A Librarian’s Birthday, the Great Flood and Poppy on a Whim


My blog has not died ok. Stop nagging me to update Miss Khor I’m a working OL very busy wan ok.

As can be seen below wtf.

(And I just took 6 mins to resize ONE photo because my laptop is being cb – blogging damn time consuming k)

And now I’m rushing to go out again so don’t mind the badly written post ya =)

On Thursday Yun decided to ular from work so I asked her to come find me at work lor. Cause I needed to get my medical check up done, and I wanted to stinge on a hundred bucks so I had to do it at a government Klinik Kesihatan, the nearest of which was in Kelana Jaya. However, knowing me I obviously did not know the way there so Yun agreed to drive me there lor <333

Plan failed tho cause the stupid clinic requires appointments to be made and the next opening was a week later damn mafan.

Before heading home we went to Baker’s Cottage to pick up a cake cause…. it was the librarian’s birthday.


Meet Magesh, the librarian who according to herself is celebrating her Sweet 16 (EHEM). Good thing I didn’t ask for candles =p

LR: Zeti, Azri, Magesh, me and Sara.


And the already happening day got a little bit more exciting when a few of our IMU-mates turned up at the bureau cause they were having their job interviews. Damn slow right, people work for dunno how many months edi, this people now only going for interview ish.

Mini IMU reunion.

In case you’re wondering, Thursdays are batik/baju kurung days.

On the way home after work I swear I ALMOST DIED cause it rained so heavily my little Kelisa almost got swept away by the currents.

The whole of USJ 18/19 literally looked like one massive swimming pool with water rushing about, thank god some crocodile didn’t crawl out of the longkang wtf.

Photo taken along the main road opposite USJ 18.

I had never seen USJ this flooded in all my many many years living here lor!!! Halo, USJ leh not some small kampung wor. Damn exciting wtf.

Got lorry and mini bus parked on the benteng to escape the water!!

Loads of cars “drowned” that day, especially the vertically challenged Kancils hoho cause it was freaking jammed so they weren’t able to escape to higher ground on time.

On Saturday night Juju and I had a nice dinner at Bubba Gump Shrimp & Co at the Curve. The concept restaurant delivered in terms of ambience and style but I wouldn’t say the food was excellent. Still, not a bad choice for occasions.

And then Yen said she was going to Poppy so I felt like going too but I was damn tulan cause I was wearing a COLLARED shirt and PINK ballerinas wtf damn ugly ok. But then everyone told me to just “not give a damn” since I already had a boyfriend anyways wth. And I felt like going cause I haven’t been to Poppy since they renovated. Although I felt so damn ugly and tired ish. AND I made Juju ffk his friends at Sanctuary boo thanks sayang!

But before heading to Poppy, we celebrated the birthdays of Keith Wayne and V Chai at TGIF.

Keith and V Chai delivering their birthday song performance.

Kenneth, SK and Yun.

The TGIF guy was so funny lar! Once he discovered both Keith and V Chai were single, he went to the next table of chicks to try and find them a partner wth damn malufying ok!

The man loves his job.

His efforts were not wasted as he managed to extract two chicks willing to play along. Sad to say no numbers were exchanged that night =(

Poppy was incredibly packed – no surprise since they don’t restrict entries per bottle.

And despite the heat and constant elbowing, I managed to enjoy myself, mainly cause Yen was there. If not for her then confirm batang fest again sobs. Damn boring wan k nobody dance with me.

The guy in white is Ung Wei Shern who is apparently our Seafield junior by a year. I think he looks a bit familiar lar but I don’t really remember ever seeing him in school.

Batangs: Shern, Juju and Adrian.

At first I thought that guy on the left was a stranger so tak tau malu go “V” in our photo but he turned out to be a kaki haha.

Yen and a slightly reddened me.

At last!!! We got to see the infamous pool which has seen many inpromptu swimming sessions.

Not to mention drowned many handphones.

SURPRISE! *snap.

A different bunch of Notts peeps whom I did not know were there that night.

After clubbing.

Ok I really have to go was supposed to wake Juju up 15 mins ago aih aih I really need more hours in a day!!! Toodles!!!


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. robin
    Nov 23, 2008 @ 13:59:04

    LOL…who’s that Bit*h scolding PRP in the canteen? She must have been so stupid that she mistaken canteen as library. Perhaps, she never been young before. WTH


  2. Yenli
    Nov 23, 2008 @ 15:44:38

    aww the swimming pool picture (one without us :P) so pweetttty. next time we bring extra clothes :)))))))
    also check out the star front page. so stupid.

    robin: some self-proclaimed pao tao queen of the air-cond-part-of-the-canteen.


  3. sooliping86
    Nov 24, 2008 @ 21:37:44

    robin: hahah i have no idea man manatau she is one of the heads… u damn bad lor that day nv come.. otherwise she sure scold YOU instead of me =(

    yen: yah yah but now everywhere oso wanna have pool… sky bar pool oso look like that lor… what front page? i only read the papers on weekdays sorry…


  4. Soon Seng
    Nov 26, 2008 @ 00:23:17

    Impromptu swimming sessions.. i like that.. keke
    And Yen must be talking about yoga


  5. sooliping86
    Nov 26, 2008 @ 22:01:57

    u like ah? i throw u inside la next time k? =p

    oh the yoga thing? i know very long ago la i read 3 diff newspapers every morning k *proud of self


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