I need this.


A Many Random Things

Damn sad.

At like 5am while I was asleep and Juju was busy playing Football Manager (LOLs), he got a phone call.

Magecibai he got called up for a 5-day flight *saddenings. Which is why I’m at home on a Sunday blogging about random stuff I did over the past 2 weeks.

Nvms Bilin will soon be flying back to the UK so at least I can have dinners with her.


Juju went to Taiwan again, and this time he bought me falsies and a shitload of random sweets.


The 6 pairs of lashes only cost RM20 dei!!! My one single pair of Shu Uemura’s was already 60 bucks *sobs. Dunno why I keep amassing falsies tho, I never ever use them.

He is want me become more beautiful.


Had our 8-monthiversary dinner at Italliannies. Awww 70% of a year already T.T


I’ve never really liked Italliannies, but then again I’ve only eaten there one other time, on Bilin’s birthday. Jakunz, I know. It’s not that the food is horrible, I just think it’s overpriced for what you get.

Ended up gorging ourselves on appetisers and throwing out the main course.

This was the most horrid, ugly-looking chicken I’ve ever had.


Oooo 13.90 for lunch is quite cheap leh.

After dinner, we joined my colleagues at Amp Square to celebrate Xin Yin’s birthday.

Amp Square is like this other karaoke joint somewhere at the bottom of Pyramid which is damn ulu and ever so slightly lala.

The only English songs they have come from the Britney-NSync era.


But since the buffet dinner + 6 hour karaoke session cost only RM30++ per person, cannot complain much also lah.


Happy Birthday Xin Yin!


Had a father’s day dinner with Juju’s family. In case you’re wondering, my own family doesn’t celebrate any damn thing, which is why I’m blogging about someone else’s family boo.


The chosen restaurant (which name I cannot recall) was quite fancy-smancy posh-tosh and it was a good thing I didn’t go in jeans and my High School Musical tee.

(Actually the dress belongs to Bilin and since she’s going back to UK edi I wanted to faster wear it before returning lol)

The men.

The ladies.


After dinner, we went home to feast on some father’s day Haagen Daaz ice cream cake.

K fine it was just an excuse so we girls could have ice cream.

Just making sure it’s really 1.5kgs.


Had a drinking session at the Bamboo club in TTDI Plaza with Juju’s MAS kakis. Not bad leh the crowd, there wasn’t even any lalas or grandmas in sight. And one bottle cost only RM250 which is apparently damn cheap.


It had been a looong day and I was exhausted, so after drinking only 2-3 glasses, I started feeling really woozy and light-headed. Didn’t help that there were no chairs or stools around.

Ended up next door at Eckywoobee where I refueled my body with a sandwich and watermelon juice yum yum. Damn sad case leh, everytime I drink my blood pressure drops to zombie levels =(

The soon-to-be married Wendy and BertBert.


With my Laura Mercier compact foundation finally finished, I decided to try the Estee Lauder Cyber White foundation instead.

Laura Mercier (RM150), Estee Lauder (RM180).

I’ve always had trouble finding a foundation I like, cause my skin is like shit. It’s dry as paper and yet oilier than a fried egg, which in the cosmetic field is termed “combination” skin.

Not a good thing to have.

The only think I liked about the Laura Mercier foundation was that it kept the oil at bay for a good many hours. The bad? It was impossible to blend in nicely. I ended up with powder blotches all over my face! Oh and the sponges they included were so horrible I threw them away on the 2nd day.

The Cyber White, on the other hand, is just a joy to apply!!! The powder is just so smooth and fine and doesn’t adhere to dry spots (of which I have many). Only bad thing is my face gets oily after just 2-3 hours so I have to retouch quite a bit.

My second splurge of the month was on the Kerastase Chroma Riche hair masque.

It’s supposed to be salon exclusive, but I bought it at some shampoo shop for only RM117, rather than the salon price of RM130.


Immediately after using it, my hair became super soft and shiny and Juju said, I quote, “Yar really softer edi. Now feels like if I pull it, can toink back instead of breaking“.

I think he means my hair was less brittle lar.

Sad to say I went drinking with the SU gang right after that, so I had to re-wash my cigarette-ash-laden hair and it turned back into it’s original un-toinkable quality.

