Tenji Sucks Balls!

I know I know my blog sucks. Haven’t been updating cause, well, I’m a lame loser with no life whatsoever to blog about. Plus I’ve been having a cold for the past 5 days which really sucks shit wei.

Anyhuu, here are some random photos from the weeks past…


Went to Pyramid for lunch with Soon Seng, and we decided to each buy 2 guppies to keep as pets in our office. Manatau all 4 fishes died a day later wtf!

I paid 20 frigging bucks for that “tree” deco thing leh!

Transferred it into the crabitat after the guppies (which I was thinking of naming “Voon Yuen” and “Su-Ann” wtf!) died.

They like having different things to climb. Damn cute right, Chloe looks so silly up there.

Changed the sand as well, so they now have a thicker substrate to burrow into.

Bought them a treat as well.

RM19.75 for 12 cup jellies wth. That’s like almost 2 bucks each leh!

Can even control their urine odor wtf something only the Japanese would have thought of.

Sad to say my babies are extremely fussy eaters and didn’t touch the jelly, so that’s 20 bucks down the drain.


Starting to realise just how costly having pets can be.


Had dinner at Sakae Sushi with my peeps before heading over to Yun’s house to gamble.

Food was nothing to shout about.



Somehow everyone’s outfit turned out to be very “ONG”-ly coordinated.

Alfred looks like the God of War or something lolz.


Fell sick 2 days before I was to have dinner at Tenji with the colleagues. Damn tulan. Oh well at least I got 2 days MC bwahahaha.

The lunch of a kiasu sick person preparing for a buffet dinner at Tenji.

The babes and I.

My sashimi.

4 orang saje =(

Su-Ann’s greedy face.

She looks superbly adorable with the hairband lol.

Probably the only diner to go for the popcorn.

Matching shirts, so les tsk tsk.

And as you can tell from the title of this post, the food sucked balls.

No way comparable to Jogoya in terms of quality and quantity. The only consoling factor was that they were having a promo (1st pax RM88, 2nd pax RM29.90) so it came down to only about RM65 per person, still ok lah.

Oh well, at least they had 3 different ice cream booths!

Ice cream uncle gracefully obliged me and smiled for the camera.

BR booth which had only 3 flavors or something. Super lauyah.

HD was still the best of the lot ❤


Commenced to Tropicana City Mall after dinner, to catch Percy Jackson which was pretty good.

Super cannot wait for Alice in Wonderland!!!

And that’s all for now. Super late for lunch with the girls already…


i am sad

so many things happening at the same time.

life has been a crazy roller coaster ride the past month or so.

this is so overwhelming.

Sheep MU Jerseys wtf

Yesterday was the funniest day ever.

Went to Dr Ranjit to get my second round of armpit hair laser removal. *ZAP ZAP POOF* RM250 gone in literally 2 minutes. That guy is a frigging genius!

Went to the bank to pay my credit card bill. Withdrew RM1300 and went to line up at the cash deposit machines.

*Teet teet teet.

Dammit. Stupid machine, why the digits keluar double times wan.

*Cancel cancel.

*Teet teet teet.

Shit. Still wrong. Tulan.

*Teet teet teet.

*Cancel cancel.


*Cancel cancel.




But after 3 seconds of displaying that message, the machine suddenly can work again and the peti duit thing opened up, so I put my precious RM1300 in lor.

*Mulut closed.


*3 seconds later, machine displayed: OUT OF SERVICE.



Damn tulan ok.

(Yala yala MCsquare virus la -_-)

Filled in a report and the lady said the money will be credited into my credit card account within 3-7 working days. Better pray they don’t charge me the 17.5% interest for late payment man!


After that, I accompanied Alfie to KLIA to pick up something.

Apparently, seeing as CNY was just around the corner and he hadn’t gotten much CNY clothes yet, the lap cheong decided to buy MU jerseys from UK since they were:
1. Sheep Cheap
2. Red
3. New

But of course, our nice lap cheong is very kedekut and didn’t want to pay for the postage home.

So he forced poor Su Khok to take a hour TWO AND A HALF HOUR-long train ride to deliver the package to his friend who was coming back to Malaysia, and then take another hour TWO AND A HALF HOUR-long train ride back to his ulu home at Gillingham Dorset wtf.

