Of Belated Birthdays and Goodwill

Somehow, something tells me most people think that I’m a lazy ass, whether or not I’m willing to acknowledge it.

For example, on the eve of my 22nd birthday I “kind of fainted” thus prompting me to apply for one day’s medical leave on my birthday. Which obviously resulted in plenty of gossiping on behalf of the administrative staff who were actually sharp enough to notice that it was my birthday (impressive!!). And because I had a late night out, I decided to extend my medical leave to the next day hoho thank you doctor! Tai sai 2 days off to celebrate mua birthday.

[Oh lord I am turning 23 next year which is like in one month’s time wtffff I feel so old I’m past my prime I’m over the hill…. In another year or two I’ll probable be able to fling my saggy boobs over my shoulders sigh >T_T< (arrows represent crows feet wtf)]

Anyhuu, it seems the birthday leave thing is gonna be a trend cause this week, Miss Fei Hoong decided to stay home on her birthday.

When she finally decided to come back to work, our PRP (provisionally registered pharmacist aka. junior/noob pharmacist) gang took her to lunch at Manhattan Fishmarket in Cineleisure to celebrate.

Kiasu camel downed 4 cans of Coke and then we got stuck in a traffic jam on the way home bwahahaha tai sei the fella had to hold his pee in all the way home.

I’m not really a fan of Manhattan so all I had for lunch was seafood chowder, a strawberry milkshake and a slice of her birthday cake. The rest stuck to the mundane choice of fish and chips for some particular reason.

Yalarrr I’m 23 lar… see my candles!!!~ Not 32 ok!

Halfway through lunch this stupid Dennis called me old again so I emoed haih.

I’m not old larrrrrr okayyy! Shit you ah….

Don’t know why age is becoming such a sensitive issue for me. Maybe cause I just realised the “Forever 21” dream is but a myth.

Self service groupie of our reflection in the large mirror hanging on the wall.

Happy Birthday Fei Hoong!!! =)))


Got home from gym this morning and found a parcel waiting for me.


The parcel was from Bilin all the way from UK omg! =))))))

Upon ripping of the (lovely) wrapping paper, I saw a crushed box of erm… nachos?

I’ve actually seen this in Aldi wtf but never bothered to try it. Is it yummy??? But why does the box look ten thousand years old seriously it’s yellowing lar!!! hahaha

But obviously Bilin wouldn’t send me a complete nachos kit all the way from UK, no matter how infinitely complete the kit may be.

Instead, the box contained a gorgeous halter top from ASOS and a birthday card =)))))


Bilin I loved the card!!! Actually I love all your cards lar damn funny okay the stupid blue eyes and Swensen’s icecream thing wtffff brings me back to our childhood days. Oh and you even remembered about the Tube map T_T “mind the gap” wtf.

I dunno why since damn long ago edi she always draw round eyes to represent me.

She even drew 2 pink strawberry icecream scoops cause she remembered it’s my fav T_T But that black and white one looks quite yucky haha.

Mind map of what our friendship stands for.

I can’t believe the top fits me perfectly omg I can actually wear UK clothing!

Tied the bow at the back to enhance my butt wtf meoowww.

Yahoo now I have something to wear for Christmas hehehehe except that I won’t be able to eat much in this top haha. Nevermind I shall suffer willingly for the sake of prettiness.

Thanks for the card and pressie!!! Love you Bilin!!


Yun and I are thinking about visiting an orphanage sometime around Christmas, because I think the fishing plan wouldn’t be very appropriate.

We don’t really have much to donate except for plenty of soft toys but I think that should be better than nothing right? Actually I think we wanna kepohchi go to talk and play with the kids only lar hehe.

I was wondering whether you guys have any suggestions about orphanages within/around Subang and whether anyone else would be interested to go along.

Yun got a list of orphanages but I dunno the addresses so I dunno how to proceed from here.

