A dog-faced fish and others.

Zomg I seriously need to take a dump but I just painted my nails, and no way am I gonna risk getting bright red stains on my green MNG pants wtf huuhuu. Talk about retarded timing.

So anyway, here are random photos of the weeks past (No I haven’t died), while I wait for my polish to dry so I can go pangsai.


My SKII Facial Clear Solution finally came to an end buuhuuhuu.

RM200+ isn’t exactly spare change.

And since my budget is so horribly tight these days, I opted to downgrade from the Holy Grail of skincare (Well, almost. La Mer is still waaay out of my league) to something a little more humble.

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream.

I’ve always had a soft spot for Kiehl’s, although prior to this, the only thing I had ever gotten was their deodorant which totally rocks btw!

The only thing is that RM100 for a 50ml bottle isn’t really that cheap either. That’s like RM2 per ml ok. But oh well.

Swatch for texture.

The consistency isn’t exactly as thick as creams normally are – I would call it a gel-cream rather than a cream. If that makes any sense. And it smells and looks like glue too ewwww.

But then again, if I can put up with the beastly yeast scent of SKII, I can pretty much slap on anything onto my face and be happy.

The bast part? The cream actually rocks! It’s absorbed pretty quickly and doesn’t leave any oily residue whatsoever. Woots.

Haven’t noticed any change in my skin’s texture, but seriously, to downgrade from SKII to Kiehl’s and not see a difference? That’s really something to be said!

Femme L’eau Fraiche by Boss, RM148 for 30ml.

Which literally translates to mean Woman Fresh Water wtf. As opposed to man stale water?

A really sweet, sensual scent which I absolutely love woots!

Also got this. Stole it from a park.

Nah, I’m just kidding. But I wish I had!


Had the bestest ice cream evereverever!! at this place called Mango Mania at Bangsar.

Mango goodness!

The flavour was seriously so intense, the ice cream seemed to last forever and ever cause all you needed was a tiny scoop to get a burst of mangoliciousness!

Me looking every bit of the Ah Ma I am, being greedy.

But don’t go there for the food or cakes, cause they suck.




And as usual, I saved the best for last.

Went to the Pet Lover’s Centre at Ikano to get some stuff for my beloved crabbies.

Spotted something really curious.

And freaky.

Dog Face RM38?

Looks normal, right? Nope.

Can you please tell me what the fuck is this?!!


The stuff of nightmares!

For something that lives in water, it has a seriously bad case of chapped lips! Lip balm anybody???


So I googled it, and apparently it’s real name is the blackspotted puffer or blackspotted toadfish or dog-faced puffer. Geez, aren’t pufferfish supposed to be adorable and round? This guy, when inflated, just goes all retarded-shaped instead of round. SO NOT CHIO.

Dammit! It’s so hideous I can’t stop staring at it!

Final photo to give you the willies.

Dog-faced bunny-toothed fish. Geewheez.

Barbie Soo over and out.



Due to my inherent kiamsiapness, which has very obviously been inherited from both parents, I have been living sans air-conditioning for my entire life so far.

Actually my parents have an air-conditioner installed in their bedroom lar, but they don’t even use it like, ever! And my brothers’ room can reach temperatures bordering on desert-worthy, but they don’t even complain! What’s wrong with these people ah!

Anyhuu, unable to put up with the insane Malaysian heat any longer, I decided it was time to splurge a little (actually hor my LV could buy like 2 air-cons. sigh. girls make really bad financial decisions) and get myself one. Finally.

Spent a day or so googling for pink air-conditioners to no avail. Seriously, try googling “air conditioner pink” as much as you like, you’ll still end up with zilch.

Went asking around the several electronic shops in Taipan. Got bored with all the technical jargon they spewed at me. Heck, the only specification I was interested in was the colour.

Guy: Blablabla save electric blabla ionizer blayaddayaddablabla.
Me: *stone
Guy: Blablablabla 60% blablablabla can remove to clean (*seriously didn’t understand this) yakyakblabla.
Me: Got pink colour?
Guy: *stone

But much to my disappointment, none of the shops there seemed to have pink coloured air-conditioners.

Like, wtf right!!!

How can there NOT be a pink colour anything??!!!

Pink shoe got.
Pink handphone got.
Pink computer got.
Pink car got.
Even pink diamond also got la wth!

How can there not be a pink air-conditioner T_____T

Actually I vaguely remember seeing a pink air-conditioner before lor, but don’t know why they don’t have huuhuu.

Anyways, I decided to go for Panasonic since they’re all “Mottainai” and whatever.

The basic-est model was RM950, the Eco ionizer whatever one was RM1170 and the converter one was RM1400.

At first I wanted to get the converter one, but the guy said it doesn’t make much difference. Actually I couldn’t really understand what he was saying la cause he was speaking in Cantonese, so in retrospect, there was probably quite a bit of misunderstanding going on.

So I decided to go for the RM1170 one. Manatau the next shop guy told me the ionizer and Eco thingy was useless – expecting me to get the more expensive one. Little did he know what a kiamsiap customer he was up against – so I said I might as well just buy the RM950 one la instead, since the RM1170 one wasn’t much better.

But no la, in the end I settled for the RM1170 one. Just to be safe.

