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You know you’re a pharmacist when…

You know you’re a pharmacist when:

You wake up in the middle of the night sweating due to a nightmare about you having diabetes (wtf!).

You have a strong tendency to include the phrase ‘due to‘ into every sentence.

Everytime you see green vegetables you think of warfarin.

You refer to people who are mentally slow (aka stupid) as being ‘modified release‘.


And that’s just coming from 4.5 weeks’ experience of being in the hospital boo.

I’ve been super duperly derived of sleep lately cause I keep waking up at night to check the time cause I’m so afraid I’ll wake up late and get a nice thrashing from my boss (U54 Klinikal II *ehem). Sigh. I think I need benzodiazepines.

Then again, now that I’ve left the out-patient pharmacy I’m starting to get fond of the hospital. Right now I’m in the in-patient pharmacy which is waaaaaaaay more sane than the madhouse out-patient.

Hm, at this point I wouldn’t really mind getting transferred to a hospital – any hospital, that is, except HKL =) Maybe Serdang would be nice, no?

Yun’s 23rd Bidday

Last weekend turned out to be quite the adventure!!!

Yun’s birthday was on Sunday but then she and SK had made plans to spend the entire weekend up in Genting on some kinda romantic escapade. So to kejar her, the whole gang ended up driving up to Genting on Saturday just to be together awwww <333 [All except for Alfred who was too drunk hmph!]

See, aren’t I such a good friend?!! Get stuck in jam for 2 hours just to go to Ming Teng’s dinner and drive up all the way to Genting just to have tea with Yun! (although technically Juju was the one driving lar lol)

Sad to say punctuality is none of our middle names, so by the time everyone was there, it was already like almost 3pm. Decided to have hi-tea in some Chinese restaurant cause they sold whole non-sliced cakes.

Weird, eating cake in a Chinese restaurant.


The green bean cake looked not too impressive, so we decided to BLING it up with Yen’s strawberries. Yah, she brought strawberries to Genting wtf ask her for further details.

TADA!~~~ PIMP my strawberry cake!

To make things not so weird, we I ordered a whole line-up of dimsum and tong sui which weren’t very yummy but oh well it is Genting afterall.


And after that I felt so guilty cause SK paid the bill, but luckily he won a few hundred gambling so all’s good =)

Jae Shen-Alwyn-Yen-Shun-my bony elbow


Green bean cake morphed into strawberry cake.

Yun is old yays!

Halfway through tea, Alwyn got a really heartbreaking phonecall – his newly-bought puppy had contracted some kinda doggy virus and was most probably not going to survive T.T Damn sad okay I haven’t even seen it yet. So anyways Jae Shen and he rushed back home to handle things, sigh Alwyn I feel so sad for you!!!


After that, they wanted to play pool for awhile, so I took out my pharmacy counselling notes and started studying. Yeah man I am that sad haih.

Yun susah-payah teaching Shun to knock the ball in a straight line.

At around 6pm, Yen went to her stupid Hins Cheong concert and Yun and SK went to watch the ‘Dreamz‘ stunt show thingy, so Shun and I dumped Juju and went for a fish spa session.

10 minutes capalang massage + 15 minutes fish spa = RM35

The fish spa was really uplifting and wonderful, although it tickled like hell at first. I wish my brother reared those fishes so I could do this everyday hehe. But no, all he rears is a weird turtle who bites and doesn’t let go -_-

All the fishes attacking Shun.

Shun and I are both hunching cause we’re kinda trying to escape the painful kneeding the stupid masseurs are giving us.

After about 10 minutes the dude there asked up to put my feet into a different partition damn kao scary cause the fishes here were a lot bigger!!! And their nibble oso a lot gelier leh.

Nasi lemak tambah ikan goreng kak!

Pooped out from everything, Shun, Juju and I went up to Yun’s room for a short nap while waiting for their show to end. In less than 10 minutes everyone was sound asleep and snoring.


Just so you won’t start thinking serongly, here’s a pic of Shun in the room with us.

The short nap was followed by dinner at KFC before Juju and I dumped the rest to go have drinks with a friend of his at Cloud 9, the lala bar.

Damn lala ok the bar, got life performer singing Hokkien songs of all things dsh.

Exhausted like hell, we took the long walk back to the car.

And then…


Juju forgot to turn off his headlights!!!!!!!!!!!

So yeah, there we were, stuck up in Genting at 4am with a dead car.


Thank goodness his friend had jumper cables so we didn’t have to spend the night there lar. But waiting for his friend and everything took damn long lor.

By the time we reached back home it was 7.30am and Juju was wide awake and hyper and in the midst of delivering a lengthy lecture, but all I wanted to do was sleep hehe.


