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Uncle Robin’s Birthday

This is going to be yet another birthday posts, and this time the spotlight falls on Uncle Robin.

I absolutely love celebrating birthdays, especially if it’s my own =)

The gang decided to have dinner in his honour 2 Fridays ago (I’m damn lagging) at TGI Friday’s @ the Curve.

I tengah undergoing my Enforcement attachment in KL, and since I obviously do not know how to go to the Curve from KL, I had to put my full trust in the weird angmoh lady that speaks through Juju’s GPS.

Turned out she was pretty trustworthy (I keep typing tHrust wtf) and led me to my destination in just 30 minutes. Reached there earlier than everyone else, so I pulled a “Mr Bean” in the car – changed my entire outfit and did my makeup all in my little Kelisa =)


By the time they had arrived, I had already bought a top from MNG which is getting so overpriced btw. Like one plain lycra spaghetti top cost RM30 wth. Still bought it anyways.


Okayyy my stupid camera is waaayyy out of focus. My mum kidnapped my Canon to Sabah, so now I have to make do with my failing Sony T-20 which sucks.











Everybody go *AWWWWWW =)

I had many fun moments at Enforcement, but I sure am missing the bureau T.T

Happy 99th Birthday, Robin <333

I hate my stupid car =(

Actually I love having a car, but I super HATE having to maintain it =(

H A I H !

Yes I know everything needs a little tender loving care.

But I tell you, last night was the most stressful night ever!!!

There I was, 10pm and 45 minutes til bedtime, about to leave Juju’s house in Kajang for home.

And waddaya know, my car couldn’t start up. After much frustration and random fiddling, I realised I had forgotten to switch the headlights off earlier.


So frustrating you know!!! I was dead tired from doing stupid forensic-ish question at work the entire day, and all I wanted to do was to collapse into my cosy bed and zzz.

But no, stupid me left the lights on T.T

So anyway, with some advice from Alfie, Juju bought me a jumpstart cable from the nearest Shell station.

*Crosses fingers.


MAGECHEEBAI big big Volvo also couldn’t jumpstart my tiny Kelisa WHY WHY OH WHY IS THIS HAPPENING???!!! T.T

So after that I just decided to fuck work and take emergency leave the next day. Slept over at Juju’s house lor and my mum was damn pissed!

The next afternoon, we simply hantam chose one nearby car service centre and kidnapped the mechanic to Juju’s house. On the way there he asked how old my car battery was and I answered the truth lar.


Eh I didn’t know car batteries had to be changed.

Anyhuu, Mr Mechanic was greeted by a super dirty old battery encrusted in some kind of white stuff which he had to ketuk off using his plyer. And according to Juju the stuff inside the battery was already very pekat and dried up and geli. And so, Mr Mechanic started tut-tutting cause all the water containers in the car (dunno call what lah) were kering-kontang already.

Mr Mechanic: This week school holidays hor.
Me: *Thinks awhile. EH! I’m working edi leh you think still studying meh?!
Mr Mechanic: HAR? How old are you??
Me: 23 liow lor!!
Mr Mechanic: Wah I thought you were only 18 leh! Eh 23 years old already still dunno how to check your own car ah???


Mr Mechanic: If you don’t add water of course the battery will die lar. Cannot charge properly wan leh.


But I damn lazy to check lar =( I’ve never even isi angin into my car tyres leh wth.

So anyhuu the battery + service cost me RM170 and the jumstart cable cost RM21 so now you know why I hate my car zzz.


Oh btw I just remembered that when I serviced my car like 3 weeks ago the mechanic that time already told me I needed to change my battery. But then I was too kiamsiap so I said no need wth. But that fella also damn cb lar never help me to check whether my car still got water or not ish. Pls don’t service your car at the workshop in Taipan near Old Town Kopitiam!


Monogram Mini Lin Speedy in ebony:


£460 = RM2500 sobbers T.T Fine, I know it’s just ‘entry level’ LV.

Pray I don’t have to fork out anymore cash for my stupid car next month haha.

And I haven’t even seen the real thing in person yet wth!

Personal Crises

Now then, contrary to what you may think, I’m really not as dense/idiotic as I pretend to be. Really.

All that bimbotism and superficialism and idiocracy is merely a ruse. Really!

After all, I did pass all my stupid pharmacy exams, and although you obviously can’t judge a person’s IQ based solely on such qualifications, I’m sure they do count for something.

I dunno why I decided to write about this; inspiration just hammered me on the head whilst I was in the midst of studying (a total of 12 pages -_-) for my upcoming law exam. Hmm looks like hitting the books geared up my dusty musty bureau-brainwashed brain.