So yeah, Alfie and I went to the airport to pick up the package.

Parking few cents also want to kira apala.

Problem was we had never seen Su Khok’s friend before. But it’s ok because Alfie is one smart ass fan cheong.

Tan Chee Yong, please recognise yourself hor.

*Ladidii ladidaa*

Stood there waiting for 45 minutes after the flight landed!!


That time we damn tension edi cause we thought we had missed him.

Samo at first we went around trying to guess who his parents were likely to be.

Me: EH I think that uncle in beige is his dad!!
Alfie: No lo, I think that other uncle looks more like him.
Then suddenly this uncle in blue Hawaii baju turned towards us, and both of us were like “OMG THAT ONE!” rofl. But no la, he turned out to be a tour guide wtf.

Anyhuu, after 45 minutes, my hands got tired of holding up the paper.

So I used my third hand wtf.

And then, I suddenly noticed this guy smiling and walking towards me. At first I thought he was some hamsap lou, but then he gave Alfred a wink.

So we finally got the package.

And this was what was inside.

OMG Tan Chee Leong I pity you la, had to lug 1.5kg worth of MU stuff all the way from UK. I’m still angry at them for not telling me about this cause I wouldn’t mind having an MU jersey as well, since it’s so “sheep” in the UK.

8 shirts, 3 flags, one pair of socks (WTF) and a MU mascot doll – courtesy of Alfred, Yun and Shiu Kao. Damn. MU is so lucky to have supporters like you all making them rich.

I sure hope you aren’t a Liverpool supporter lolz.

Uncle Alfie’s 24th Birthday

Me: Got such thing as “lou kong kong” wan ah?
Yenli: BWAHAHAHA lou konggggggggggggggg kong hahaha…
Me: Then got such thing as “pak sok sok”?
Yenli: Yeah, an uncle with the surname “Pak” will be called “Pak sok sok”.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAZOMG. I need to find something better to do with my time that talking to her.


After one whole day of discussing where to celebrate Lou Kong Kong/Pak Sok Sok/Uncle Alfred’s 24th, facilitated by self-refreshing office email accounts, we settled on South Sea Seafood, to which I can give you directions!! *BANGGA.

Drive until you pass Terminal 3 of the old Subang Airport, drive over the flyover (go under also can but the road sucks), until you see a sign board with a big lobster/crab/aunty picture, then follow the sign board. Should be just straight ahead la, the restaurant will be on your right.

Small cars rock my sock!

Right is my sucky, albeit PINK, phone. Left is the phone Alfred lent Yen. Damn berat sebelah lor he.

Departed from Subang a bit later than the E.T.D. due to Uncle Alfie’s arthritis preventing him from moving faster.

So happened that in all 3 cars, the passengers’ outfits were perfectly color-coded!!!

Alfred’s car: Alfred + Yen + Me all wore øøøøø
Yun’s car: Yun + SK both wore øøøøø
Kien Fei’s car: Kien Fei + Jae Shen + Alwyn + Shun all wore øøøøø
(Shun’s top was black, but her jeans were øøøøø mar!)
If you’re colorblind, I’m very sorry.

Our ONG ONG RED car woots! Damn got CNY feel lor!

Reached our destination safe and sound, despite Alfred flooring the pedal a bit. He claims it was because he was getting stressed out being trapped alone with Yen and I, but I find his claim to be preposterous! Reject reject!

Yes that is how our mouths were throughout the journey.

Tank upon tank of live sea creatures!!! All caught from Ariel the Little Mermaid’s neighborhood too!

See, even kononnye stupid crabs can arrange themselves into neat stacks. ONLY at South Sea Seafood *two thumbs up.

The colors are just awesome my possum Kate Dawson.

We spotted this poor fish about to die, and the restaurant worker thought we were damn stupid and tried desperately to persuade us to buy it while it was still alive (barely).

Avatar Eywa praying mantis prawn.

This thing is damn cute ok! It’s mouth looks like a vagina zomg so is it considered normal sex or a blowjob???

