Shun’s 24th @ JyoRaku

As usual, without fail, Shun requested for her birthday dinner to be held at some Jap place. Again. Geez. At least we can say she’s consistent! Consistently eating the same stuff. Consistently late. Consistently not charging her handphone. Lolz.

Anyhuu, we were supposed to dine at Rakuzen at SS15 (I think it’s actually SS16, but since SS15 is more famous, everyone thinks it’s SS15 wtf) but since Uncle Alfie wasn’t around nobody thought of making reservations and we ended up getting booted out.

But since we’re such quick thinkers (yupyup), we bounced next door to Jyo Raku!

Which lo and behold, is an exact photostat copycat ciplak-ed version of Rakuzen!!! The sliding door looked exactly the same and had the same “press here to open” automatic button thingy. Presumably to con patrons into thinking they were in Rakuzen, me thinks. Even the toilets were in the same place haha.


Bilin and Birthday Girl Shun.

Unprepared faces.

Edm and I.

Edm and I and the expensive food huuhuu T_T

Shun was damn greedy and ordered a humongous RM60 bento set!

Yun said the white walls made for an ugly background, so I did some ‘redecorating’.

I don’t know them. They’re just furniture.

Yen totally unprepared.

And after that I know she sengaja asked me to hold the camera instead so that MY face would be the fat one wth.

Yen, Bilin and Shun.

Ahem what’s going on here?

Are they:
1. Strangling Bilin?
2. Trying to save Bilin from choking???

Edm likes taking pics of girls in the bathtub wtf.

Worthy of FB profile pic.

Check out Bilin’s face when Yun tried to make her zhao kong bwahaha!


May we not have to eat Japanese again next year!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. clayton
    Aug 26, 2010 @ 15:38:58

    Just a passer by………..
    Looking at your initial blog – the early days, you seem to be having a ball. I envy your youth and enthusiasm. Keep on blogging and I think its great that u share your journey.
    Looking forward to read more of your adventure/life style.
    BTW – where u did your dentistry??


  2. Juejue
    Sep 13, 2010 @ 23:30:12

    JyuRaku was Rakuzen. Then Rakuzen re-opened next door.


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