My Last Night

Susah payah woke up early today cause I was supposed to bring my maid to the clinic for her annual medical checkup. Manatau she told me that her period had just made it’s grand entrance cis bedebah.

Aih aku mau -_-zzz lagi lar.

Got ready to go out cause it was Shopping Day yay!!! We were actually supposed to go to Kota Damansara using Yenli’s Garmin GPS wth but apparently they’ll be having a bazaar there on Saturday, so we decided to just shop at our usual SS15 boutiques today.

Went to Blingz, Fabulous, Veronica’s Closet and Cat’s Whiskers. As usual, I managed to pick some stuff up at Blingz and Veronica’s Closet. I SWEAR these two boutiques have never ever failed me!!! Which is quite dangerous also lar cause everytime I go there confirm spend money huuhuu.

Trying stuff on at Veronica’s Closet.

Shopping at Veronica’s Closet was so fun cause they have 3 changing rooms which we converted into a single long one by pulling open the dividing curtains.

Shun looks so shocked bwahahaha~

And to Miss Wong Kah Yie who keeps complaining of not being able to find nice clothes to buy, here’s living proof that it’s not hard to find nice cheap clothes lar!!!! According to her, she went to SS15 but couldn’t find anything to buy like WHATTHEHELLMAN how can how can???

This dress looks a lot cuter in real life but the photo damn sad lar cannot see properly.

Non-cleavage-revealing clubbing dress. HAH ROBIN who’s your daddy!

Satin tube top and high-waisted pencil skirt. Super love the combination, but I think if I dress like this to work confirm kena transfer to Sabah liow.

This is my favouritest dress of all!!! Super cute!!! At first I hesitated about buying it cause it doesn’t come with the belt I have on, so it looked a little shapeless. But the lady told me it was a discounted item, ma buy lor.

Looks heaps better with the little belt I bought for only RM5 =)))

So to summarize, I bought 3 dresses, one top, one skirt and one belt. That’s SIX items all together. And how much did I spend???

Jeng jeng jeng.


T____________T OMG huuhuu damn happie okkkkk 200 bucks for so many things!!! Like my one Miss Selfridge dress already cost RM230 cis!!! Aih it’s quite nice being poor and kiamsiap actually cause it makes me feel so satisfied and accomplished and cleber when I get to buy cheap stuff hoho.

Shopping was followed by back-to-back gym classes – Cardio Dance and Funky Line of all things *rolls eyes. Stupid Yenli lar force me to go for this kind of classes. But it was really tiring and I sweated buckets so all wasn’t wasted =)


Here come’s the really interesting part of my day.

While we were shopping, we started discussing about our plans for Friday’s Halloween. And then Yenli realised that today (which is Thursday) was my last ever Ladies Nite cause after this I’ll only be able to club on weekends as I start work next week.

Huuhuu. Mati-mati also wanna go clubbing tonight.

And since we damn sad case no friends wan lar (and mua bf was in Penang sobbers), we ended up going to MOS. Just the two of us.

We can make it if we try just the two of us you and I.

Yar damn desperado right, two girls also still wanna go clubbing haha. But I don’t care!!! My last time to enjoy free entry!

I wore my new blue dress yay.

Sunway looks so pretty at night.

We parked the car at 12.00am on the dot and yeah I listen to HitzFm. If you’re extra good, you might somehow even be able to deduce that I drive a Kelisa wtf.

There was already a modest crowd inside MOS when we arrived, but there wasn’t like a queue to enter or anything. The entrance was decorated with Halloweeny stuff so I assume they’ll be having some kind of a theme thingy on Friday. According to a brochure the skeleton was holding, the cover charge for the event is RM40 wtf in case you want to know mar.

Can you spot the brochure in between his fingers?

My date for the evening. Got long luscious hair samo, healthy boi ya?

Took a quick ronda around the club to see if we could spot anyone we knew cause we felt lonely. Then we went to the bar to try and squeeze some kind of a bargain from the bartender but I think it was quite obvious that we are cheapskates cause he didn’t bother to layan our questions *boo.

In the end we did not drink a single drop of alcohol dei!!!!

This is officially the weirdest clubbing night ever…

This photo makes me look FAT!!! *happy happy wtf.

Halfway while dancing, we spotted someone we knew!!! But not very close lar, cause he was just Shun’s brothers friend and also Yenli’s brother’s friend’s brother wtf don’t headache hor go draw family tree lar easier to visualize.

I must say I enjoyed the night dancing alcohol-less and all, but I got pretty irritated by all the batangs trying to wiggle and jiggle behind us and trying to grab our asses and stuff like that. And seriously!!! Malaysian guys are SOOOO bad at pick up lines!!! All I heard the whole night was “What’s your name?” Can’t they say something more appealing like “Hey baby, I own an LV outlet” wtf.