Alfred was the only one doing the ordering. Damn obvious that the rest of us were just kelefeh fooling around.

Alfred, still ordering.

Bored faces, waiting for Alfred to be done ordering.

Food oh food where art thou?

LOL poor Alwyn looks so skead! Sei Alfred! You selamat lah this round, didn’t get kepit in between MCsquare Yen and I hahahaha.

With the yee sang woots.

Muka aku pucat gila!!! Was hardly using any makeup ok don’t kutuk my makeup! Lighting problem lar (In denial wtf).

Yen’s new camera is like super the chunted lar even the flash can pop up wan!!!

HUAT HUAT HUAT! (No idea what it means so don’t ask)

Shun looking very pleased indeed.

Yen showing that she can count to 2 (with the chopsticks), while Shun and Yun are deeply engrossed in a conversation about SKII. I was sitting too far away to join in =(


That’s the biggest crab pincher I have ever seen zomg!

Rascal!!! Mummy found a new hand for you! Edward Rascal Crabclawhands wtf.

Yen and Kien Fei looking at some invisible love bubble in the air wtf.

My darlings <333 Too bad the sei waiter who took the picture didn’t have steady hands.

And then it was time to call for the bill.


Heart attack sial.

Alfred: Wah. 80 bucks!
Me: *Gets excited. FOR ALL???
Alfred: EACH LA!


As it turned out, the bill was actually RM94 per person ohmygawd damn expensive ok!!!! Although admittedly we did overdose on the seafood.

Got too many digits to even buy 4D wth.

RM94 add 10 bucks can go Jogoya edi man.

But the food was aweeeesomeeee plus Pak Sok Kong Alfred subsidized half the bill THANK YOUUUUU PAK SOK KONG so I think it was worth it la lolz.

Got waiter named “Jason Juan” lagi wtf damn glamor mannn.

After lunch, we wanted to go to the Baskin Robbins in Subang Parade to get a cake replacement for Alfred. We didn’t get him a cake cause he was born in the Ox year, and it had already transitioned into the Tiger year (Called “lap cheong” or “lap chung” or something like that) so his grandmama didn’t allow him to celebrate his birthday awww so sad.

But then, it was the final weekend before CNY, so of course all shopping malls in Malaysia were sardine-packed with procrastinators (Statisticians estimate this to be 98.72% of Malaysia’s population) plus 37.5% of the bloody Singaporeans encroaching into our waters. Couldn’t even get into the car-park, so we detoured to Snowflake at SS15 for desserts instead.

And of course, a trip to SS15 is never complete without a perusal through one of them boutiques. Eeeee Yen kaki ayam! Lol.

3 desserts shared between 6 people, but all 3 ended up on our side of the table lol.

And after that they had to rush back for family dinners so we bid each other farewell, burped a burp or two, and headed home.

Although you couldn’t celebrate your birthday properly this year, I’m sure you enjoyed it thanks to us.


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Farewell & Lou Sang @ Work

After much hassle and many sleepless nights, Rosalind finally got the details of her PhD ironed out, and her date of departure confirmed. Another brilliant officer from the NCE Section was leaving in search of greener intellectual pastures. Boo. PhD tai sai meh damn boring ok.

Was put in charge of getting the gift (AGAIN! Gee, I wonder why…), which entailed creating an account at http://www.myBBstore.com.my to purchase a Thermos flask + food container set and delegating the task of acquiring wrapping paper + cards to someone who I would normally never trust with this, except that I had no time to get them myself lol, I hope you aren’t reading this.

As it turned out, the cutesy cards and super girlish wrappers plus the flask + container set from “Malaysia’s Preferred Online BABY Store”, when put together, seemed more like a present for a month old child than a farewell gift for someone leaving to acquire her PhD.

Let me tell you the story about Rosalind.

When I first got into NCE, I was really quiet and blur, and Rosalind was given the task of telling me about some process flow thingy which I totally forgot already.

Halfway through the (boring) briefing, she asked me, “How many Li Pings are there in your batch?

I was caught off-guard for a split-second, before answering that yours truly is the one and only.

Then Rosalind was like “EH! I think I was your mentor in IMU lar!