I think the rebel in me denotes that I never ‘do as the Romans do’.

When surrounded by fools and nincompoops, I transform into the pack-leader and hail-worthy genius. Accordingly, when among brilliant fellow pharmacists, I am suddenly reduced to this bumbling empty vessel.

As you can probably reckon, the latter has been true for the past many months.

I dunno, I wish the pharmacy world would lighten up a little and see beyond their career.

Doubtlessly, all pharmacists have worked hard to accomplish this coveted title, but I really think we should recognise that there’s so much more to life than our jobs.

As fresh-faced newly grads it is imperative that we learn as much in as short a time as possible in order to be sufficiently competent. That much goes without a doubt.

However, those in the same working arena as I (let’s be specific here) would surely be aware that the competence level required of us is hardly momentous.

So yeah, I don’t see why we should lose any sleep over work, if you work where I do 😉

Let’s just continue being jolly and merry and please stop defining me as the lazy stupid bimbo, cause really, this job in particular doesn’t require me to be anything more than that.

With age comes wisdom, or so they say

Don’t you just hate it when your birthday looms around the corner?

However much people try to infuse this age-conscious society with inspirational lectures on how inner beauty and being young-at-heart should rule our aging, dying bodies, the fact is, getting old can never be a good thing.

Benjamin Button knows this all too well.

[For more information on aging and its downfalls, visit your nearest SKII counter]
Depressive musing aside, Khor Yenli turned 22 on the 8th of March which happened to coincide with the International Women’s Day. And I cannot think of any particular reason as to why I’m telling you this random coincidence but oh well.

As usual, the gang got together to celebrate her special day and to bring joy to her heart and peace to her soul and icecreamcake to her mouth.

Things got off to bad start when our dinner venue had to be changed, thanks to the King Crab restaurant NOT HAVING ANY CRAB.


How can you call yourself King Crab but tell us no more crab? Then how now? Serve King for dinner izzit?

King Crap betul.

Suggestions for alternatives came bountiful, and the air was thick with discussion, with me in favour of some other seafood restaurant. The thing is, I had mentally prepared myself for a crab feast and had been salivating over this for many days now. Once something comes to my mind, I just GOT to have it!!!

Sadly, Yenli suffers from the same Craving Debility as I, and so because she was the Birthday Girl and we were her mere court jesters for the night, we ended up having dinner at the one and only William’s.

That’s right.

That William’s mamak beside the monsoon drain.

That William’s which makes meatballs out of meat sliced off from the carcasses of rats that once used to terrorize the mamak’s patrons. And then serve the meatballs with spaghetti.

That William’s which offers a whole new dining experience, complete with the flavourfull scents of stagnant drainwater.

Okay I exagerrate. But a mamak is definitely not your typical venue for holding a birthday dinner.

As a prelude to dinner, we had a run in with the Hitz.Fm Cruisers who so happened to be right across the road.


No one else seemed to be really interested in the 2-strong Cruisers team, so to make up for the lack of attention, we made loads of noise and hoohaa and scared all the potential-meatball rats away.


But all we got for our A+++ effort were lame balloons and KFC vouchers boo. At least Yun and Yenli won ‘Fugitive’ t-shirts pfft.

Oh hey now I know why no one else layan-ed the Cruisers -_-


After dinner, we didn’t mingle too long as it started raining (goddamn you stupid clouds, go visit Indonesia can?), so we headed back home.

Yenli had originally promised to bake her own birthday cake/cupcakes since she’s unemployed and has too much time on her hands. But somewhere along the way she realised it’s a damn sad thing to bake your own birthday cake, so she backed her ass right out of her promise =(

Against her wishes, we got her a Baskin Robbin’s icecream cake anyways.

Mr Clown sits on a blue heart-shaped cake.

Mr Clown got sent behind bars T.T (Eh check out the tv in the background, tengah playing ‘Happy Birthday’ karaoke song!)

The gang ❤

The person who took this photo memang fail lar. Eh can either be Shun or me only.

Yays now Yenli and I will both be 22 for the next few months, til I turn 23 in November *hints. Luckily Barbie Soo Ah Ma uses SKII which totally rocks btw. They really deliver on their promise of crystal clear, fair and glowing skin!!!

After 1 month.

After 3 months.

So what if you’ve got hideous features??? With SKII, no one will be able to tell what the hell you look like!!! =)))

My beloved girls.


The chocolate chip icecream turned out to be really really sweet but nevertheless we gobbled it up.

What better to accompany ultra sweet icecream cake than Slimming tea?

Sometimes the background turns out to be more interesting than the foreground.

Aunty hair.

