A girl can never have enough

Being a total OCD, I always ensure that all my things are organized neatly according to category/usage/brand/heightwtf.

Prior to this, all my makeup was kept in a tiny 4-tier stationary organizer (those drawer thingies). It was so tiny, in fact, that my loose powder couldn’t even fit into it so it sat on top of the organizer where it slowly but surely accumulated a nice layer of dust due to a lack of use.

Recently, I realized that my lack of makeup storage space was stopping me from adding to my (ever so slowly) growing collection. Which may either seem like a good thing (if you are a guy) or a total disaster (if you are not a guy/are gay).

Wanted to get one of those chio acrylic (transparent) makeup organizers from Ebay, but they cause a good penny at over RM100 each. And that’s not even inclusive of shipping costs.

Oh baby aren’t you just gorgeous!

Spinning cosmetic organizer from QVC.

So instead, I headed over to Carrefour for a cheaper alternative.

Much cheaper at only RM20.70 (no shipping costs involved! even petrol also not my own harhar!) and much much uglier too.

Even if got pink also cannot save lah, so ugly.

Brushes are leaning pathetically to the side cause the compartment isn’t deep enough. Will need to find a way to solve this problem.

But oh well. At least I now have enough space to justify buying more stuff =) Which I just did, since StrawberryNet is having an offer on Summer Specials (up to 70% off), and it’s summer all year round in Malaysia =)))

Also bought the Nivea lip treatment in Soft Rose.


If ever you wanted to know what a lousy lip balm feels like, this is it!

It’s horrible!

It goes on feeling waxy and dry, which makes me feel like I have to apply more of the balm. Not at all moisturizing, and doesn’t help with my dry lips, even after slathering it on overnight.

And I quite dislike the sheer cool pink sheen which makes my lips look even paler.

Label says it smells of roses, which it most certainly does not.

Overall a horrible product that I stupidly bought cause the bimbo in me was crying for a dose of pink. Psh!


Hermit Heaven

So I just acquired a new piece of real estate – another awesome upgrade for my babies woots!

Now, that’s what I call muscle!

Started off when I realised that I could never actually see my babies unless I stood directly above their crabitat, cause the blue container I was using was opaque.

Asked my brother if he happened to have any spare aquariums lying around (he’s into fishes), and as luck had it, he did!

And WALLA!!!

For size comparison with my toes wtf. I have no idea what the actual size (in gallons) this aquarium is.

View from the right.

View from the left.

All of them crammed in their old hidey-hole. You can spot Jeevan’s butt popping out. The pink thing behind holds their freshwater. The black ashtray (wtf!) holds their saltwater.

The new huge hiding place/climbing post that I bought for RM22 damn expensive boo.

It’s hollow on the inside. Supposed to be for fishes hence the orange fake seaweed.

The coral section.

And that, my friends, is a gorgeous crabitat!

Here they are, all five of them, after their bath.

I guess you can tell that after my initial 3 babies (Chloe, Chester and Rascal who died), I sort of ran out of ideas for good hermit crab names.

Pretty Chloe.


Mr Kepohchi.

A very panicky Vidya who was about to ditch her shell to escape.

Macho Jeevan.

Somehow, with time, they seem to have gotten used to me and they aren’t at all scared of popping out of their shells when I’m holding them. Which isn’t really too good for my nerves cause I’m totally afraid that they’re gonna pinch me!

Try and spot who’s who!

Them exploring their new crabitat.

Right now I’m really tempted to buy new babies. Should I?? The larger hermit crabs seem to be more active and aggressive, but I’m not sure how Jeevan will take having a new alpha male crab bossing him around. Chloe sure wasn’t happy when got Jeevan.

If I get 12 I can make a football team! Or maybe I can use them to predict the next World Cup champion/Germany president/etc.


A whole lot of pharmacists in Sarawak

It’s been a long 8 months since our Provisionally Registered Pharmacist (PRP) batch turned into Fully Registered Pharmacists (FRP) and got posted to random places in Malaysia (WOOHOO for geography!) – myself being one of the lucky ones to get retained at the bureau.

And after months and months of waiting, our planned reunion at Sarawak to attend the Rainforest World Music Festival 2010 was finally happening!

Mr Robin (who got posted to Sarawak) played host and organizer for our trip, and came up with an itinerary, besides doing all the bookings and stuff. Thank youuuuuuu!

First batch to fly in from LCCT – Xin Yin, Voon Yuen, Su-Ann, Woan Torng and meself. Photo is missing PCK and Edm.

After a long weary flight, we finally touched down at about 4pm, and Robin brought us to a nearby kopitiam for some much needed food.

And of course, being the touristy tourists that we are, we ordered kolo mee and 5 layer tea =)

Left is 3 layer tea, right is 5 layer tea, center is Su-Ann busy dividing kolo mee.

We stayed at the Four Points by Sheraton Hotel. Not quite sure what the name implies tho – so is it Sheraton or not Sheraton??

Anyhuu, the hotel cost RM184/night for a room with 2 queen-sized beds, so depending on how many people you plan to squeeze in, it was potentially a really good deal!

Four Points by Sheraton. Located just 5 minutes away from the airport; I could see planes taking off from my bedroom window!

Sarawak people in local costumes who just happened to be hanging around the lobby lol.

The room was awesome for RM184! Not one of the best, but definitely really good!

Greeting message displayed on the TV, to Mr Tan, Robin Tiow Heng.

Love love love all the modern fixings in the bathroom!

Besides a bathtub (which already comes with a showerhead btw), it also has a separate shower with a rainfall showerhead woots!