Some stupid guy even asked if I was drunk cause he saw me holding an empty glass. Which previously contained PLAIN WATER larrrr GAR!

Yah so anyway we spent half of the time escaping from guys til we ended up at a secluded area right beside the DJ booth. And might I add that Yenli totally had the *hearts* for Mr DJ =p





At slightly past 2am, we got hungry and decided that it was time for supper. Went to Nanako in SS15 where we met up with Mr Soon Seng who drove all the way from opposite Midvalley just to see us *awwwww.


Cheery Yen and her half boiled eggs. Halloween can go as telur wth.

OH YAH OH YAH I nearly forgot about this!!! Yen kena ask for ID at the entrance bwahahahaha no surprise lar considering she dressed like a 15 year old telur =p

By the end of the night, our legs and feet were seriously killing us cause we had already danced for 2 hours in the gym. Add that to the 2 hours at MOS and you get 4 hours worth of sexy butts.

Yenli stuck plasters at the back of her feet but they came off while dancing so she still got blisters in the end damn geli.

Aiyoh I can’t believe I’ll be going clubbing again tomorrow damn tired larrrrrr!!~ Nvmlar at least I can say that my last week as an unemployed bummer was happening =) Thanks Yen for making my last ladies night a great one!


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It’s a Double Date!

Helllloooooooo darling readers!! Sorry for the absence, I’ve been quite busy what with gym, a new bf and only a week left til I lose my “Unemployed” status (which I am very fond of ya). Aih so much to do, so little time.

Ju and I went up to Genting for a day trip on Friday – Our first trip as a couple =) corny-nye macam high school musical je wtf (Watched HSM3 today btw which was quite good, if not for the overly corny script).

Moi randomly camwhoring with his shades some days ago.

It was rather funny, actually, cause both Ju and I had overslept waaaay past our supposed 8am departure time. Fortunately, Yun phoned me at about 10am to kepoh thus serving as our wakeup call. To further demonstrate her kepohchi-ness, Yun and bf ended up following us to Genting although it was Friday and BOTH OF THEM WERE SUPPOSED TO BE WORKING wtf damn ular lor.

But YAY YAY get to double date at last hahahaha.

The ultimate kepohchi couple at the temple.

*Hearts* my super cute shoes!!! Gave me blisters tho cibek Nike ah.

Yala yala *hearts* my Ju also la no need kecil hati wan.

Lala small kid couple pan cute.

The Ultimate Kepohchi Couple gave us a short tour around the temple since it was Ju’s and my first time there. The weather was really nice and chilly at first, but after about half an hour it started to get rather foggy and drizzly which was damn potong stim.

Aih bye bye theme park =(

Since it was already quite late by the time we actually got to Genting Highlands and Mother Weather was being PMSsy, we only bought indoor theme park tickets. The funnest ride of all was bumper cars cause we (being actual drivers of real cars) got to bully all the rowdy tiny tots HOHO first time Liping get to bully other drivers sial.

Shame shame dunno why I feel so happy after bullying small kids hahaha.

Got on a few other rides which were rather ciplak. Their train coaster thingy so slow but dunno why their ferris wheel so fast pulak. Ini Genting mechanic sudah mau kena fired ka.

First on board the train coaster. Behind all small kids wtf all sure damn angry wan cause SK’s head block their view haha.

It was really great having Yun and SK with us cause they were very familiar with the place. Like, we didn’t even have to discuss which ride to take next cause they already knew where everything was so Ju and I just trotted behind them.

Camwhoring whilst in queue for the Motion Master.

OOoOoooO chunnye gaya gile sial cheh. Poor SK – dumb glasses don’t accomodate people with spectacles gee I guess it’s granted that little kids have perfect vision.

Eh don’t dirty dirty he’s not touching my nen nen k!! Tho he so muka hamsap.

This photo is so cool cause the 4 of us are in focus but the background is blurred.

Stupid reindeer ride which has non-functioning pedals inside dunno for what also.

After we had had enough of the rides, Yun and SK brought us round the casino. And I am so proud to say that I DID NOT get asked for my ID by the security heh. Heh heh. Didn’t gamble cause money’s such a precious commodity these days, but I did help SK lose part of his RM50 =(

Our night continued at the arcade, which I did not enjoy cause I totally do not see the point in paying RM3 to throw 3 darts for nothing and also cause all the noise gave me a headache.