1. Persatuan Pure Life – 03-77829391 contact Ms Tam Sin Sing
2. Rumah Charis – 03-77844645 contact Ms Suzanne Lee
3. Rumah Hope – 03-7954 5523 contact Ms. Ruku
4. Rumah Ozanam – 03-77819090 contact Datuk Joseph Ragaratman
5. Rumah Sayangan – 03-91303687 contact Ms Charissa Giam
6. Compassion Home – 03-56379366 contact Mr Paul
7. Rumah Faith – 03-87364500 contact Ms Catherine
8. Sunbeams Home – 03-42960867 contact Pastor Alvin Tan
9. Rumah Impian – 03-78043451 contact Mdm Valerie Tan
10. Rumah Triniti – 03-7785 7808 contact Ms Mathilda

Yah so anyone with any suggestions please let us know k?


Tis 1 Month Til Jingle Jangle Day

Wuuhuu!!! One month til my favouritest time of the year!!

CHRISTMASSSS HO HO HO!!! *jinglejangles jiggly belly.

I totally missed out on the celebrations and makan-makan back in Malaysia last year as I was stuck in miserable Scotland, working my ass off selling hair extensions and toupees to bald Scottish people on Christmas day. Talk about saddeningness.

Although it was nice getting to experience a White Christmas for the first time in my life (not really also lar cause it only started snowing some time in January, goddammit could Christmas in Scotland be any sadder??), it only incited the homesickness in me even more (gramatically dodgy sentence here).

(Stop bracketting, liping)


This year I’ll be home and so will everyone else. Except that everyone will probably be too busy with work assignments and sexy lovers and sexy time and sexercise (a la Bilin) to spend unsexy time with me boo.

In case you’re wondering, Mr Bf will be gone to Taiwan for Christmas, hence the sexcapade bitterness wtf.


Now where was I? *bursts Red & Green stockinged fantasy bubble.

Oh yes, Christmas plans.

Ever since we were in high school, Yun and I have dreamt of having a fabulous fancy dinner in some posh hotel with the gang on the eve and we vowed to realise our oh-so-subtly materialistic dream upon graduating and getting a fulltime job. No idea if the others were actually willing to fork out the moolah to participate in our plans but oh well, some arm twisting would have done the trick.

Years passed and the two of us are still poor mah zhai aih.

But it’s ok we shall just wait till Eugene Wong Su Khok comes back hohoho wtf got your full name here already hor cannot escape!

As of this moment, the Christmas eve countdown together is confirmed, although dinner plans are not. No idea what Imma be up to on Christmas day itself tho.

Yun suggested shopping but as my income bracket is currently categorized under “non-existent”, I protest.

I really wanna do something good and special, like visiting an orphanage or going fishing if it rains (banjir kilat) wth but there’s just so much one can do in one day.

The oh-so-wise Yun also suggested using the day to rehearse for CNY by sharpening our mahjong skills doublewth but I’m not so sure how the neighbours will feel about hearing noisy mahjong “swimming” sounds the whole day instead of cheery jinglejanglechingchingchings.

Really, I think the whole reason I love Christmas is because it imparts this feeling of warmth and safety and comfort and because we get to spend time with people we love. Which by right should mean the family, but oh well we all know mine kinda has issues. OH and I simply *hearts* all of them colourful wonderful happy blingbling Christmas decorations too!!

Therefore it doesn’t really matter what we do as long as we get to come together to share in the joy and laughter and merriment and tears and sweat and body odour wtf. And let’s not forget the rum and wine too.


I seriously need a new closet.

Mine is so tiny I literally stuffed it til it burst.

Presenting the pathetic excuse of a closet my dad deems “sufficient”:


With a closet this tiny, it’s no wonder 90% of my clothes are under 2 years old cause I keep having to throw the old stuff out in order to make room for all them new purchases.

I’ll give you 10 bucks if you can spot more than 3 items I bought over 2 years ago:


What happened was that I kept stacking folded clothes at the bottom of the closet into piles. Unfortunately for me, everytime I tried to hunt for something to wear I would accidentally push the stack of clothes against the back of the closet in my haste and frustration. Thus leading to this:

Cheap plywood courtesy of cheapskate daddy.