“Let’s do kissy lips!!”


“OI! Kissy lips lar Shun”


“Argh! Let’s just do something Shun can do”


Yen and I going mad/Our retarded Shalala footsie game.

The day ended ridiculously with a corny karaoke song belted out by all of us, just minutes after we had been ‘sounded’ by Yun’s dad for making too much noise. Tsk, we never learn.

So, Happy Birthday Khor Yenli hope you had fun love you please get a job soon xoxo!!! <333

Puteri Gunung Broga

Although that giant pile of earth known as Broga doesn’t quite fulfil the definition of a mountain, I like to think of it as one since it is afterall surrounded by other real mountains. Kind of like the foot of a mountain mebbe?

So yeah, by my definition, I have climbed a mountain yays I am so hebat.

Since others will probably be blogging about this as well, let me bore you guys with my version of events.


Preparation, sleep and meditation for the mountain climb went out the window for Juju and I as we had a late dinner with his family the night before. By the time we had finally settled down to sleep it was closing on 1am and we had but 3 hours to sleep. Boo.


Alarm rang at 4am and I excitedly jumped out of bed, took a shower (I think I did lar; did I stink??), took a dump and shaved my legs. Waking the male one took a bit of work tho – I guess they’re just genetically preprogrammed to ignore our bugging.

Things got a bit messy cause we got lost even with a GPS, thanks to Barbie Soo mispelling ‘Nottingham’. Good thing there’s no other place called Notthingham otherwise we might have been driving for hours.

To cut things short, we arrived at the destination 45 minutes late, and everyone was already waiting *malus.

It was then that Juju and I realised we had been conned by Yenli the Khor.

This is what she told me Broga would be like:
“Oh very easy only lar, not steep wan. Around 30 mins also can reach the top edi”

So there I was telling Juju that we were merely going for a morning walk, and that he could even wear slippers if he so wished. I think both of us were foolishly expecting a tar-road of some kind along with streetlights.

We didn’t even bring torchlights, but oh well at least we had the sport shoes.

Lesson of the day: Miss Khor cons.

The ‘morning walk’ started off with a stroll through a oil palm estate.

The ascent to the Broga viewpoint turned out to be an extremely trecherous and exhausting one, especially since it was still pitchblack and half of the path had caved in due to soil errosion. Thank goodness no one pokkai and fell into a ravine or something.

This part damn dangerous, I fell on my ass here on the way home. Luckily my job at the bureau has made my ass voluptuous and cushiony.

Midpoint breather.

By the time we were only halfway up I was already panting and drenched in sweat! And my wonderful partner kept moaning about how he should still be in bed sound asleep sheesh.

After much huffing and panting and groaning and complaining and slapping at mosquitoes, we finally reached the viewpoint at about 6.30am, still plenty of minutes til sunrise woopie.

Broga gangsters.

Yer his eyes so geli wan.

See! So geli like Chuckie leh.

Dunno who the hell so free go bring spray paint up Broga.

The sunrise turned out to be quite a disappointment as the sky was chokefull of clouds and mist and I think Broga doesn’t quite face the East leh. It’s okay, we had a nice picnic up there to compensate.

Photographers at work.

Yenli and Vern Li made sandwiches for everyone *awwww. (I realise this heading doesn’t seem to match the photo, but if you look closer you’ll see I’m munching on a tuna sandwich)

Miss Khor distributing dim sum.

Happy campers.

The girls, minus our female guide *girlpower yo.

Eh tiger tiger!! Elephant!! Zoo! wtf.

Gambar penuh emosi.

Gambar penuh kesalahan.

Piggy back photo; don’t ask why Yenli’s dancing behind us.

Yenli wanted to hide amongst the special lalang which according to her (and her only, mind you) “cannot be found in Malaysia”.

Everyone scattered around, posing and being emo.

Malaysia Boleh!!! *practising for Mount KK.

This is about all the sunrise we got.

Not too long after the sun rose, it started drizzling so everyone rushed down. But damn cb lar the stupid fickle rain lasted only a minute or two. By then Juju and I had had enough of the beastly mosquitoes so we broke up from the group and raced down the hill. Which was actually quite dangerous cause I fell on my butt =(

Yen and Soon Seng, halfway through the descent.

Super steep sial!

The gang perched on a dinosaur egg.

All I see is Vern Li’s pink pants =p

Oil palm route under daylight.

So yeah, the trip up Broga Hill rocked serious shit and I totally enjoyed it, even though my brains were cotton candy due to the lack of sleep. I am so totally gonna find another hill to climb up wei; not KK tho, don’t think I’d survive it.

Gotta go sleep, waking up at 5am T.T

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