Bali, cont.

The second day at Bali was quite the day of wastage.

For starters, we ended up missing the mythical sunrise (huh? what’s a sunrise?), making me regret choosing to stay on the east coast instead of the west coast. I think we’d have a much higher chance of witnessing a sunset compared to a 5.30am sunrise wth.

The sun rises in the east and sets in the west ladidaa…

Took the easy way out, and I cleverly (cough) placed the watch there so we could forever remember that we had breakfast in bed at 10.30 in the morning geewhiz what lazybums.

By the time we finally got out of the room it was bordering on 1pm and the sun was scorching down mightily on our poor sizzling skin. Mmmmm fried bacon anybody? S’okay I packed loads of sunblock phwwooar so no worries your friendly local Hantu Putih is still Putih.

Took a dip in the pool which was so deep I almost drowned yes I can swim wth.

Looks inviting and shallow, but no no it’s gotta be at least 6 feet deep and is probably home to the Tick Tock Croc me thinks.

After we had enough of waddling near the pool steps and getting scorned by a lithe 5-year-old swimming about in the deep end, Juju and I retired to the beach for a nice relaxing laze on the deck chairs.

Yups, bellystud is alive and well and non-pus-infected yumyum.

Not long after our asses had settled into the chair’s crevices, this old lady came along and destroyed all peace by screeching “Ten US ten US!” and waving colourful scarves about frantically, trying rather irritatingly to hawk her goods. Shitty part was she was standing between us and the beach thus ruining our view. Move it lar old woman!!!

Made for some beautiful photography, although the real thing wasn’t quite as pleasing to the eye (and ear).

No one else I’d rather share this corny moment with.

And so we got our coconuts by the beach at last =)

No one else I’d rather sip on coconuts with hoho I’m so romantic suddenly.

Feeling a little adventurous, we paid RM300 for a round of parasailing, a banana-boat ride and jet-skiing. Damn syok ok especially the jet-skiing although I killed the engine 3 times and the exasperated dude ended up driving for me. Too bad so sad no photos cause we didn’t want the camera to fall down from the parasail and get smashed on somebody’s head.

Oh and then I did something really disgusting.

(Asked Juju whether he would forever be with me cause I don’t think I’d ever be able to get another bf after this. And he said YES so here goes!)

Me: I really need to pee lar!!! But so mafan to go toilet.
Juju: Cannot tahan ah? Pee in the sea only lor.
Me: Eeeyer so disgusting lar I don’t want!
Juju: Haiyo nothing wan lar not disgusting lar. Come we go to the middle there where got nobody then I hug you lar then nobody will suspect you’re peeing.
Me: Harrrr dowan lar shy laarrrr.
Juju: Nothing to shy larrr.. Faster pee… *makes shhhshhh-ing noises.
Me: (Damn shy to say this) *Pees.

Later we go back to the hotel and Juju rushes into the toilet to pee.

Me: Why didn’t you just pee in the sea???
Juju: Uh. Cause it’s disgusting.


Don’t know what to say man.

And the stupidest thing is that I pee-d not once but twice ROFL! Okay I know you all don’t want to friend me anymore sobs.

My boyfriend is really THE BEST man wth.

Stupid umbrella…

The water was so clear we could see the seaweed growing abundantly in the sand and the pretty sea had 3 shades eeeeeeeeee! No the brown shade is not because of me I don’t pee that much thank you.

Dinner was had at this fancy place I read about on the internet called Bumbu Bali. The ambience was really nice and so was the service, but it was just too humid and we were too pooped out to really enjoy the food.

My cutiepie and two HUKASHAKALAKA drink stirrers.

“HUKASHAKALAKA,” said the drink stirrer.

We always demand for an isolated table so we don’t make the other diners throw up with all our baby noises and nose rubbing heh intelligent aren’t we.

Balinese food which is not extraordinarily different from our local cuisine.

Satay lilit adalah satay yang dililitkan around rumputlimau wtf.

Don’t eat the chillis, he sez. They’re just for decoration, he sez.

In fact, the restaurant was so fancy they even had a free chauffeur service which was a godsend cause having to walk back to the hotel after such a heavy meal would have been torture.