Well, that’s what I think happened lar. It might not have been my fault at all – the cupboard might have just fallen to pieces on its own accord, you know, being cheap plywood and all.

So yeah, after discovering the hole in my closet (suspiciously connected to the hole in my pocket $_$), I had to rearrange my stuff and now I feel so untidy cause all the stuff I seldom wear is just crammed into a bookshelf wth.

And now lizards and cockroaches will have a back entrance to their new Gold Class loo wtf.

Definitely no more shopping for me! *jiayou liping!!!

Random photo of my lazy pets tsktsk bad influence on me lar.

And lastly, to you gulible vainpots out there, here’s showing that you just can’t stinge when it comes to beauty:

As if our Asian skin ain’t oily enough tsk.

A Librarian’s Birthday, the Great Flood and Poppy on a Whim


My blog has not died ok. Stop nagging me to update Miss Khor I’m a working OL very busy wan ok.

As can be seen below wtf.

(And I just took 6 mins to resize ONE photo because my laptop is being cb – blogging damn time consuming k)

And now I’m rushing to go out again so don’t mind the badly written post ya =)

On Thursday Yun decided to ular from work so I asked her to come find me at work lor. Cause I needed to get my medical check up done, and I wanted to stinge on a hundred bucks so I had to do it at a government Klinik Kesihatan, the nearest of which was in Kelana Jaya. However, knowing me I obviously did not know the way there so Yun agreed to drive me there lor <333

Plan failed tho cause the stupid clinic requires appointments to be made and the next opening was a week later damn mafan.

Before heading home we went to Baker’s Cottage to pick up a cake cause…. it was the librarian’s birthday.


Meet Magesh, the librarian who according to herself is celebrating her Sweet 16 (EHEM). Good thing I didn’t ask for candles =p

LR: Zeti, Azri, Magesh, me and Sara.


And the already happening day got a little bit more exciting when a few of our IMU-mates turned up at the bureau cause they were having their job interviews. Damn slow right, people work for dunno how many months edi, this people now only going for interview ish.

Mini IMU reunion.

In case you’re wondering, Thursdays are batik/baju kurung days.

On the way home after work I swear I ALMOST DIED cause it rained so heavily my little Kelisa almost got swept away by the currents.

The whole of USJ 18/19 literally looked like one massive swimming pool with water rushing about, thank god some crocodile didn’t crawl out of the longkang wtf.

Photo taken along the main road opposite USJ 18.

I had never seen USJ this flooded in all my many many years living here lor!!! Halo, USJ leh not some small kampung wor. Damn exciting wtf.

Got lorry and mini bus parked on the benteng to escape the water!!

Loads of cars “drowned” that day, especially the vertically challenged Kancils hoho cause it was freaking jammed so they weren’t able to escape to higher ground on time.

On Saturday night Juju and I had a nice dinner at Bubba Gump Shrimp & Co at the Curve. The concept restaurant delivered in terms of ambience and style but I wouldn’t say the food was excellent. Still, not a bad choice for occasions.

And then Yen said she was going to Poppy so I felt like going too but I was damn tulan cause I was wearing a COLLARED shirt and PINK ballerinas wtf damn ugly ok. But then everyone told me to just “not give a damn” since I already had a boyfriend anyways wth. And I felt like going cause I haven’t been to Poppy since they renovated. Although I felt so damn ugly and tired ish. AND I made Juju ffk his friends at Sanctuary boo thanks sayang!

But before heading to Poppy, we celebrated the birthdays of Keith Wayne and V Chai at TGIF.

Keith and V Chai delivering their birthday song performance.

Kenneth, SK and Yun.

The TGIF guy was so funny lar! Once he discovered both Keith and V Chai were single, he went to the next table of chicks to try and find them a partner wth damn malufying ok!

The man loves his job.

His efforts were not wasted as he managed to extract two chicks willing to play along. Sad to say no numbers were exchanged that night =(

Poppy was incredibly packed – no surprise since they don’t restrict entries per bottle.

