Mango Tango Mambo Jambo

Went to Zouk’s Wednesday Mambo Jambo night for the first time ever today, cause tomorrow’s a public holiday and I won’t have to go to work yahoo!!!

Damn happy okay cause how often do public holidays occur on Thursdays? This could be like my one and only chance to Mambo Rock Rock Rock do the twist do the snorkel wtf.

Wah damn excited already.

And damn funny cause Cris thought it was called “Mango Tango” wth.

Rushed home from work to try and squeeze in fifty winks before heading out but it did not happen so I was dead tired the entire night. Dahlah I drove and I can say with full confidence that Kelisas are not built to ferry 5 passengers.

Have not been shopping for a really really looooong time so all I had to wear was a simple satin tube top. At least it was pink =)

Got there at a little past midnight and parked at Hotel Maya (thanks to Joanne’s advice) since it’s cheaper by 2 bucks (the other outdoor carpark charges RM10) and it’s directly opposite Zouk. Best of all, it has PLENTY of full-length mirrors all around the lobby weeee.

Girls Night Out (L-R): Me, Joanne, Shun, Yen and Cris whose legs have disappeared into the wall AHHHHHH! wtf.
FYI that tiny bump on my tummy is my belly piercing and NOT my belly button okay mine goes inwards nicely wan k.

Ooooh dark and mysteriousnye.

We paid the RM30 cover charge each cause we’re all girls and damn cheapskate. But it was ok since half of us were on antibiotics (later get drunk faster) and the other half have lousy alcohol tolerance so it would be pointless opening a bottle.

L-R: Me, Shun, Joanne, Cris and Yen.

The atmosphere inside the Mambo Jambo room (Zouk has like 4 different rooms I think) was really really energetic and happy and fun when we entered. Some angmohs even started a human choo-choo train wth and we didn’t hesitate to join in the fun, CHOO-CHOOing around the room in a long line.

Angmohs are just so much funner lar!


Joanne and a friend.

Joanne and another friend. She got damn a lot of friends at Zouk lar, got VIP card samo can get 15% discount off bottles leh!!

At first all of us were really hyper and excited about the different sorta music and atmosphere and the crowd was really upbeat. Sadly, things took a turn for the worse when the music started to get a little slow and people started getting bored. Like you could literally notice that the energy level had gone down.

I dunno why I’m becoming very ‘seafood’. And my arm looks freakishly large.

As you can see, the dancefloor wasn’t really packed which is why we were able to take photos without having to squish squash.

Halfway through, we got thirsty and went to the bar to get some water. The bartender asked if I wanted mineral water and I said no, so he just simply poured me water straight from the tap.

That wan nevermind, normal for clubs.

When I told him I wanted water for five people, the lazy bugger just filled one whole mixer jug like that and didn’t bother giving us ice also ish.






Miss Joanne, even though on flu meds, decided that beer was better than water, and downed like half a jug donated by one of her many friends.

Towards the end of the night we decided to take a break from all the mamboing and jamboing and jambueatingwtf so we trotted upstairs (I think it was upstairs lar, I vaguely remember climbing up stairs) to the Mainroom where they were playing R&B. Sad to say the music there was just so-so and the crowd wasn’t all that happening either.

So it was back downstairs for the rest of the night.

Disco ball and jeng lighting helped set the mood.

Seems like the place wasn’t really happening tonight. I dunno, maybe it was the DJ, or maybe it was just cause we weren’t intoxicated. But all in all we still had a great time there =)

The best part was at the very end when they played Christmas songs omg damn nice okay they should have played more! I think clubbing on Christmas eve is sure to be a blast!!!


Giggled and squealed our way back to Hotel Maya like a bunch of silly schoolgirls high on vodka. Random passers-by thought we were drunk and kept telling us to be careful when crossing the road haha quite embarassing lor. I think we memang look drunk 24/7.

Lingered at the lobby for a little while longer to camwhore yet again. As though mirrors are such a precious commodity like that.

Is not scratching my face hor, was on the phone with Juju.

Erm somebody pretending to cry I dunno why.

People thought we were mad when we took this photo. So artistic tsk.

Har what you say? We got nice ass? Aiyah thank you lah no need praise so much wan lah.

And thus I conclude this absolutely exhausting day.

Turned out to be not up to expectation since everyone has been raving about it, but it was still a great night out with the girls.

Written by liping at 7am right after coming home notchet bathe lagi wth.Toodles.


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  1. Soon Seng
    Dec 19, 2008 @ 20:43:04

    How DO you manage to blog stuff right after you come home liddat? i would have fallen straight asleep… hoho…


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