Only in Bali can you pay RM150 for a meal for two and get picked up and sent back right to your doorstep tsktsk I just love countries with weaker currencies =p


I’m starting to think the best part about Bali was the hotel.

The mandatory Writings in the Sand of every beach holiday.

This is what I mean when I say the hotel is separated by a road plus a guard who helps guests not become roadkill.


On the last day we hired a driver for a private tour around the island which was rather wonderful as we didn’t have to fret about transportation and places of interests and stuff. And we bought his ass service for only RM150 for the entire day!!! Cheapo!

Tired of all the atas food we’d been having, we had authentic babi guling in a down-to-earth stall for brunch.

The guide then brought us to the Mandala Wisata Wenara Wana Hukashakalaka (Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary Hukashakalaka) in Ubud where we could stroll around under the tree canopy, trying hard not to step on any furry tails.

Moss-infested entrance.

Gangster monkeys all had crew-cuts.

We got tired of the monkeys pretty soon (Malaysia bountiful lar, even my house has 2) so the guide brought us to a touristy shopping street selling touristy stuff for which we had not an ounce of interest. So in the end we went back empty handed and I didn’t get to buy a single souvenir boohoo =(((

Visited 2 or 3 temples after that and I cannot remember the exact number cause they weren’t that interesting.

So cute, we had to put on sarongs before entering.

Taking a dip in the holy water. Damn syok wan lar got our guide, can become the cameraman samo.

Stumbled upon a huge jackfruit *menjakun.

The Balinese washing away their sins in the holy water.

After that we took a drive up the mountains into a valley which overlooked the Kintamali volcano and Batur Lake. Unfortunately, fate had it that it was a foggy afternoon so we could hardly spot the pit of the volcano from the restaurant where we had a late lunch.

The buffet lineup was rather unpalatable.

Rolling mountains shrouded by a thick fog.

It was sometime after lunch that we realised we were way off our schedule and then the driver got all stressed out and started honking at everything that crossed out paths, even a couple of stray dogs.

No mishaps were encountered, and we soon found ourselves in a little foresty enclosure in which were planted various fruit trees and flowers. It turned out to be yet another touristy place selling local Balinese coffee which I do not drink.

At least they had a cute fat cow.

Honeybuns drinking Civet coffee which is coffee shitted out of a jungle cat, I lie not.

He managed to finish that tiny RM10 cup of poopoo coffee, and then it was another mad rush back into town for a nice relaxing spa massage. Our schedule was so tight that after squeezing in 70 minutes for the massage we only had about a 10-minute buffer to our flight checkin.

Started off with a nice rose petal footbath.

The massage was just so-so cause the place was kinda dodgy (for the RM270 we paid!) and the masseurs were too chatty. And all relaxation went out the window the moment my masseur told me to turn over and started massaging my nen-nen. I’m sorry lar but no matter how un-homophobic I may be, I still think it’s damn wrong for some Indonesian lady to be touching my boobs k.

Ended with a nice hot cup of ginger-cinnamon-lemon tea mmmm.

And then we made it to the airport just in the nick of time, 5 minutes before the checkin counters closed. But bloody hell the flight got delayed by 1.5 hours so I was freaking mad.

Balinese orange juice comes with CELLS!

Finally made it home after a bumpy flight and I was dead exhausted.

Nevertheless, this was the bestest holiday ever cause I got to spend it with someone who made every moment a happy one =)

*everybody go awwwwwwwwwwww.


Bali was da bomb!

And no we didn’t get bombed.

For our first ever holiday together, Juju and I chose Bali as our destination – cause it’s cheap and we are cheapos, cause everyone else has been to Bali kiasuism rocks wtf and cause all the terrorists’ attention has been diverted towards Gaza and Bush so our getting out alive was pretty much a done deal woots!

After some rather sketchy research and hunting for hotels, I stumbled upon the Novotel – part of the giant Mercure hotel chain – in Tanjung Benoa which looked rather pretty in the photos (altho I do realise these can be con jobs) and didn’t cost too much. It was also located a fair distance away from the city center which would afford us all the privacy, tranquility and zen we were looking for. The perfect getaway.

Subang Jaya you suck.

Tanjung Benoa is so ulu it doesn’t even appear on the map in Wikitravel.