And despite the heat and constant elbowing, I managed to enjoy myself, mainly cause Yen was there. If not for her then confirm batang fest again sobs. Damn boring wan k nobody dance with me.

The guy in white is Ung Wei Shern who is apparently our Seafield junior by a year. I think he looks a bit familiar lar but I don’t really remember ever seeing him in school.

Batangs: Shern, Juju and Adrian.

At first I thought that guy on the left was a stranger so tak tau malu go “V” in our photo but he turned out to be a kaki haha.

Yen and a slightly reddened me.

At last!!! We got to see the infamous pool which has seen many inpromptu swimming sessions.

Not to mention drowned many handphones.

SURPRISE! *snap.

A different bunch of Notts peeps whom I did not know were there that night.

After clubbing.

Ok I really have to go was supposed to wake Juju up 15 mins ago aih aih I really need more hours in a day!!! Toodles!!!

Protected: What A Bunch Of Fucktards

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Protected: I Is Kajang Mui

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The Bestest Birthday!

Just 2 nights ago I told Juju “Somehow this is my least anticipated birthday ever.”

Seriously I did not feel the slightest tinge of excitement or had any expectations for my kononnye Big Day. I suppose a part of me was still in denial of the fact that I would be losing my 21-hood at the strike of midnight.

Didn’t help that Juju would be in Sabah on my birthday either. First birthday together and he’s already MIA tsk.

The surprise gathering at my house at midnight did help set a more positive mood for ushering in another year and at that moment I was really glad for having such great friends <333

Because Juju wouldn’t be around on my birthday itself, I ended up waking up at noon and lazing around the whole day – such a luxury for me these days!

In the evening, I reluctantly got dolled up and slathered on a thick layer of age-concealing makeup. Used my new MAC fluidline gel eyeliner for the first time and totally fell in love with it. It just glides on soooo smoothly (but maybe this is just because of the super hebat RM80 eyeliner brush rather than the eyeliner itself) and doesn’t smudge when my eyes tear up and is goddamn foolproof!

The tiny brush cost Rm80 wtf and the eyeliner itself is RM62 – THANKS to Yun and SK for the gift. I super *hearts* it as you can tell!

I suck at using liquid liners and pencil ones just smudge instantly, so the gel is the best thing ever for me!


I was camwhoring in my bathroom cause I haven’t been bothered to get a proper full-length mirror for my room.

This year round, I wanted to have dinner somewhere traditional and Chinese-y. It would be the first time we’ve done so cause we normally go for western or Japanese fare. Damn fun wan ok can order chinese food like aunty!

Settled on Dragon-I in Pyramid since I’ve never been there although it seems quite popular.

Shun, Yun and SK.

Alwyn, Tim and Yen.

The menu at Dragon-I really got me salivating cause the list of dishes are accompanied by pictures, and we all know I don’t remember the Chinese names of food so I need to rely on photos. And if you really look hard, you’ll even discover a phrase on the menu stating that the menus themselves are sold for RM500 as souvenirs. No kidding. They actually considered the possibility of conning angmohs into paying 500 bucks for a colourful photo album covered in oil and grandmamas saliva.

While I was browsing through the menu, I got the shock of my life~!


I suddenly felt someone molesting me from behind, and even though I struggled, I couldn’t get free.

And then I smelt something familiar. (As geli as this may sound, it’s true!)



The bugger had been lying to me for two days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Apparently his flight schedule was changed so he didn’t have to stay overnight in Sabah afterall!!! And with the gracious help of Ah Yun, he managed to spring his surprise on a very unsuspecting me!

And after that while we were discussing all the ways I should have been able to smell a rat – his hundred and one hints, Yun’s constant messaging with someone other than SK, Yun’s sudden burst of mengadaness at our sitting arrangements – I realised that…. he’s a penipu besar. Heh.

And he called me “low IQ” sniff.