Turns out, it was another one of those It’s A Small World moments.

The function of a mentor in IMU is to guide you through the gruelling 4 years of learning, to hand you notes, answers to predictable exam questions, tips on which lecturers suck, etc etc you get the picture.

And I obviously did not build much of a relationship with my mentor, because, well, neither of us were very committed to university life I guess.

NCE chicks: 2 insanely smart women + one incompetent child DSH!

But ZOMG here she was again, this time mentoring me in my job. No, I wasn’t disappointed or anything lar haiyo because I  knew that she was like this super brilliant person. I would say that I was more intimidated than anything.

Now that she’s leaving, I know I’m going to miss her, because although I have a slight aversion towards building close ties with colleagues, I did learn a great deal from her, merely by the powers of observation.

Oh well, I’m memang like that wan la. I always have to lose something before I learn to treasure it. Haih.

The NCE team. Next to leave will be Zuraida (rightmost) sobs!

The next day (which was a Friday i.e. 2.5 hour-long lunch), all the Chinese peeps at the office had lunch together to lou sang.

In total there were 50 people, and even Frost who is currently working in Watson’s @ First World in Genting, attended.

Rosalind: OMG her desk looks so neat in the picture.
Me: My desk IS neat la wth!

The 9 of my table + Harry, the cameraman.

Jakunz never seen a pink phone before.

Steve draining off my precious phone battery, while Ravin (who is a Chindian, in case you’re wondering) looks on.

My huneyboo “boyfriend” wtf.

Voon Yuen still looks so cute ish.

My huneys.

God, what an obnoxious tie!

CK’s camwhoring skill still needs a little tweaking.

The yee sang had strawberries <333

This is one yummy yee sang!!

Nasib tak tumpah…

Table groupie.

CK giving me some scary eyeballing.

This was the second annual loh sang lunch we’ve had with the bureau peeps, but it totally didn’t feel the same without the rest of our Gang 13 T.T I miss them! And I miss the acceptance we had, and the lack of politics and happiness and everything huu.


Drove home after work, and it had been pouring dogs and cats so it took me one whole hour to reach back.

Brought the 3 babies out to waddle a bit in the mud since they are crabs, and crabs are supposed to like waddling in mud.

Geli earthworm.

The earthworm decided to get acquainted with Rascal, and swam into his shell, giving poor Rascal a good shock.

The poor thing panicked, and quickly clambered onto Chloe and Chester lolz! Ah, what a joy they are.

MUMMY!!! Bring it away!!!

Soon after, the cat got wind of what was going on, and wanted to eat my babies, so I had to bring them back in boo. I guess rearing different species of animals has its drawbacks.

But somehow these 2 are damn chillax.

Vincenzo and a 2+2+4 legged crab

Despite knowing that CNY is just around the corner and new dresses were going to have to be squeezed into, Shun, Swee Sin (no dresses for him tho) and I decided that it was necessary to stuff our faces with Italian cuisine on Sunday.

So much for your diet hor.

We were actually supposed to buy Swee Sin lunch last week (since he paid for our alcohol-fueled Christmas eve bash at Opera) but I got sent to The Resort In The Middle Of Nowhere so it had to be postponed to this Sunday lor.

Restaurant chosen by the lucky gentleman was Vincenzo Ristorante Italiano along Jalan Ara in Bangsar.

Waiting for them both in my car. ZOMG can it be that Shun actually found someone less punctual than herself???

Yes I know I look ridiculously bimbotic/frivolous. It’s no wonder no one ever takes me seriously sigh.

Arrived safe and sound thanks to Swee Sin’s sense of direction.

The place was pretty quiet and there were only 2 or 3 other groups of patrons besides us. In fact, we spotted 2 of the waiters shaking their legs and taking a fag outside the restaurant.

Scare me only, look like damn gangster man.

Interior looked pretty nice, save for the annoying dangling lights.

Interior plus our faces.

Took forever to decide what to order. Luckily can eat free bread first.

My OK-tasting OK-priced Vincenzo Breeze mocktail.

We ordered tomato bruschetta to be shared, minestrone soup for my goodself, salmon for Ah Shun, cod for Swee Sin and spaghetti marinara, again for yours truly (you didn’t think I could survive on just the soup did you?).