After checking in, we left for Robin’s house to pick up our extra car. We had 3 cars in total – 1 was Robin’s, 1 was Robin’s housemate’s and 1 was a RM90/day rented Iswara which was a piece of shit.

Robin’s house!!! Kidding -_- That ‘palace’ is his neighbour.

Houses in Sarawak are seriously HUUUUUUUUUUUUGEEEEEEEEEEE!! Like really WTF HUGE! If that thing were in Subang, it would probably be worth RM1billion lor!

So we were chatting in Robin’s rented house when all of a sudden, Su-Ann started screaming “GET UP! GET UP!” at Voon Yuen, who was sitting on the couch.

Lo and behold! A frigging scorpion!

Close-up of its head.

We were debating whether the 2 red dots on the top were it’s eyes. Came home and googled, and according to Wiki, scorpions have two eyes on the top of the head, and usually 2 to 5 pairs of eyes along the front corners of the head. So yeah I guess those dots really are 2 of its many eyes *EWWWWWWWWWWWW!*.

Aunty Robin expertly disposing of the ‘baby’ (it was HUGE!) scorpion, lest it’s momma came looking for it.

Whew! That little adventure really made my day.

So with the almost-dead scorpion swept into the longkang, we headed off to pick the rest of the gang from the airport before heading to this place called TopSpot for dinner.

It’s one of those “food courts” with multiple stalls selling various types of food.

The rather unglamorous midin got a lot of attention that night.

After over-stuffing ourselves on Sarawak’s famous midin (like paku pakis) and seafood and only paying RM22/person, we took a stroll around Kuching, and of course made a rather long stop at the Kuching statue.

The girls.

The guys.

And then we spotted some dude waving at us from the top floor of McD’s. Except that this guy didn’t seem to be moving.

I guess they keep a spare Ronald McDonald around just in case lol.

Saw this beautiful shuttlecock building along the waterfront. Apparently it’s a government building – who else has so much money?

Dunno why the group decided to stop and have a chat in front of the spooky prison building.

After walking for miles and miles and miles *pant pant* along the waterfront, we headed back to the hotel for a good night’s sleep.

The next morning, we had a yummy breakfast at a hawker center opposite the hotel (I think. I’m so confused).

Kolo mee, chicken feet and teh si.

Minced pork stuffed in mini bagels – this is some really good shit!!!!

After that, we took a long drive to Santubong for our dolphin watching river cruise. The place was really damn ulu – but that’s what you get for paying RM67/3 hours.

Little fishing boats along the tiny river.

Both of them managed to blink at the same time.

Once we got out to the main river, it was really awesome and beautiful.

Mountain with 3 peaks that look like a person’s face.

After we got out to the point where the river meets the sea, the driver cut the engine and we starting looking for dolphins.

They were really hard to spot, but after much patience, we finally got to see them! There were several dolphins, swimming in random patterns and totally confusing us. Sadly, none of them decided to do backflips or blow water from their blowholes or any of that stuff you see at the zoo.

The best photo of a dolphin I got =(

The driver than dropped us at this tiny fishing village to walk around. It was really dirty and the houses were all on precarious stilts, which reminds me a lot of Pulau Ketam.

Fishes laid out to dry under the scorching sun.

River cruise over, Robin brought us to the Sarawak Museum, of which I am no fan.

We then went back to the hotel to freshen up, and had dinner at a massive hawker center (forgot the name), before heading over to the beautiful Friendship Garden. No photos tho, cause I was too tired to lift my finger wtf.

The next morning, the rest continued on their tour of Kuching, whilst Ah Ma caught up on her sleep. The group collected me before heading off for lunch, and then to the main event – the Rainforest World Music Festival. We took a long drive to the Sarawak Cultural Village, which was the venue for the music festival.

Had to pay RM10 to take the shuttle bus from the carpark to the SCV.

Next time someone asks why I don’t speak chinese, I’ll tell them I’m Orang Ulu from Sarawak.

Food tents selling food at not-really-unreasonable prices.

Concert area, with the standing area mostly being just a mudpit.

Just as the music festival was about to kickstart, the sky turned dark and it started to rain!!!!!!!!!!

Like, what a big bummer!!!!!!!

You can just about spot the rainbow.

At first I was like, ok this is ok, we’ll just wait for the rain to stop. But then it got heavier and heavier and I was like zomg kill me! Thank goodness some random stranger told me I could buy raincoats at the entrance, so I coughed up RM8 for one.

RM8 for the ones with buttons, RM4 for the ones without.

The buttons turned out to be a dumb feature, cause the water could leak right through! Dammit.

Partying with Heineken.

Much to our dismay, the rain got heavier and heavier, until we finally gave up and headed over to the food tents for shelter.

Watching the show from the screen.

And of course, the low energy paired with the boring music put me to sleep. No offense, but this kind of thing just isn’t my style.

Miserable, cold and hungry, we headed home after putting up with the rain for 3 hours. Didn’t even wait for the finale =(

Took a nice long soak in the bathtub before forcing myself to wake up to watch Spain play against the Netherlands.

And Paul was right again. I love Paul.

The next day, we woke up, dilly dally, checked out and headed home. Was super pooped hence no photos.

Overall, this has been one of the most exhausting trips I’ve ever had! Mostly due to the damn sun plus the damn rain plus the fact that I need to sleep 10 hours a day. Over the 4 days there, I lost a whopping 1.8kg!!!


Like, who goes away on a holiday and loses weight??!!

Damn depressed.

So anyhuu, with this holiday over, my calendar is pretty much blank. Time to start planning the next trip =)