After a bumpy 3 hour flight on Air Asia *COUGH* we finally arrived at the airport tired, thirsty and hot – the lethal combination that cries out for a nice cold drink by the beach.

But that was not to be had, for we were still stuck at the airport boo, so we instead quenched ourselves with canned drinks from a nearby stall which deftly conned our tourist asses.

Close but no cigar, for coconuts by the beach would have been far sweeter.

Anyhuu, whilst we were standing by our luggage sipping on the overpriced liquids, this Indonesian dude walked up to us and started a rather cliche conversation about where we were from, how long we were staying, what we thought of Bali so far yadda yadda.

Of course, we all know nothing in life is free, even a simple conversation. Turned out the fella was one of those drivers-for-hire and offered to send us to the hotel for Rp100k (approx RM30) which was not too bad so we accepted.

Checking into the hotel was a bitch cause we were earlier than the scheduled 2pm check-in, so we wondered around the hotel, took a nice relaxing piss in the hotel bathroom and I amused Juju by making a fool of myself at ping pong.

The Novotel was damn special cause it was so frigging big it was separated into two parts by the main road wth and no prizes for guessing which side we stayed on – yup, the side with no beach. But that’s what you get for only RM300 a night, still a good deal I frigging rather walk across the road than pay the RM1k they charge for those who are wealthy enough to not have to cross roads. Hmmm somehow riddles about chickens are entering my mind.

Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?
A: To save 700 bucks wth.

Our room started off quite pretty, right before my teammate unloaded his stuff.

A quick shower and a change of clothes later, we went hunting for food along the street. Even though all the restaurants are geared towards feeding the droves of hungry tourists (hotels along Tanjung Benoa are literally built side-by-side in a rather crammed fashion), I found the prices to still be affordable. Although if you were to eat in a restaurant that the locals actually patronize the price would undeniably shrink to a tiny fraction.

The entire hotel was so tropical and green and soothing like that please do not try and squint up my ass thankyou.

The restaurant was nearly empty, but then again they probably only need fleece a few tourists daily to make a living.

The must-try I read on Wikitravel: Avocado juice yumyum made of avocado + ice + sugar blended together, which gave Juju nightmares.

Other Wiki must-tries: Ayam betutu, pepes ikan (it’s not my fault all the names sound so peverted okay) and more nightmarish avocado in a prawn salad.

Post lunch, we wondered into one of those little Ralph Lauren boutiques which come aplenty in Indonesia seeing as they’re made locally. The tees turned out to be too cheap to resist so we bought 3 each and paid RM460 for them all. I shit you not, less than 500 bucks for 6 Ralph Lauren polo-tees, do the math that’s like less than a hundred each.

Overkill – my plain ones were only like RM75 each, his were a bit more pricey.

After all the excitement over our new clothes, we went down to the beach to soak up the sun and waddle in the clear waters. Literally waddled cause I’m not too good a swimmer. The beach was a bit of a disappointment tho cause the sand was harsh and grainy and the ugly boats floating around spoilt the view of the horizon.

Bloated tummy is filled with pevertedly named Balinese food.

Dinner was had yet again in a touristy restaurant along the street because we are lazy asses who can’t be bothered walking far. We ordered a ginormous seafood set which was pretty yummy and cost the rather Malaysian price of RM150.

The set consisted of soup, a massive plate of seafood and desserts for two.

Massive plate of seafood – lobster, prawns, fish, sotongs, seafood satay and crab ooooooh allergy-inducing yummyliciousness!

And then it was back to the hotel for more camwhoring, everything just looks so dreamy and beautiful under the moonlight. It would have been tons better if there hadn’t been so many hairy half-naked people walking around and popping out from behind bushes. Nah I’m lying, the place was deserted.

The hotel has 3 separate pools – one for the ‘high class’ side by the beach and 2 for us poorer folk staying across the road. I guess that’s their attempt at making up for the lack of a Beachview by providing a Poolview wtf.

Somebody damn fast wear new shirt eh.


If you’re wondering why ancient Balinese gods look Chinesey, it’s cause Balinese culture is steeped with both Hindu and Buddhist influences.

Conned him into rolling up his pants and getting into the pool for some posing.

