Great. There goes my sexy hand.

Was recently lemming for a new hand cream to keep on my office desk, and since I couldn’t afford Crabtree & Evelyn on my measly salary (cough), I turned to the self-proclaimed “natural” Korean brand Skinfood.

Purchased the Gold Apple Hand Balm (RM25.90) cause the scent was delish and the packaging was too cute for words.

Really inconvenient (being a tub instead of a tube which is just an ‘e’s worth of difference wtf lame), but still, too cute!


Balm was wokay, sunk in pretty quick, but scent turned out to be a bit sickly and it didn’t really moisturize much.

Used it constantly for 3 days and waddaya know.

Shit happened.


Discovered tiny skin-coloured little bumps ALL OVER my palm! Like seriously, all over!

Sadly, my dingdong camera/self failed to capture the full magnitude of this disastrous travesty wtf. Oh wellz.




At first glance, you would think it was an allergy right?

However, the bumps aren’t red or itchy or inflamed in any way plus they’re strangely only on my right hand.

Another speculation is that it’s due to friction from driving cause I use my right hand to hold the steering wheel. And the side of my palm has loads of bumps cause it rubs against the paper when I’m writing. Perfectly logical, no?

A third, and ever so slightly inane explanation, is that my steering wheel is crawling with bacteria which happen to lurves ze apple flavór hence an infection wtf.

Action Plan:
To perform a rechallenge test to confirm if it is indeed the fault of SKINFOOD YOU BASTARD!

Rechallenge test:
To stop using SKINFOOD YOU BASTARD until the ohsosexy bumps subside, and then reintroduce it. If the bumps resurface, a causative relationship is thus confirmed.

And the worse thing about Skinfood is that they don’t include a list of ingredients on their labels, so really, they could be mashing up tiny little puppies into body lotion and covering up with some delicate scent called “Sunkissed Strawberry” for all we know (this is not a joke, my working experience has taught me that it’s an evil world out there kids).

Puppies are natural what.


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