But thanks for the surprise sayang. You really made me happier than I can say. Although I was damn kayu. But that’s just how I am when I’m shocked =)

The Double Chin Gang (Pls don’t strangle me in my sleep)

Ehem. Single only larrr where got double???

Soon Seng does not like Tim’s tongue wtf.

This photo is funny in so many ways!!! Got RM500 menu growing out of her ears samo leh! Can start small business wtf.

Yes yes very gaya *yawn. Haha <333


Again, thanks to everyone for making this birthday really special!!!

And thanks to Juju for everything and yes lar you’re romantic lar can finally go to sleep in peace edi lor =p Love you!

Love all you guys too!!! <333

It’s My Birthday!!!

Straight forward sial…

Anyway let me tell you about my fantabulously exciting day yesterday.

Went to work feeling really tired due to a week-long lack of sleep. For lunch, all I had was like this tiny bowl of tomyam bihun which was enough for like 2 suap only MCB damn kao hungry ok. RM3 samo leh so not worth, *curses government canteen.

Went home and took a half hour nap before deciding I would be a hero and go for 2 back-to-back classes at the gym. The first of which was GENTLE yoga, whose students were 50yo aunties and uncle accordingly.

After only about 20 minutes I started feeling really breathless and weak and I couldn’t really breathe. Noticing that I wasn’t really doing the poses properly, the stupid ass instructor came up to me and forced me to bend here and there. Wah at that point I felt damn light headed already.

A few minutes later I sorta blackouted for a couple of seconds. Did not fully faint and fall down or anything, it’s just that I couldn’t see for a while. And my hands and legs were kinda trembling too. *panics*

Decided that I was no Superwoman so I quit the class and went home.

Talked on the phone with Juju for a few hours until it was midnight =)



My mum knocked on my door telling me that Yun was outside the house. OMG wtf??

They gathered in Yun’s house first. I think Tim was sleepy =p

There I was in a torn 10yo Bugs Bunny shirt and stretched 8yo pasar malam shorts with my contact lenses already off and a thick layer of wrinkle-busting mask on my face (22 leh T___T). No matter. It’s only Yun and probable the girls rite?

My housing area’s guardhouse wtf.


Went outside and saw a gathering of people at my gate. Couldn’t really discern who was there since my contacts were out. Heck, I can’t even see properly with my contacts in wtf.


*panic panic*

Rushed upstairs to change into a non-holey top but kept the pants (GREATEST regret of my life wtf) and popped in my lenses. Did not wash my face properly tho (wait. I think THIS is the greatest regret)
















Anyway it was really sweet of everyone!!! I wa totally not expecting a surprise of any sort let alone so many people to turn up *happy happy*.

The only spoiler was that everyone kept snapping pics of my ugliness sigh. 22 AND UGLY. How wonderful.

And here are a few quotes that menggangu perasaan aku:

“OMG your laptop looks like shit”

“Throw away your laptop only la”

“If Juju can survive looking at your pics it means he really loves you” (T____________T)

“You lost weight” (Double T____________T)

“You don’t look that ugly waaaat”

Haha anyway I’m just being mengada la. Was really happy last night!! A big thanks and ten thousand hugs goes out to everyone who came and who wished me and especially to my girls who planned the whole thing.


And thanks to Mr Soon Seng for showing his true colours.




Slept pretty late last night so I didn’t go to work today. Went to the doctor’s for an MC instead and found out my blood pressure was only 100/80 (normal 120/90) sobs.

SK said “birthday damn tai sai ah no need go work”. Ish.

PS: Sorry for the sorta rushed post but Timothy is already downstairs waiting to fetch us off for my birthday dinner. Oh I’m blogging from Yun’s room btw cause my stupid shitty-looking laptop which should be thrown away doesn’t seem able to connect to the internet boo.

PPS: Edited all the pics SLIGHTLY to get rid of all the shine heh. Not my fault lar, because of my mask okay! (yes I’m sure)

PPPS: No I refuse to buy a new laptop you thing I pangsai RM out ah! Not gonna upgrade either hmph. I have the patience of a monk sitting on a mountain wtf.

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