That’s me almost getting drenched.

No I hadn’t gone cuckoo (Malaysians spell it ‘kuku’ I believe), I was trying to make shadows on the wall but sadly I turned out looking like a hobbit.

And to end our lovely day, we had birthday cake complimentary of the hotel. Bless the precious soul who was attentive enough to notice that it was Juju’s birthday (by decoding his IC number I presume).

“Happy Birthday Mr Han” sounds a tad off tho.

Hotel people are so nice =)

And that’s just our first day in Bali. I’ve got to end my grandmama tale here as it’s seriously late and I have to get up at the crack of dawn cause we’re driving up to Ipoh for a day. Need to get enough beauty sleep, don’t wanna scare the relatives. Toodles and Happy Chinese Niu Year y’all!

The ‘SK’ Confusion & Juju’s Pre-birthday Dinner

Over the course of blogging, there has been many a time I mentioned the abbreviation “SK” which has led to somewhat of a confusing state as many people don’t really know what it stands for.

I even manage to confuse myself quite often.

SK used to stand for Su Khok – our hengtai/chimui (whichever way you like it) over in the UK. And then Yun got a boyfriend so it became Shiu Kao. And then I started giving a damn about my skin so it overrode the both of them and change into SKII.

Things got even worse with Su Khok’s trip back home cause we could no longer type smses using “SK”, eg:

“SK damn chao ugly come home for CNY oso nv cut hair” – Click SEND to YUN.

Wtf can menimbulkan a lot of salah faham wan okay.

And then, we started getting them confused in our speech, eg:

“Eh when is Shiu Khok coming back?”
“Is Su Kao coming for dinner?”

Okay I’m pretty sure none of you are interested in either of them so all the words I just typed up there merely act as some sorta introductory formality before I whack you with photos.

So here you go: Photos of our long-awaited drinking session to celebrate Su Khok’s return.

Su Khok looking rather unfashionably Ah Pek. In the words of Yen herself, “Eiyer how come UK made you like that.”

The guys had a few pre-dinner drinks.

It turned out to be SOOOO funny that they had 3 beers each before going for dinner cause they ended up damn kap liu in the car and the road was super jammed hohoho.

And to cut things short, Alwyn got left behind cause he got out to pee, and had to walk to the restaurant bwahahaha!

The guys.

The girls.

Am red but not drunk. I just have this peculiar penchant for making ugly faces, and so does he yay we’re meant to be!

So meriah, sorta like a rehersal for CNY.

This is how I look like after removing 189.34kg worth of makeup woots.

Sadly, no one really got drunk that night cause this Su Khok was damn pussy ah ma and it literally took us 30 minutes of persuasion, threats and groans for each glass he downed.

And just when we were about to head home the neighbour from across the road came over to give us a nice scolding. Gee, I guess we were really noisy hmm?

Acting cute, even when brushing.


The next night was Juju’s pre-birthday dinner with the standard bunch of peeps at Logenhaus, Taipan.

Mr Soon Seng, whom I can totally hear go “heh heh heh” everytime I look at this photo.

Melissa and Kevin da Prisonbreak Gangsta.

My greedy bf and I.

E Guy looking like, uh, Andy Lau?

Marcus Moi the Buff and Chin Ju the Even Buffer.

Tan Ah Lyn and I.

Miss Khor Yenli and Mr Ah Seng.

Nigel and Michelle.

Somebody was so enthralled by the cake he started breathing green laser lights.

I’m sorry honey, but this is the only photo I have of us with your cake, and it’s going into the photo frame.

Hmm E Guy looks too happy, I better start being a little wary.

Somehow girls don’t produce quite the same effect of gayness.

Ah Kuang caught Ah Seng stalking Ah Lyn.

Yun, Shiu Kao and Yen.

I don’t have a single photo of Adrian, so here you go, Marcus and Adrian cut out of a group photo 🙂

Groupie of the night.

I hope you had a great night sayang!!

And much thanks goes out to everyone who came and helped with whatever stuff. Especially to Soon Seng who stealthily called for the cake. And to Shirlyn + Logenhaus waiter who totally ruined my moment with Ju by telling me that the cake knife was here wtf.