*complain complain stingy lala aunty


*KAWAII*. No lah I’m not 22 years old oso still very young oni! (In denial wtf)

Yun and SK were seriously PRO at this game and we were so excited when they managed to beat the previous high score by far. They kept playing that game and getting higher and higher scores until a fan club of kids started gathering around them. Glamour sial.

Sadistic whacking Doraemon game tsktsk.

Tired of the games, Ju and I took a walk outside with the mind to get some fresh air. Turns out Mother Weather was still being a bitch and we got drenched and frozen inside out. It was so foggy we couldn’t even find the carpark, although it was just a few puluh metres in front of us!!! GAR!

Finally found the car, where we sought temporary refuge from the blistering cold and I dug out my spare jacket cause one the one I had on wasn’t warm enough.

Went back to Coffee Bean for a nightcap with the Kepohchi couple and a few rounds of chor dai di which ended up with us cheating aih this is what happens when couples play games together lar. If he don’t let me win also I confirm get angry wan haha.

Took a slow drive back down cause it was still foggy and we weren’t familiar with the roads. Yenli’s GPS came in really handy, guiding us all the way back to Subang.

This is seriously the coolest gadget EVER!!! (Photo taken in moving car, soli)

K lah next week can use her GPS to lead me to the Pharmaceutical Bureau edi =)

It ended with an earthquake!

Heads up, here comes another post!! =)))

For some reason that baffles even myself, I think my life is interesting enough to captivate the attention of all my darling readers *perasan perah santan masak nasi lemak for darling readers wth.

Let’s see. My day started with a wakeup call from my JuJu and lunch at this super ulu restaurant called “D’ *Alonso or Amazing or something lah” beside Old Town Kopitiam in Taipan. The food was not bad – a set lunch cost RM16.90 and I couldn’t finish mine.

Went to Summit to watch House Bunny after lunch. Dunno why he likes to bring me to ulu places wtf I is highclass moimoi ok! Hahaha <333 Sportingnye gefren engkau, teman bf go watch Playboy Bunnies frolicking on a big screen sigh. Nah, actually it was my choice and I think the movie was not too shabby and even pretty hilarious at times.

Said our sad goodbyes as he would be going on an overnight stop in Kota Bahru, Kelantan *boo (He thought it was in Kedah WTF apamacam driber ni sigh).

Picked Shun and Yenli up and rushed to KL for a busy girl’s night out. Went to Low Yat to supposedly buy a new external HDD but mission failed cause we suspected that we look damn easy to kena con so we chickened out of it.

YAP LI-LYNN do you remember this place in Sungai Wang??? OMG I miss you so much T_T

Went shopping in Sungai Wang and I found this really cute, sweet, NON-SLUTTY dress and I was all like omg should I buy it or not omg no money la boohoo but so cute ARGH!! Ended up buying it lar =)

Then we were supposed to go for a friends birthday (the whole point of going to KL in the first place) but it was already 9pm and the roads were frigging jammed up so we didn’t make it ish *sadness.


I hate pumping petrol into my car, but I hate paying for the petrol even more!! So I only ever pump RM30 worth at any one time. Illogical, I know, but that’s just how the brain of a kiamsiap miskin girl functions lar. Don’t believe just ask Syler wtf. Actually I think it’s alright since I rarely drive and RM30 is enough to last me for a couple of weeks mar. Pump so much nanti evaporate kang!

Drove to KL with about 10 bucks worth left in my tank, so in the end die die also had to pump another round on the way home T_T. Otherwise my two princess passengers would have to get down and start working those muscles.

You can see the RM30 displayed on the meter behind there hahaha. It’s 30.00 not 3000 hor I not so rich wan ah. Yah and obviously my car can’t fit 3k worth of petrol la what the hell.

Sped back to Subang cause it was Tuesdays and WE ALL KNOW that Tuesday is EARTHQUAKE DAY!!! *rumble rumble hear Fatty Liping run wtf.

What the heck is Earthquake Day you ask?

Well, for those left out of the loop, on every Tuesday the Earthquake sundae (8-scoop sial!!!) at Swensen’s is 50% off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Happiness is gossip, my girls and icecream all melted into one rainbow coloured fuzzy moment.



To my dear girls, I want you to know that even when we’re apart and seldom see each other, we’re still the PL6 and I’ll always always be here for you <333

Chewah damn lesbo.

Your head lar, got bf edi =)

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My baby make me go to rehab

But I say NOooOoo NoOOoo NOOOOOO!~


Judging by the quantum leap in my blog statistics, Thursday’s MOS session was the talk of town, and no Johnson, you’re not that big a superstar.

[Here comes the part when I get all perasan and assume that since you’re reading my blog you MUST be interested in my life and nothing else wtf]

I went in single, ready to rock the dancefloor, and came out without even dancing a step with a new boyfriend in tow.

