Doctors… Pharmacists… Oh Gawd!

Now that all of us are either working graduates or near-graduation, all we ever talk about when we get together is WORK, WORK and more WORK.

Which is not too dull, considering all of us are heading in different directions and have been placed in different hospitals. And we all know the healthcare system in Malaysia is pretty unorganized, so each individual hospital operates differently and has it’s own little kooks and peculiars.

This get-together was rather fun cause I got to listen to how Kah Yie “counselled a dead patient” and how Jin Aun got blessed with holy amniotic fluid while delivering a baby yays now you have smooth “Pong Pong Pong” skin =)

Today’s activities started off with dinner, for which I was an hour late boo, at Sushi Zanmai with Shirlyn, Kah Yie and her poor bf in tow.

Half of my beloved Syok Sendiri girls I MISS YOU ALLLLLL!!!

Kah Yie and Ah Fan: About to be married?? Hmmmm…. (Must pressure him a bit)

The food was great as usual, except that the area we were sitted in was like antartica with the airconditioning blasting us from every direction.

The airflow was so strong even our poor sukiyaki refused to boil over.

So Kah Yie got creative with the extra plates.

When we went to pay the bill the cashier was like, “What number was your table? Dunno ah? Is it at the COLD PLACE” wtf already know that place so cold still don’t want to turn down the breeze meh?

And then it was a mad rush rush rush to SS2’s Starbucks to meet up with the Taylor’s G2 gang.

I found out that Yim Chan’s birthday was on the 25th (Yar, same day as Santa Claus’ birthday and I still forgot wth) so I got him a cake even though it’s a day late. Better than nothing hor don’t complain.

You may be a December Baby, but you’re still old. Well, at least older than me bwahaha.

Greedy pig happily made 3 wishes wth.

Still working hard on his second wish.

Yay, ChongFuWen finally has cake to eat!

Seriously, I swear hor, like 90% of our G2 classmates ended up either doctors or pharmacists. I have no idea why that is so, perhaps it’s due to all the brainwashing by our overzealous lecturers sigh.

L-R: Nee (Pharmacist), Nee’s bf (Dr), Camellia (Dr), ChongFuWen (Dr).

L-R: Yim Chan (Dr), Joanna (Dr), Nee (Pharmacist).

L-R: Shirlyn (Pharmacist), Me (Pharmacist), Yim Chan (Dr).

Okay I just realised the doctors vastly outnumbered us pharmacists boo whateverlar my mother is the boss of mcdonalds cannot ah?

I know I look stupid, but somehow Shirlyn manages to do it so much more effortlessly!!!

Er… I think somewhere along the way our lines of communication got tangled up.

Mr Tan Jin Aun came along later on when everyone else was leaving, so the last hour or so was spent listening to his ridiculous stories about delivering babies and kiasu colleagues.

Geez I really miss all you guys. We definitely don’t get together often enough. Okaylar I know I ffk-ed a few rounds but still~ And now Mr Fu Wen’s flying off to Australia for god knows how long boo.

Here’s a toast to a bunch of great people, and hopefully our paths will again cross sometime in our careers =)


Merry Christmas, y’all!♥♥♥

Christmas was officially over 6++ hours ago, and contrary to popular belief, I did not go out partying all night.

It had been an incredibly exhausting week for me and I even dozed off once at work (waking up a few seconds later only to realise I had dropped all my papers on the floor, how embarassing tsk). To recuperate, I took 2 days off which means that if you count in the weekends and public holidays I get a really long stretch off, from the 24th til the 29th – that’s 6 days babeh!!!

Almost a week to bum =)

Christmas eve was spent at 1U with the Sayang, performing miraculous last-minute crazed gift shopping for his family. It didn’t help one bit that both of us woke up late so we had very limited time, rendering our shopping spree extremely Amazing Race-y.

*Pant pant* Faster choose a shawl for your mum!
*Huff puff* I.Need.Water

From the old wing to new wing and back again, I think we passed each shop at least trice, which is no easy feat considering the gargantuan size of the mall.

We had a yummy home-cooked dinner at his place followed by Baskin Robin’s ice cream cake followed by more Baskin Robin’s ice cream sans cake.

Slurps, after all that hard work I think we totally deserved a high-calory meal.

And I think we’ve gone all dull, cause after dinner all we did to celebrate was fall asleep.


We weren’t even awake at midnight, how sad is that?

And because we didn’t take a single photo, here are some from yesteryears:

Sayang and I at 2 months together =)

I think my camwhore training is backfiring a wee bit.

Camwhoring with BamBam while waiting.

My elephant very posh and atas wan hor got wear tie so hensem.