*Ju and I enveloped in a loving smooch*
Waiter: Brings knife for cutting cake.
Shirlyn: Pulls my arm, *Eh eh the knife come already*
Dunno who: *Heh heh heh* at waiter.
Waiter: Turns red and heads back to kitchen.

So yet again, thanks to everyone for coming.

And Sayang, I love you muakz muakz!!!

Nerd-Turned-Hot, you got it right, alright!

A bunch of us celebrated the 23rd birthday of Ah Kao last week, but sorry lor now only I’m getting to blog about it.

But before I go into that, here are some recently unearthed photos of yesteryears (and I do mean years) that were meant to be hidden at the back of closets. That is, until someone finally decided it was time to bring ugliness to the world and released all these topsecret photos on Facebook. Sigh, damn evil okay, knowing the power of Facebook.

You might wanna turn the lights on first.

Miss Yap Li-Lynn (must put full name so people can google you bwhahahahah) and I at some hilly place? Cameron Highlands maybe.

I KNOW!!!!

That is soooooooo not us right!!!!

It’s no surprise we were best buds, with our centre-parted bobs and perfectly round glasses and colour-coordinated shirts!!! Btw, please do ignore that aunty bra strap of mine.

Half of Lynn and I chilling at Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The round glasses were in trend back then ohkay.

Christine the Prefect, Lynn the Civilian and Me the Librarian during a class trip to Zoo Negara.

Lynn and I trying so very hard to feed a rather uninterested giraffe with leaf-less twigs. Thank goodness the thing didn’t spit on us.

Christine, myself and Lynn still at the zoo where there’s lots of things to do and KFC chicken to eat wtf.

And at such a young age the model in me was already fully developed wtf.

Slumber party at Ann Gee’s place: Ann Gee, Asha Mukunan with her afro, me and Lynn my child.

Gosh, damn funny okay!!!

And to all you people who laughed at Lynn and I back when we were geeky bespectacled boobless kids (I was actually a librarian lar WTH!), I have one word: HAH!!!!
(uh, it’s not really a word I guess)

Nerds do turn hot after all =)


Perasanness aside, here are photos from Ah Kao’s birthday. We celebrated it at Modesto’s in Plaza TTDI with both of his sisters and a bunch of Seafield mates whom I hadn’t seen since I still looked like I came from Hogwarts.

Seafield guys, but the two on the right are seniors.

All Seafieldians, but one.

All hot chicks, but one. Sniff.

We didn’t really have much to drink that night, cause everyone was more focused on mingling and forcing the birthday boy to drink instead.

It’s true kids, alcohol tastes like shit.

And the cake like totally reflects his level of maturity *pats self on back. Poor Doraemon’s eyes are so huge they look more like boobies.

Cris and I even tapaued sandwiches into the bar for dinner, and then we got a scolding from one of the bouncers for bringing outside food in sob. But at least he let us finish our food yays.

Cris in the midst of a dice game.

Ugly shot.

Inner beauty shot.

We got like really tipsy after a few rounds of games and Cris called me lauya cause my tolerance is so low =(

Yap. Drunk.

Cris and I, sitting on a tree. K.I.S.S.I.N.G.W.T.F.

Flopped cool photo.

My dahlings, plus some idiot’s cigarette smoke.

And after that Shiu Kao got drunk and threw up in the car woohoo three cheers hiphiphooray we’ve done our job well.

He ain’t never seen a woman like me uhhuh.

Happy Birthday Shiu Kao, may this year bring you more wisdom and health and happiness and may you bribe me with more LVs =)

Here’s to wonderful 2008!

Happy New Year dearies!!!! Another year’s flown by in the blink of an eye, and this girl’s turned 23 years of age overnight!!

I remember so clearly, it was only last year I counted down the precious seconds right in front of Big Ben and the London Eye, gosh that was a night to remember!

Yeah, it definitely way more happening than the Curve or 1U.

Blurry one of SK and I at China Town for dinner before the countdown.

Okay I’m not going to go into what 2008 brought cause I don’t wanna get all teary eyed and emotional here. All I have to say is that it was a great year, regardless of all the turmoil and struggles I went through (like trying to frigging graduate).


