MPharm Convo 2008


I am a university graduate with a Masters in Pharmacy chewah! (Actually it’s just a degree but they call it a Masters to afford us more bragging rights)

Here are some photos from today, but be warned that most of them are crappy. I tell you, today was a total disaster, photography wise, cause the parents were the ones holding the cameras.

Some got finger blocking lar, some all of us not ready lar, some take grass and tress only lar, and A LOT damn blurry lor.




Yah, all the dudes rented kilts.

Men in skirts. Mmmmm SEXXEH!


Not really lar actually *vomits*.


The laughing professor:

Mein’s dad forced us to pretend to be Harry Potter’s wives:

Showing off our “very expensive” certs:



Tonight is the last night all of us will be together, and after this all of us will be going off here and there on tours and stuff.

Gonna miss you girls, but BOY I can’t wait to go home!!! See all of you back in Malaysia!

PS: Thanks Su Khok for the beautiful flowers!! Although I forced you to buy them for me, I know you sendiri also want to buy them for me too! Haha.


Isle of Cumbrae with the old people

I’ve got to make this a real quick one cause my stomach’s rumbling and grumbling away for food, despite the fact that I ate 3 (THREE!) servings of Shirlyn’s popo’s yummy fried noodles for dinner.

So anyways, everyone is here at last, and our tiny 6-room flat is filled to the brim with 17 people omg!


Wah every morning can hear my dad and the other old folks gossiping damn early *sigh* like chicken only, damn bising!

The next morning, we brought all of them to the Isle of Cumbrae which is really a small island near an inlet from the sea kind of thingy.


Of course my jakun parents menjakun all the way.

*Look! Seagull! Let’s cook chicken seagull rice for dinner!*

*Look! Seaweed! Let’s cook seaweed soup!!*

*Look! Snails! Tonight can eat escargot chewah!*

I think they were very poor last time lar thats why they are like that.


Everything was lovely save for the blardy weather. The sky just HAD to pee every 30 or so minutes, but thank goodness we all had hoods and umbrellas and caps.


There was some small bagpipe parade to commemorate the 100th year since a bunch of old people served in the World War II. Something like that.


We ended up marching behind them, cause our super jakun parents wanted to see where they were going (Uh??).


And after that Nee’s and my families took an hour’s bike ride which was really fun! Gee, I miss riding bikes and doing other tomboyish stuff!


My mum doesn’t know how to cycle, so my parents ended up with a tandem bike which was quite funny cause my lazy mum just sat there and enjoyed the view while the kuli in front sweated it out.


Nee’s mum can cycle. Cis, so macho.


We rode out to this piece of rock called the “Lion’s Rock”, named so because it’s supposed to look like some retarted lion lying down. The head is facing to the left of the picture.


The elderly team from the Tour de France Flower (Lame comment came from Nee’s mum hoho).


There is also this famous rock (why are rocks here famous???) called the “Crocodile Rock” (Oooooo how creative. Sheesh) which apparently was painted by some dude who was drunk. If my memory serves me right.


And then it got late so we just stood under the rain, waiting for the bus. Looking like your everyday hillbilly Chinapek.


-The end of day 1-

PS: Dunno why all the pictures look so weird. Stupid wordpress is killing me!

Day 3 – Unexpected Gastronomic Delight

I had originally planned to feast on maggi and eggs again tonight, but somehow, the Goddess of All-Things-Good-To-Eat must have taken pity on me.

Cause my boss, knowing my pitiful state of isolation, decided to treat me to dinner tonight.

At none other than Rumours Kopitiam. MmmmmMMmmm nothing like Malaysian cuisine to get me all excited about my journey home.

His pretty wife, ugly him and me (with a suddenly very fat looking face):

Between the three of us, we gobbled up 4 dishes, and I can tell you that I didn’t eat very much.

When people say Chinamen eat like pigs, it’s true!

Anyhuu, to my dear juniors, for sale are the following items:

Table lamp for £2. I know you all already have one in your rooms, but we bought extra lamps to put on the side tables cause it gets pretty darn dim in winter.

Black boots size 3 (Malaysian size 4) for £5. Original price was £20 and it was only worn for one winter, so yeah, it’s in good shape. Has those cute little ribbons at the back too.

Brown boots size 5 (Malaysian size 6) also for £5. Yet again, the original price was £20 and it’s in pretty good condition, seeing that the owner is Miss Tan Shirlyn who doesn’t walk, but floats gracefully instead wtf.

Two-month-old stainless steel table fan for £8. Original price was £18 and it’s obviously in excellent condition since the owner bought it and then decided to go to Italy wtf (so now I have two fans to keep me chillaxing weee). You will definitely appreciate it next year when you start sweating throughout your second Glaswegian summer.
£8 might sound a wee bit pricey, but think of it this way: You’ll be selling it to your juniors for about £5-6 anyways, so just think of it as a £2-3 rental fee lol. Think ahead, people! Think ahead!

If you’re interested in any of the above items, do pop in any day after 5pm (cause I’ll be working in the day sobbers) to take a look. My extension ain’t working, so don’t bother trying to call.

And to my mentee (Jacqueline), I’ve got a tiny stack of notes for you. Yah, I’m like the worse mentor to get, but if you come over I promise to give you pads and salt and cotton buds wtf.

