I hate my stupid car =(

Actually I love having a car, but I super HATE having to maintain it =(

H A I H !

Yes I know everything needs a little tender loving care.

But I tell you, last night was the most stressful night ever!!!

There I was, 10pm and 45 minutes til bedtime, about to leave Juju’s house in Kajang for home.

And waddaya know, my car couldn’t start up. After much frustration and random fiddling, I realised I had forgotten to switch the headlights off earlier.


So frustrating you know!!! I was dead tired from doing stupid forensic-ish question at work the entire day, and all I wanted to do was to collapse into my cosy bed and zzz.

But no, stupid me left the lights on T.T

So anyway, with some advice from Alfie, Juju bought me a jumpstart cable from the nearest Shell station.

*Crosses fingers.


MAGECHEEBAI big big Volvo also couldn’t jumpstart my tiny Kelisa WHY WHY OH WHY IS THIS HAPPENING???!!! T.T

So after that I just decided to fuck work and take emergency leave the next day. Slept over at Juju’s house lor and my mum was damn pissed!

The next afternoon, we simply hantam chose one nearby car service centre and kidnapped the mechanic to Juju’s house. On the way there he asked how old my car battery was and I answered the truth lar.


Eh I didn’t know car batteries had to be changed.

Anyhuu, Mr Mechanic was greeted by a super dirty old battery encrusted in some kind of white stuff which he had to ketuk off using his plyer. And according to Juju the stuff inside the battery was already very pekat and dried up and geli. And so, Mr Mechanic started tut-tutting cause all the water containers in the car (dunno call what lah) were kering-kontang already.

Mr Mechanic: This week school holidays hor.
Me: *Thinks awhile. EH! I’m working edi leh you think still studying meh?!
Mr Mechanic: HAR? How old are you??
Me: 23 liow lor!!
Mr Mechanic: Wah I thought you were only 18 leh! Eh 23 years old already still dunno how to check your own car ah???


Mr Mechanic: If you don’t add water of course the battery will die lar. Cannot charge properly wan leh.


But I damn lazy to check lar =( I’ve never even isi angin into my car tyres leh wth.

So anyhuu the battery + service cost me RM170 and the jumstart cable cost RM21 so now you know why I hate my car zzz.


Oh btw I just remembered that when I serviced my car like 3 weeks ago the mechanic that time already told me I needed to change my battery. But then I was too kiamsiap so I said no need wth. But that fella also damn cb lar never help me to check whether my car still got water or not ish. Pls don’t service your car at the workshop in Taipan near Old Town Kopitiam!


Monogram Mini Lin Speedy in ebony:


£460 = RM2500 sobbers T.T Fine, I know it’s just ‘entry level’ LV.

Pray I don’t have to fork out anymore cash for my stupid car next month haha.

And I haven’t even seen the real thing in person yet wth!


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jac
    Mar 18, 2009 @ 03:21:24

    But in another colour ;P


  2. robin
    Mar 20, 2009 @ 00:05:58

    You haven’t met the problem that Im having yet. Bastards sabotage my car wth!!!!!


  3. Soon Seng
    Mar 20, 2009 @ 02:45:17

    I realized you, yen, and lynn all drive kelisas. Is it your group thing? like dem unity wei


  4. kiyuu
    Mar 21, 2009 @ 01:30:18

    haha.. ms barbie soo ah ma <- nice name
    hmm.. ur battery is the old skool one ah? better change to rechargeable one la… easy, no need to add water summore.. 😀


  5. barbiesoo
    Mar 22, 2009 @ 10:36:23

    jac: i love the other colour too but confirm very fast dirty T.T

    robin: YEAH MAN I know… park car outside house means cannot sleep at night lu

    ss: yeah man we are the kelisa-winniethepooh gang…. cause we put winnie’s in our cars wtf

    kiyuu: yalo i think my new battery is the maintenance-free one lar… hope so…


  6. mein
    Mar 24, 2009 @ 12:15:10

    dam nice tht bah.. luv it..


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