Norwegian Fisherman Have It GOOOOD!

I’ve always been on the look out for a good hand cream – one that has minimal stickiness plus a goooood dose of moisturization (is this a proper word?).

Tried Nivea, St Ives, L’Occtupus etc and all were BAH.

Recently, during one of the many hours which I spent staring at beauty products lined up on Watson’s shelves (I work there ahem), I decided to pick up Neutrogena’s Norwegian Formula Hand Cream.

The only active ingredient I can spot is a mega dose of glycerin.


This isn’t a new product; in fact I’ve know about it for years and years. Just never got down to buying it cause I was always under the impression that it was costly. Which it is not btw. Or maybe I was just a lot poorer back then heh.

Original price was about RM12++, but thanks to the ongoing Watson’s sale, I bagged it for RM10.80.

The ONLY hand cream which wants to be associated with fishermen.

You know they’ve done REAL testing when the label specifies “17 hours” of moisturization, instead of simply falsely claiming to last 24 hours or things like that.

On top of that, they claim that you can use it on elbows, knees, face and LIPS. Now, that got me excited. Instead of paying RM8.88 for 4g of Palmer’s sucky Cocoa Butter lipbalm (which I recently did), why not pay RM10.80 for a whopping 56g of hand cream which multitasks as lipbalm? SCORE!


The texture is like a thick gel (I would say sperm-like teehee) and the scent is yucky. Better get the scent-free version if you plan on using this on your lips. And you only need a tiny bit – they claim that one tube lasts 200 applications.

This is my thumb, all icky with dry skin.

And this is my thumb after using the hand cream.

I used the cream overnight on my hands and lips, and although the cream was dried up by the next morning, my lips and hands were totally soft and the dry skin was gone!

Aside from discovering my Holy Grail hand cream, I also found a new cheapo nail polish which wants to make me throw away all my Elianto, Revlon, The Face Shop and Sally Hansen polish away.

After one coat – smooth and almost opaque.

Sasatinnie – from Sasa. Yeah, the name is a tad silly.

Priced at RM8.90 (before sales), it’s almost double the price of the dirt cheap RM5 Elianto ones. But it’s waaaay worth it. The brush is small and short, which makes it much easier to control. The formulation is pigmented and fluid, so it goes on smoothly.

Two wonderful discoveries woots.



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