This year’s New Year’s Eve started off with a great lunch with the girls at Cris’ Mum’s restaurant, La Lavender Cafe, in Section 25 Shah Alam. Do head there if you’re ever in the area, I can guarantee it feels great being served by Cris. It’s not often you get to command a chick as hot as she, assuming she’s at work lar. If not then you kena one of the aunties already, sorrylah.

Juju and I being joint at the hip as usual.

Waitress Carissa in action, albeit not very enthusiastically.

And here’s a video of Cris In Action!!

Yun’s new bob is super cute don’t you think???

Eating at La Lavender was kinda like having lunch at Cris’ place since the food was whipped up by Aunty herself, except that we had to sit properly and behave ourselves. Damn keng lor her mum’s cooking skills, it’s a wonder Cris isn’t some fat dowdy Garfield.

Eh come to think about it, isn’t life unfair?? Her mum runs a restaurant and yet she still manages to stay super slim and hot what the hell.

The Hungry Bunny and her spaghetti wtf.

Cris and Yen were rather camwhorish that day.

Groupie: Me, Juju, Yun, Shiu Kao, Cris and Yen.

Groupie plus Chef Aunty in the middle.

After our long lunch, Juju and I headed for 1U to shop, where I got to spend a total of RM200 T___________T (only, in case you’re confused).

What the hell is this man, I used to be able to spend 200 bucks in under 30 minutes, GAR I’m losing my edge.

And we were supposed to go for the 98.8FM whatever chinese countdown concert in 1U but then both Ju and I were feeling kinda exhausted so we instead decided to join his friends in KL at the Renaissance hotel.

Found the place with the help of his new wife =(

GPS: Turn left in 200 metres.
Me: Right! Right! Eh listen to me lar your GPS stupid wan!
Ju: *gets confused and drives straight.

So yeah we kinda went about in circles until he managed to find a balance between obeying his first and second wives.

Finally got to the Renaissance at about 9.30pm where Soon Seng, Terence and Weng Hoe were already waiting.

Juju and his sexy tight pants, at the lobby lounge.

Weng Hoe and Terence had a few pre-party drinks.

Siow E Guy was supposed to check in at 9pm but they are not punctual people so we only got to go up slightly past 10pm I think.

The party kinda started off with everyone running around the suite, jumping on the beds and checking out the tv channels. Some dudes even took long steamy showers – together or not, I’m not too sure.

Soon Seng and I doing the distance-head size ratio thingy.

Quick quick camwhore before everyone gets drunk and ugly…

I look like a scary ghost wtf BOO.

The host for the evening being cornered into initiating the drinking.

Group picture yang tak jadi.

It was already bedtime for Baby Josh before the clock struck 12.

The actual countdown to midnight was a crazed confused mess cause we weren’t sure whether to watch the fireworks from upstairs or to head outside where we could hear the explosions.

They hadn’t taken down the pretty Christmas tree yet =)

After travelling up and down and around the hotel, our confused bunch finally decided to head outside cause kononnye more meriah if can hear the fireworks.

Mr “Beyond A Coffeecup” was so confused he brought his coffeecup along.

In the end, our decision proved to be a stupid one.

Cause, yes we got to listen to the fireworks, but that was about it.

The entire fireworks show was like frigging blocked by some stupid building, ngam ngam samo!!! All we got to see was the faint glow and an occasional spark or two popping out from the side GARRR!

You can just about make out the building on the right blocking our view =(

Can somebody please go chop down that building before 2010’s countdown?

First pic of 2009, spoilt by 2 random aunties clutching their backpacks. I dunno lar, they want to friend friend with us kot.

Groupie sans aunties, in the Clamping Zone of the Renaissance.

After the initial merriment, we headed back to the room for more drinks (altho I did not actually drink teehee) and games which was quite stupid cause people kept getting punished for random mistakes so the game hardly progressed haha.

The aftermath of overbuying alcohol.

One last groupie, minus some people.

And after that I peacefully went to sleep whilst everyone else came and went. I dunno lar since I started working all I ever want to do is sleep boo.

Quote AC: You’re becoming so aunty, can join Yun’s Aunty Gang already.

What the hell.

Anyhuu, here’s to a great year gone by – the experience gained and lessons learnt were invaluable – and hopefully 2009 will rock even more!