RM1170 for the C9KKH. Want to know where to buy, ask me.

They sent 3 cute guys to install the air-conditioner.

And now, after 23 years and 3 months, I finally know what it feels like to drift away into slumber with a refreshing cool breeze billowing over me.


It’s right opposite my bed, so I get the maximum cooling effect at the lowest setting possible (save electricity!).

Props to the guys for doing a real good job of installing it – all the wiring and stuff is really nice and neat! The only downside is that the outside box part is right outside my brothers’ window, and today I kena scolding cause apparently it’s quite noisy. But too bad so sad nothing I can do about it teehee.

Plain white piece of a thing. I’m planning to buy huge pretty flower stickers to stick onto it tho.


Hurrah for the best splurge of the year!

Now I have to eat shit for the next 2 months.

Oh yah, and I just realised I’m like so dead cause I lost the receipt!!!! So now I can’t fill in the warranty card oh no!!!!!!!!!!!! T_____T


Who the F in their right mind would pay RM36.90 for a box of “silicone buttocks pad”??? Although it does include free undies (drawers = undies fyi).

The crabitat under the romantic lights of my torch.

Trying to get Chester and Chloe in a romantic mood so they would procreate wtf.

And today I…

Watched 6 back-to-back episodes of Glee the 2nd time around whilst chomping on KFC. Ahh Sundays rock =)

Of Deathdays and Birthdays

Not too sure if it’s considered pantang to blog about deaths and births in the same post – I really hope not!

Anyway, the death isn’t of a human, so I don’t think it’s very pantang right?

Came home from work one day, and took a peek at my crabitat only to find the molted exoskeleton of one of the crabs. And seeing as the molted exoskeleton lacked 2 legs, it could only be Rascal’s. Easy peasy deduction.

All dried up and crispy yum.

You can see that on this side, he has one pincer and no walking legs.

My excitement quickly turned into despair when I saw that lying not too far away from the exoskeleton was Rascal himself.

Out of his outer balitong shell.


Found his balitong shell quite a distance from his body, so something must have caused him to ditch his shell and run away. So X-Files wei!

He re-grew his 2 missing walking legs, only to succumb to some fishy foul play.

Yes I know hermit crabs look even uglier without their shells. Please have some respect for the dead can anot, don’t kutuk-kutuk ok.

Hermit crabs of his size normally only molt once every 3-4 months. The last time he molted was just a month or so ago, when he forgot to grow his 2 legs. So hor, I think he forced himself to molt again to regrow the 2 stupid legs.

But somehow something went wrong in the process and he died T__________T

The 2 new legs on the left are noticeably smaller and scrawnier than the ones on the right. Boo kaki tempang T.T

Conducted a bit of CSI.

Trying to determine estimated time of death by measuring core temperature wtf.

Anyhuu, no I did not throw his carcass into the dustbin or flush it down the loo wtf!

I kept it nicely in a jar and I plan to bury him at some beach the next time I go.

Bye bye dear Rascal. You were always my favorite baby T.T


On to the birthday.

Celebrated Yenli’s birthday on Saturday, 2 days in advance.

Upon request (she is quite a weird one afterall), we headed to the new Murni outlet at Sunway Mas for the celebratory dinner.

And there I was, fussing over what outfit to wear and which handbag to carry wth.

Birthday girl utilizing all 23 years of life-experience to figure out how to open the box.

Combining his 20+++ (not sure if he wants to keep his age confidential wtf) years of life-experience.


Awww <333

Shun was a bit perplexed and asked me what the theme was. Because she somehow mistook the ladybugs for umbrellas wtf!

No seriously, what the hell this is damn funny ok!

If those were umbrellas it would mean that the rain was falling from under the umbrellas wtf! Damn funny lor!

Or maybe the picture is in 3D and the rain is really falling behind the umbrellas, in the background la. Wtf.

But in her defense, it was raining that night.

The guys, telling the dude “I Love You”.

Kin Yan, looking very happy.

Shun, who sees umbrellas, and I.

Doing the raised eyebrow.

You all ditching my birthday to go karaoke? Damn terasa wei!

The karaoke-goers.

“Poison”: Literally the worse drink you could possibly order at Murni.

One big mouthful of Triple H.

Sharing is caring wtf get a room.

She did that to herself. We didn’t even have to dunk her head in cake.

Gobbling down a cupcake before leaving.

Pwetty ladybug.

After we had had enough of embarassing ourselves and annoying the other patrons at Murni with out booming high-pitched voices, we said our goodbyes and I headed over to Su-Ann’s place for a fruit juice party with the colleagues. Yes, very aunty.

Had gotten kedondong fruits plus 2 avocados to juice up with her brand new China-brand heavy duty blender.

Manatau my avocados were so unripe they had this horrible super strong bitter aftertaste, and the kedondongs were too fibrous (sorry guys, I forgot that the pasar malam people actually filter it first ha.ha.ha. don’t whack me) and salty.

Forced myself to drink half of my avocado juice, and threw the rest down the sink sobs. Damn sad ok, I normally *love* avocados.

Settled down on the couch to watch 500 Days of Summer, but in 10 seconds I was fast asleep. How unhappening.

We’ll just do breakfast the next time, wokay?

The fruits of our labor hohohum.