Naturally, some people would question the wisdom of boyfriend-hunting in a room full of drunk gay dudes but all I have to say is that things just fell into place.

I know we’ve only known each other for a really short time, and Thursday’s thing was by no means planned. Wth a club isn’t exactly the best place to start a serious relationship. It’s more for making love ala Usher. But when it happens, it happens, and we all shout Hallelujah! hoho.

Now, we have only to hope God gives his blessings, and in his infinite wisdom makes the government post me in KL =)

Too bad they don’t build hospitals beside airports.


(Somebody a bit drunk edi)


PS: At least this time I’ve seen him in person first 😉 HOHO

Johnson’s 22nd Birthday

Mr Johnson Goh from Klang just turned 22 (YAYS!) and to celebrate, he threw a big birthday bash at MOS Euphoria the day after, seeing that the 16th was a Thursday and ladies get to go in for free =)

Got a few makeup tips from the video I posted in my previous entry and I have to say, it seriously helped a lot!!! Like I honestly took no more than 15 minutes to complete my eye makeup and I think it looked awesome!!! (Pardon my self praise)

Lighting sucks, but it’s actually lighter in the middle (to make eyes appear rounder) and shades darker towards the end. Used a brown cream shade stick as the base and blue shadow on top with white and purple glitter as highlights. Never thought blue could go over brown ever!!

Stuff I used. May look like a lot to those who don’t usually use heavy makeup, but I swear it’s so simple!!!

Sorry. Vanity always comes first.

Quite a large group of peeps turned up for the birthday, mostly consisting of the Nottinghammers and Johnson’s Klang buddies plus a few random people like myself and Ming Keat. I know. Damn random.

Johnson had wisely booked us the VIP room upstairs so we could all dance around in circles like monkeys and puke all over the place in the privacy of our own room, without having to worry about being seen by others and duely embarassed.

Random photo of half of the nicely furnished room.

Adamant on getting drunk, they opened so many bottles it seemed Jesus was in the room (cause he turns water into wine geddit geddit wtf). I think in total there was one humoningious bottle of Chivas plus 4 or 5 regular sized ones plus 3 buckets of beer. Definitely enough to leave the 30 odd guests high high like a butterfly. Total bill should have come up to about RM5k gila babeng.

Humoningious or not I ask you??? I thought it was fake at first samo.

Lineup of babes, and me without my shoes wtf. The table had drawers which were soooo convenient for storing shoes, handbags and other random stuff.

Dudes being very affectionate.

Gee Soon, Ming Keat, me and Yijin.

The Friendliest Guy in the World Mr Soon Seng, me and Yijin.

Yijin and I again, this time with Kwo Kuang.

Birthday boy Johnson came to mingle =)

Esther (whom I met for the first time and is super friendly!), me and Ee Ping.

On the right is the one and only Keat, who somehow always manages to attract the most gay attention.

The night turned out to be quite a success cause everyone seemed to be in the best of moods. The guys were all getting along well (erm probably a little TOO well, if you get my drift) and the hot girls were bouncing and wiggling on the sofas along to the music.

Rocker Kwo Kuang doing Josh from behind.

Keat about to give Johnson his birthday gift.

Kwo Kuang forgot to bring a present so he stole Keat’s idea. Guy on right looks like he wants to pinch KK’s nipples.

The gorgeous people.

By about 1am the party was really going down and peeps were bouncing off the walls and giving each other bear hugs for no particular reason except to look gay. It seems like the more people got drunk, the more they wanted to drink. I suppose its probably a good thing alcohol doesn’t come free, cause I don’t exactly enjoy the sight of a guy puking in his sleep. Which I did experience tonight btw.

Birthday Flaming Lamborghini.

Woooaahhh I’m dizzy… the room… spinning…



Hahahaha that photo’s a total classic omg like he can’t even hold his own head up to drink okay!!! This is SOOOOO gonna be Facebooked!

Some of the dudes started getting a tad rowdy and aggressive towards the end and started attacking each other with ice. In case you didn’t already know, ice can be very very hard.


Chin Ju found himself Keat’s unwitting target-practise dummy and landed up with a bleeding forehead. Later on, Chin Ju tried throwing ice at others too but somehow his ice cubes never even came close to their target hoho which was pretty funny cause I don’t think he noticed us laughing at him behind his back (literally) rofl.

Chin Ju, Gee Soon and a cute little bump.

Johnson (on the left) and the guy who puked in his sleep, totally thrashed.


I am totally shocked and awed and frankly, a little annoyed by how quickly gossip spreads. Aih welcome to the era of cheap international sms-ing, girl.

And yeah. It’s official =)



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