OK Juju calling toodles.



Finally got down to reformatting my dinosaur-aged laptop and now it no longer takes 60 minutes to load wtf. LITERALLY ohkay I ain’t exaggerating.

And thanks to Soon Seng and Kwo Kuang I got myself a subscription to Kaspersky anti-virus software.

Haven’t managed to install it yet tho, keep on getting error report for some reason boo.

Will be updating soon =)

Juju’s Sister’s wedding

Weee got a few more pics off facebook thanks to Kwo Kuang. Still haven’t transferred the actual photos from him yet tho, wait til I fix my laptop virus probs first, later he kill me =)

– Jamuan on the night before wedding –






(Dyed my hair the day before, but it didn’t turn out very obvious boo)

– Wedding dinner –



Tai tai, China-import 2nd wife and shocked lou kong.


Ok I know my shoes don’t look like they match, but I swear there were black bits on my dress which was why I stinged on buying new shoes lol.

Random Retards

Had to create a new photo folder which I decided to fondly name “Random Retards” cause, well, we just have so many of those.


Saturday was a blast, we got down and dirty with our gossiping and X-rated conversation which was hilarious.

Started the day with breakfast at Pappa Rich (AGAIN), 1 hour later then the scheduled ETA of 8am. Damn good already lar that Yen, Lynn and I were all actually there by 9 (on a weekend mind you!!).

First thing I noticed was that we were surrounded by uncles and aunties reading newspapers wtf. Felt so out of place.

Anyhuu, between the 3 of us, we got plenty of dirty stares cause frankly, our voices aren’t exactly the merdu-est sounds you wanna hear at 9am on a Saturday morning.

Didn’t help that all we could talk about were handbags, boys and sex lol.

Some aunties cock-stare damn keng chao wan leh.


Left the girls to meet my colleagues at 1U to watch Terminator.

Got lost but luckily I knew how to U-turn back, sigh GPS oh GPS I need thee.

Luckily I only had to do 1-U, not 2 or 3 U hardeeharhar.

DAMN JOKER sial the kononnye Arnold Schagatsusahnakeja’s “cameo”. Really, I think it’s worth buying a ticket just to see Arnold back in his prime – buldging muscles and all.


Headed back home after lunch for YET ANOTHER GOSSIP SESSION with the girls. God, 6-month’s supply wtf.

This time, Starbucks became the unfortunate venue to our loud, brazen bitching.

Lynn: White’s really have bigger dicks wan.
Me: Yar so better start small so you won’t feel dissatisfied.
Lynn: Yalor, start off with Indians.
And at that point all of us stoned. Cause we were sitting right beside one.

Goodness gracious me.

I’m not being racist here ohkay, blame Durex for coming up with that fact lar.

Us being us.

Imitatin’ muh eyes.

Yenli sepet kepet.

Lynn has uhh almond eyes?

Oh my, what a well-mannered modest child Bilin is!

Shun arose from the dead, dusted off the habuk and decided to come join us 5 minutes before we had to leave wtf.

Final pic of the day ❤


Juju and I got a new baby!

Damn cute ohkay <333 *love love*

Now BamBam the elephant has a new playmate.

Meet Chester Bearington! It’s Chester Bennington + Padington Bear geddit geddit??? I am so witty harhar. Well, not really.


And here are literally a couple of photos from Juju’s sister’s wedding.

The only thing Kwo Kuang has that’s big. Sorry low blow, timeout.

Stumbled upon YUN’S PARENTS there, of all people!!!

Found out that Yun’s dad is the groom’s mum’s cousin.

SOOOO if (IF LAH) I marry Juju, I’ll become Yun’s dad’s cousin’s son’s wife’s brother’s wife!!!


AND THEN I’ll become Alfred’s dad’s sekampung-friend’s cousin’s son’s wife’s brother’s wife!!!

AND IF YUN MARRIES SK I’ll become SK’s wife’s dad’s cousin’s son’s wife’s brother’s wife!!!

And wtf I’ll even become Wilson Cheah‘s uncle’s cousin’s son’s wife’s brother’s wife!!!.

OMG mind-boggling!!! Suddenly all my friends are turning into potential family members wthhh!!!


If I were a boy…. (Fine, more like a ghost)