He was so late I fell asleep. Yah. And my finger terpressed the camera button all on its own.

Anyhoo, BamBam’s tie is made from the ribbon which came off the box which was the home to…


The “Discovery Kit” consists of a foaming cleanser, the famed essence, a travel-sized toner and travel-sized makeup remover/cleanser and cost me RM320. The only sad thing is that it doesn’t include a moisturiser so I’ll have to get one separately boo.

I’ve been using it for a week now, but I don’t really see much of a difference, although that could probably be blamed on my lack of sleep. And we all know what horrid terrors that does to our skin, don’t we.

In any case, SKII is mainly meant to help “preserve” our skin, so I guess the real difference can only be seen like 5 years down the road when everyone else’s skin starts sagging and mine still looks like your baby’s butt =)

Yeah yeah just trying to justify spending 320 bucks.

Oh and btw Christmas day itself was spent sleeeeping the entire day which is my absolute idea of a perfect holiday =) But only cause Juju left me to go find some hot chick in Taiwan boo.

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Mango Tango Mambo Jambo

Went to Zouk’s Wednesday Mambo Jambo night for the first time ever today, cause tomorrow’s a public holiday and I won’t have to go to work yahoo!!!

Damn happy okay cause how often do public holidays occur on Thursdays? This could be like my one and only chance to Mambo Rock Rock Rock do the twist do the snorkel wtf.

Wah damn excited already.

And damn funny cause Cris thought it was called “Mango Tango” wth.

Rushed home from work to try and squeeze in fifty winks before heading out but it did not happen so I was dead tired the entire night. Dahlah I drove and I can say with full confidence that Kelisas are not built to ferry 5 passengers.

Have not been shopping for a really really looooong time so all I had to wear was a simple satin tube top. At least it was pink =)

Got there at a little past midnight and parked at Hotel Maya (thanks to Joanne’s advice) since it’s cheaper by 2 bucks (the other outdoor carpark charges RM10) and it’s directly opposite Zouk. Best of all, it has PLENTY of full-length mirrors all around the lobby weeee.

Girls Night Out (L-R): Me, Joanne, Shun, Yen and Cris whose legs have disappeared into the wall AHHHHHH! wtf.
FYI that tiny bump on my tummy is my belly piercing and NOT my belly button okay mine goes inwards nicely wan k.

Ooooh dark and mysteriousnye.

We paid the RM30 cover charge each cause we’re all girls and damn cheapskate. But it was ok since half of us were on antibiotics (later get drunk faster) and the other half have lousy alcohol tolerance so it would be pointless opening a bottle.

L-R: Me, Shun, Joanne, Cris and Yen.

The atmosphere inside the Mambo Jambo room (Zouk has like 4 different rooms I think) was really really energetic and happy and fun when we entered. Some angmohs even started a human choo-choo train wth and we didn’t hesitate to join in the fun, CHOO-CHOOing around the room in a long line.

Angmohs are just so much funner lar!


Joanne and a friend.

Joanne and another friend. She got damn a lot of friends at Zouk lar, got VIP card samo can get 15% discount off bottles leh!!

At first all of us were really hyper and excited about the different sorta music and atmosphere and the crowd was really upbeat. Sadly, things took a turn for the worse when the music started to get a little slow and people started getting bored. Like you could literally notice that the energy level had gone down.

I dunno why I’m becoming very ‘seafood’. And my arm looks freakishly large.

As you can see, the dancefloor wasn’t really packed which is why we were able to take photos without having to squish squash.

Halfway through, we got thirsty and went to the bar to get some water. The bartender asked if I wanted mineral water and I said no, so he just simply poured me water straight from the tap.

That wan nevermind, normal for clubs.

When I told him I wanted water for five people, the lazy bugger just filled one whole mixer jug like that and didn’t bother giving us ice also ish.






Miss Joanne, even though on flu meds, decided that beer was better than water, and downed like half a jug donated by one of her many friends.

Towards the end of the night we decided to take a break from all the mamboing and jamboing and jambueatingwtf so we trotted upstairs (I think it was upstairs lar, I vaguely remember climbing up stairs) to the Mainroom where they were playing R&B. Sad to say the music there was just so-so and the crowd wasn’t all that happening either.

So it was back downstairs for the rest of the night.

Disco ball and jeng lighting helped set the mood.

Seems like the place wasn’t really happening tonight. I dunno, maybe it was the DJ, or maybe it was just cause we weren’t intoxicated. But all in all we still had a great time there =)

The best part was at the very end when they played Christmas songs omg damn nice okay they should have played more! I think clubbing on Christmas eve is sure to be a blast!!!