Day 2 – Self Discovery

Ah, once again, the deafening silence greets me at the door.

I always thought I was a solitary animal, but now I realise that I am indeed the contrary.

All the times I disobeyed my mother’s hues and cries to stay at home, I thought I was merely being some cool rebellious kid. Now I know it was because I just hated staying home alone, while everyone else went to work. Well, besides my nigga-ish maid, Soo Kitty my cat and Soo Bobo my dog. But they don’t exactly speak fluent English, so there I am with nobody to talk to the whole day (unless I miraculously decide to attend classes at uni just to get out of the house).

Yah, and during the pre-exam study periods, all the PMS-ishness was probably due to the fact that everybody was locked up in their rooms, licking away at their books in a desperate attempt to digest all the random facts printed in black and white. While poor ol me was desperate to go out and have fun and just chillax. Sigh.

Bottomline is, however much I hate being away from home, I’m sure as hell gonna miss this life – living with my 3 SS babes, having alcohol on standby in the living room, having 5-hour gossip sessions and watching movies on the computer because we can’t afford cinema tickets.

I guess what they say is indeed true.

You never know what you have until you lose it.

Or, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Or whatever.

Did not bother cooking dinner today, so I just had two egg sandwiches which was damn kao filling:


And this is how the cut on my poor hand looks like now:


It has now turned into this massive hole and it’s still quite sore, but I doubt that any of you really care, so I’m not going to go into any self-pitying emotional sob story.

[Need to rant a little here.

You damn stalker. If you ever dare touch me one more time I’m going to kick your butt back to Zimbabwe.

There. Off my chest.]

Shall continue watching Wentworth Miller on Prison Break. Ciao.

Day 1 – Solitary Isolation

Damn cham, living all on my own now.

All alone in a 6-room flat. Things can get quite eerie sometimes, like when I hear sounds I shouldn’t be hearing.


Unlike the popular speculation going around, I DID NOT have maggi mee for dinner. I had it for lunch instead.

Dinner was rice, fried chicken and a rotten tomato plus rotten apple salad. Boo.


I know the chicken looks burnt, that’s just the breadcrumbs. The damned angmoh chicken refuses to go brown when I fry it, so I had to over fry it a little to make sure I don’t get a tummy ache tomorrow.

Final thought of the day:

I love Wentworth Miller. Boo.

Why I’d make a good wife

Today was seriously my best day working ever!

First of all, I started off my day by cleaning up my little “lap zhap” stall: sweeping the floor, wiping everything in sight, chasing dust-bunnies around and fussing about colour-coordinating stuff.

I guess heaven for me is just a really dusty place with loads of brooms, dustcloths and random bottles for me to arrange.

Also known as my brother’s room pigsty *sigh* heaven is a place on earth.

Anyways, my boss decided to reward the obsessive-compulsive dustbuster in me by buying me an RM15 cup of Pearl Milk Tea. I think he’s quite scared of me now, cause I got all pissy with him when he arranged some hair stuff NOT according to length wtf.

Hence, we come to reason number one as to why I’d make a good wife:

I love cleaning

And I’m excessively neat too!

I scratched my hand a couple of days ago and it got all infected and icky. And then I went and scratched it AGAIN today and now I'm bleeding to death =( I tell you ah, next time I just show my boyfriend's mother my hands she confirm like me edi cause damn a lot of scars as tho I do a lot of housework lidat.

And either the shirt I wore today made me drop-dead gorgeous or men nowadays are desperate for wives who actually clean stuff, cause out of nowhere damn a lot of guys popped in to flirt with me!

The first was this Hongkie guy who spoke to me in Cantonese but I replied him in Mandarin. *quack quack* *cookadoodledoo* Chicken talking to duck wtf but eh at least I can now converse in Mandarin ok!

Reason number two of why I’d make a good wife:

I can now speak mandarin yays!

And after that, he went and bought me another Pearl Tea lol so I had to drink two of em in one day.

After that came another super lengzhai dude who so ngam is from Subang too! *AH* damn cute ah he! But he scolded me for not being able to speak proper mandarin sigh. It’s ok, I always liked the aggressive, brooding, fierce kind of guy anyways.

Reason number three:

I like being tamed

But only by hot guys.

And after work my boss was damn pleased with me cause my sales hit a record high thus reason number four:

I make my own dough

Sigh, I really have GOT to stop pimping myself like this. Desperado sial.

Mein’s leaving for Italy tomorrow which leaves poor me all alone until everyone comes home for the convo next Friday *sobs*.

But worry not, for I shall never starve to death as I am prepared to put my superb culinary skills to the test.

I can cook, oh yes I can!

Yah, all those gents out there who are eager to marry me please download the attached application form and submit it along with a full-body photo and a complete bank statement. Other financial details or underwear-size-related information is also encouraged.

PS: Happy birthday Aik Chiew! I think you already have this, but it’s the only Arsenal thingy I could find so don’t be so demanding.

BamBam is not included.

Why do you have to be so hensem?

Dear Wentworth Miller aka Michael Scofield from Prison Break.

I am indeed blessed to have met you.


In my dreams, that is.

Not only did I gain a little weight – my head grew too! Lol. Scared cannot see my face properly if too small mar. Ish.

Original photo:

I sure hope I dream about you again tonight =) *Horny grin*

(Eeeeee can see tetek!)

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