Shun with the bruschetta and my soup.

Yes I was very hungry OK. But anyway it was a big mistake ordering the tomato-based spaghetti marinara cause I practically OD-ed on tomatoes.

Check out that fat face OMG!

His cod was the most delicious thing I ever did taste! (OK fine I exaggerate, but definitely one of the most lar).

The shellfish weren’t very well cleaned, so I didn’t finish them.

Jalan Jalan Cari Makan Club: 1st Outing woots.

Total bill was about RM230 so if split three-ways I guess it was reasonable lar but it wasn’t split three-ways cause we were paying for his share, kiamsiap me could not stop complaining damn tak tulus ikhlas I know lol.

Oh and another thing.

Shun woke up the next day with a horrible case of diarrhea, and I received a wee touch of it as well. So be forewarned.

Drove back to Swee Sin’s house to exchange cars (he was using his sister’s car cause her car was blocking the gate but she wanted to balik kampung edi so terpaksa change back to his lor blablayawn) and we couldn’t resist popping in to pay a visit to darling Lexus.


Handsome boy baru groom.

Lemme gooo ARF ARF GRRRrRrrRrrr!

That is one happy looking pup!

After that, Shun insisted that she was hungry again so we got dragged to Baskin Robbins OMG.

At first I kept gushing about how much she was eating, but then I realized that I was the only one who had soup so very the paiseh lor sorry ya.

Anyhuu, we forgot that it was the 31st and the line at Baskin Robbins was super the longlonglong so we popped into McD’s instead for a cheaper alternative.

Yup. And that is how you end a 1500 Calorie meal.

After that, I had to go to Guardian/Watsons to stock up on some toiletries and cosmetics, but I was feeling real poor, so I ended up buying cheaper-than-usual products boo.

Olay, Sunsilk, Maybelline, OMG what is this, high school??? Got the Sunsilk for free lar haiya, I where got hair fall problem wan *ahem.

Tried out the Hada Labo hyaluronic acid lotion which has been receiving rave reviews.

No of course I’m not putting it on my SKII-ed face.

I bought it to use as a pre-moisturiser moisturiser for my legs. Kinda like a double moisturiser thingy lar cause the scaly skin on my legs is super dry.

The thing only costs RM45 lidat (honestly hor hyaluronic is dirt cheap to produce wan lar) and you need to use a very tiny amount each time, so it’s very affordable. Don’t know whether or not it helps yet, but after using it, my skin becomes really smooth and nice.

And since we’re already on the topic of legs, let’s discuss my 2+2+4 legged crab.

I used to think that hermit crabs had 8 legs like normal crabs, but apparently they actually have a total of 10 legs zomg!

2 pinchers, 4 legs to walk with and 4 legs on the inside to hold on to the shell. Got more legs than caterpillar wei.

Anyhuu, when I came back from the Kursus Induksi, I discovered that Rascal had molted!!!

Second crab to molt, mummy happy but not as excited already lar. It’s kinda like giving birth to your second child.

Remnants of limbs littering the sand.

But upon further observation, I realized that he was kind of limping.


A limping crab.

Life is so full of surprises.

Picked him up for inspection, and then I discovered the most heart-wrenching thing ever.

Rascal’s pretty purple exoskeleton. Dunno why so hairy, must send to Dr Ranjit for laser hair removal wtf.

Spotted the disability yet?

His eyes damn freaky lar.

That’s right.

Mummy didn’t educate him well enough.

Somehow he didn’t know that when he molts, he’s supposed to grow back the same number of legs as what he originally had.

So now poor Rascal doesn’t have the 2 walking legs on his right side, hence the bad limp T.T

Damn heart pain OK haiyo I don’t know what to do. I feel like a mother who gave birth to a Thalidomide baby (pharmacy joke).

But I googled it up and apparently the legs will just miraculously grow back the next time he molts. Only I don’t think that will be anytime soon.

So now that he’s handicapped, my once daredevil Rascal is now confined to the ground cause he can’t climb coral too well anymore. So sad.

But it’s OK, mummy still loves you best. Just don’t tell the others.

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