Giggled and squealed our way back to Hotel Maya like a bunch of silly schoolgirls high on vodka. Random passers-by thought we were drunk and kept telling us to be careful when crossing the road haha quite embarassing lor. I think we memang look drunk 24/7.

Lingered at the lobby for a little while longer to camwhore yet again. As though mirrors are such a precious commodity like that.

Is not scratching my face hor, was on the phone with Juju.

Erm somebody pretending to cry I dunno why.

People thought we were mad when we took this photo. So artistic tsk.

Har what you say? We got nice ass? Aiyah thank you lah no need praise so much wan lah.

And thus I conclude this absolutely exhausting day.

Turned out to be not up to expectation since everyone has been raving about it, but it was still a great night out with the girls.

Written by liping at 7am right after coming home notchet bathe lagi wth.Toodles.

5/6 @ Stadium Steamboat

Last night was the bestest dinner in a long long time because we FINALLY managed to break that “4/6” curse of ours.

Dunno if you remember what the “4/6 curse” is, but imma tell you again: We girls came up with this theory that we only ever get to gather 4 out of the 6 of us at any one time.

The six of us being of course: Yen, Yun, Shun, Soo (me), Cris and Lynn, proudly known as the PL[6]. The term “PL6” was mysteriously bestowed upon us by Ong Beng Hee’s dad, who was our squash coach at the time, and we’re praying it stands for “Pretty Ladies” and not “Perempuan Leceh”.

Anyhuu, lame names aside, last night was the first time in many months (since last CNY I think, when the one missing was me T_T) that we broke the 4/6 curse and actually managed to gather 5 of our kakis together YAHOOZAAA!!!

Sorry Lynn Lilin Bilin I wish you could have been there as well then we would have had ALL SIX omg imagine how noisy we would have been!!! T_T Back to high school days lor damn fun. Nevermind we’ll try again during CNY ya? (Fulamak “try again” like wanna get pregnant nia)

Yun, Shun, Cris, Yen and me!!!
Dinner (1)

Dinner (3)

Last night’s dinner at Stadium Steamboat along Persiaran Lidcol KL was the result of literally weeks and weeks of planning, phone calls and emails back and forth, to and fro.

Seriously it is damn frigging hard to get everyone (including the guys) free and available at the same time.

And to make things even more exciting, for the first time EVER the girls DID NOT outnumber the guys!!!

Yah!! Last night we actually had 5 girls AND 5 guys leh! But then the guys started getting too brave and cibai and wanted to challenge our ultimate supremacy wth since they think they had more kaki so got higher chance of winning wtf obviously you guys can’t win lar pfffft. Don’t argue with us, we’re always right.

Dinner (2)

We ended getting so engrossed in talking and camwhoring that we hardly touched the food, save for Yen who gobbled up a huge heap of BBQ chicken wings.

Cris and Yen being lesbo.
Dinner (6)

Shiu Kao and his pweety pweety diamante hair clip plus Yun giving me cock stare.
Dinner (5)

Yen, Cris and me kissy kissy.
Dinner (12)

After about 19746540938283 pretty photos, we started getting tired of posing nicely. And this was when our “natural beauty” started translating into the photos.

Yen imagining she’s a rockstar.
Dinner (9)

This 2 can star in toothpaste advertisements lar.
Dinner (8)

This photo is so funny cause Yen looks like she has either an Adam’s apple or goiter wtf.
Dinner (7)

Yep. This is how we look like in real life (Shun looks so doll-like btw).
Dinner (10)

We were all supposed to do the twinkle-little-star thing but everyone FFKed me =(
Dinner (11)

The guys (and probably everyone else in the restaurant) got kinda fedup and irritated at all our noise and highpitched ultrasonic scattering and incessant camera flashing. But it’s ok they had food and beer to comfort them so they can’t complain bleks *ignores dirty stares.

After that half the group headed off cause they had other plans and the other half went in search of dessert – with the help of Yen’s GPS no less.

After some huru-hara and scary turns (GPS OSO CAN GET LOST haih sat pai lar), we ended up in SS2’s KTZ pulak.

Greedy girls tsk.
Dinner (15)

Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer Yenli the red-cherried erm… Jarjarbinks wtf.
Dinner (16)

My baby was a very well-behaved boy last night and did not complain about our noise hahahaha. Noise Tolerance Test = Pass. Yay he really does love me ❤

Sleepy sleepy…
Dinner (13)

Yen’s eye-opening technique.
Dinner (14)

And with that final scary photo, I thus end this photo post.

Let’s really try to get 100% attendance this CNY when Bilin and Su Khok come home k? =)

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