really nauseous, bloated and “masuk angin” (ie dyspepsia). No matter; I am tough.

I swallowed 2mg of loperamide (antidiarrheal) plus 500 magnesium trisilicate (antacid for gastricitis/wind) and went on my way.

And then I had bak kut teh for dinner.

Like wtf right, BKT isn’t exactly the cleanest, healthiest, most digestible food on earth.

Came home all feeling a little drowsy so I napped for a couple of hours. I was awoken not by my annoying alarm, but by the little chills I felt going up and down my body.

HOHO die edi.

Went to the toilet, shat (which is the past tense of shit, in case you didn’t already know) and vomited all that yummylicious BKT up.


I shall now take another 4mg of loperamide and 200mg ibuprofen and stop being such an annoying pharmacist and go to bed.

PS: Went to the Gardens Midvalley and I have come to the conclusion that it is a really really nice place to shop. If you have loads of cash. Which I do not.


The GSC Signature cinema there is really worth patronizing. Once you’ve been there, you can never go back to those regular cramped, smelly, “Osim vibrating” little chairs.

RM20 per seat??

I say PAY UP!

Movie and a lost ticket

[This is so totally gonna be an eat.shit.blog post]

Set my alarm to 1pm but duly got up at 3.30pm today. Drove to Taipan to tapau chicken rice for lunch and buy a pair of short pants cause I totally cannot wear long jeans in this blistering hot weather.

Went to Pyramid with Cheun to watch Red Cliff at night. The movie was alright I guess – your typical old school chinese war, warriors, warlords, sexy mistresses blabla tale. At least I didn’t fall asleep.

Got to the ticket paying maching thingy only to realise I had lost my bloody parking ticket.


Went to the carpark entrance and cincai tried my luck pressing the button but no ticket came out. Obviouslylar they have some kind of car sensor thingamagicky otherwise all carparks that charge by hourly rates confirm lose money (cause ppl would just go tekan a new ticket right before leaving so they only need to pay for one hour ma).

So ngam there was a young malay lady driving in (was about 11pm already so it was pretty quiet) so I asked her to help me press the button again to get another ticket. But to my disappointment the almighty sensor being knew that she hadn’t driven through, so a new ticket didn’t come out.

So cleber ol me asked her to drive to the second entrance ticket-giving-machine and press again lor.

And that’s how I saved my RM20 lost ticket fine.

After that we went to Tanjung in USJ 9 to makan where we met Melinda, Ng Sue Lynn and Ming Keat and ended up chatting damn long.

So long that my mum started a manhunt for me cause I accidentally left my handphone in the car.

Ish and I thought I was slowly gaining my freedom =(

Anyway mum called Alfred —> Alfred called Cheun –> Cheun passed his phone to me.

So in the end I kena nag by Alfred instead of my mum wtf.

*end of day*

[Yeah, like totally eat.shit.blog]

PS: I bought this new “Eyeliner Tattoo” thingy from Sasa which cost RM58. It’s supposed to be sweatproof and lasts like 24 hours or something.

Comes with a free mirror and the packaging matches my water tumbler too wtf:

Will give it a test run when we go clubbing on Thursday =)

Miss Ah Fat

To celebrate and self-glorify my return from a land far far away, I treated everyone to a dinner at Jogoya Starhill. Everyone except Shiu Kao, who so tak tau malu invited himself so obviously he had to pay for himself HMPH!

Yun + Idiot:

Our table was booked at 6.30pm, so we bluffed Shun that we were leaving at 5pm, and Alfred came to pick me at 5.30pm. Standard protocol.

She was still late anyway like omg.

Alwyn + Shun SO the matching *giggle*:

The dinner cost my anorexic purse RM100 per head, but no complains cause it was fantastic!

The restaurant was incredibly huge and offered all manner of Japanese and non-Japanese fare to keep even the greediest of cow-killers like Alwyn satisfied throughout the night.



And I swear the boss MUST have spent a fortune hiring Malay ninjas (what a rare breed!) to serve the customers!


To be honest, I haven’t had proper Japanese food for over a year now (cause Jap food in UK totally sucks), so I kinda gobbled up everything without really tasting anything properly.

What really got me salivating, tho, were the super succulent fat wobbling oysters and all the cute tiny desserts!!

Just staring at this picture makes me salivate again!:

They have all sorts of cakes!!:

I don’t think I really ate much that night cause I was too busy being “bombed” by the guys *sigh*. Most of the stuff I ate actually came from the dessert section cause like ohmhgawd I totally love cakes and pastry. Do you know that the entire Glasgow does not have a single cake shop (Secret Recipe that kind)???

[Oh oh oh I totally HAVE to go eat at Bakerzin *salivates* The cakes there are simple to die for!!]

Yah and then stupid Shiu Kao started calling me Ah Fat wtf.

Contestants of eating competition wtf:

Stupid Shui Kao:

The entire restaurant was layed-out in a gerai-gerai sort of way, with each little gerai offering a different variety of yummilicious fattening food. Sadly tho, they didn’t allow us to take pictures of the place.

Well, at least we got to take blur pictures in their very pretty toilet:

The dinnertime buffet was supposed to stretch from 5pm til 9.30pm but come 11pm we were still chatting away there and no one bothered to chase us out. Such a pity that I was so full I couldn’t even sample their icecream sobs.


I totally wanna go to Jogoya again! Even tho I can’t eat enough to reach a hundred bucks. But nebermind, it’s the experience that counts!

My totally matching Coach bag and Morgan shoes:

A birthday and a few drinks too many

A few of us went to Pyramid to watch Hellboy 2 sempena Cheun’s birthday. God, this is like the 4th time I’m going to Pyramid in one week, and I still get lost! Ish. Anyway, Hellboy was a little stupid (especially compared to Batman *omg Batman is super gaya *swoons*) but I think the guys enjoyed it.

Conclusion = Guys are stupid wtf.

After that was dinner at Summer Steamboat which cost RM20 for an all-you-can-eat fare. Except that by the term “all you can eat” they really mean “all you can force youself to telan without vomiting” cause the food wasn’t good. By any standards. Again, the guys kinda enjoyed it cause they think “cheap + full = satisfaction”.

I stress, guys are stupid.



Sorry the picture quality sucks. My camera really KO already.

After dinner, I rushed back to Subang cause we were heading to Sri Hartamas for a few drinks.

Yah, so rushed was I that I actually changed my shirt in my car right outside Shun’s house. Damn tak tau malu edi la.


The place was called “Decanter” and it was really this sorta dingy little place where young people (I stress, this is NOT an uncle bar) went to fag and drink and hang out.


The beer was pretty cheap at RM29 a jug. It did taste a little watered down, tho. Oh well, more water equals less alcohol equals longer time to getting drunk.



We played some card and dice games and I don’t know why the hell I was so swei cause I lost almost every single round wtf. One hour into the session and I was already tipsy.

So much for UK alcohol training pft.

Caught the guys cheating red-handed:

And because I refused to drink anymore (I get really red and fugly when I drink too much ugh), Shun became my tanker.

And I kept losing.. and she kept drinking..


Til she ended up really KOed and had to puke TWICE.

Lol. Thank goodness the guys are seasoned alcoholics so they had plastic bags aplenty in their cars.

Because we were too drunk to go home, we stopped by at the 24hour McD’s to sober up.

But we locked Shun up in the car cause she couldn’t move a muscle wtf.



All in all last night was pretty fun! Except for the fact that I went to sleep after 5am and my mum woke me up at 12pm shouting, “Going out for lunch in 10 minutes ah! 10 minutes ah! Faster get ready ah!” Argh damn annoying!

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