Happy Birthday Yun! I hope your weekend was as adventurous as mine was!

Papa’s Birthday

Yesterday was Ming Teng’s 25th birthday (wah so old man tsk tsk) and the bureau gang had planned to have dinner together at Midvalley in his honour.

And just to show you guys how much I treasure our friendship *sniffs* let me tell you about all the trouble I went through just to be there!!!

K fine it was 100% my own fault to begin with.

Right after work I called Robin and told him “EH meet you guys in Midvalley ya, I going there now edi wanna shop first hehe“.

K fine.

After driving for about 30 minutes I started thinking, “Eh shouldn’t I be at Midvalley by now??

Then I realised that instead of turning into Midvalley from Bangsar, I had taken my usual route towards the NPE back to Subang, thanks to my brain switching to autopilot.


Drove all the way back to Subang and made a u-turn down to the Federal Highway cause I refused to pay another RM1.60 to go to Midvalley. And if you’re wondering why I didn’t turn back earlier, well, I don’t know how to u-turn on the NPE and I didn’t bring my GPS sobs.

Anyhuu I should have just paid the goddamn RM1.60 cause I ended up being stuck along the Federal for TWO HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Damn tulan wei!!!!!!!!!!!! Why the heck is th Federal highway jammed towards KL??? Shouldn’t the jam be on the otherside of the road? Who the hell stays in KL but works outside of it??? Everyone kept asking me whether I went home to bathe cause they didn’t believe that I could be stuck for so long.

It took me soooooo long to reach that I kept thinking I had overshot MV.

KNNCCB. By the time I arrived at Midvalley my semangat damn patah already and I had to go urinate ASAP and I had lost my appetite cause of all the stress. Thank goodness I didn’t take too long finding a parking space.

Stop laughing dudes, this technique of remembering where we park works 99% of the time (the other 1% comprises of people like Shun lol)

Sigh. And all this just for Mr Ming Teng. Feel honoured or not?

Chocolate cake for the old man.

Sticking on the candles in a pagar-like fashion.

Old man trying to fit in with the crowd lol.

Robin, moi, Ming Teng and Xin Yin.

He takes his birthday wishes very seriously.

Kinda managed to dunk his head into the cake yays =)

Datin looks angry at Datuk oh no…

This photo is just to layan the camwhorers.

Throughout dinner we kept talking about life at the hospital and about all the trials and tribulations we have to go through, which made me damn depressed cause I feel so unprepared. This wasn’t the first time I realised I suck as a pharmacist, but somehow I really felt the pressure last night.

Telling the guys how much I hate HKL.

No mood already after that.

But anyways, this week has been really fun cause I’m stationed at the store and the people there are just really fun and nice =) Having mixed feelings about tomorrow – on one hand it’s Friday and Fridays always rock, on the other hand it’s my last day at the store *sniff.

I love that the only working hazard there is papercuts, unlike in the ward where we could get infected with tuberculosis any given day.

Anyway in conclusion I just miss the bureau and all the people there, although I have gotten to know some really fun people at HKL too =)


Happy Birthday Ming Teng, can’t wait to see you guys again <333

Emo Sunday Night

Totally uninspired and unmotivated here. Bummed that it’s 9.59pm on a Sunday which means I’ll have to be in bed in exactly 46 minutes. Weekends always fly by all too quick, especially when they’re spent doing fun things like lazing about the house swatting at flies and kicking newspapers under the chair.

This is how we do it in the Soo household.

Doesn’t help that the emo rain has been pattering down for hours now.

Oh well at least I FINALLY got to go to the gym for my yoga session. After 5 weeks of donating free cash to True Fitness, my tummy is about as jellyish as my ass and I can no longer touch my toes for more than 5 seconds without my knees popping in their sockets.

Did not go to the David Archuletta concert cause Juju we decided it doesn’t come under ‘quality time’. I guess it’s true, like why the hell would my bf want to watch me scream at some 19yo superstar when he could be having me all to himself. Yupperoo, to clean his toilet bowl and force-feed him with multivitamins, AHH what an amazing gf I am 😉

In case you’re wondering, yes this post is entirely pointless, except maybe to just while the minutes away til bedtime. Gee, I wish I could figure out how to download torrents so I could at least watch America’s Next Top Model or something. Heartwrenching that I’ve been deprived of my Heroes fix, cannot wait til they release the whole season 4 so I can go buy the pirated dvd 🙂

Speaking of heroes, doesn’t the Wang Lee Hom poster thingy look absolutely ridiculous? Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been hearing loads of praise about his talents and yadda yadda but geez, why are Asian artists so fashionably misled?

Wtf is this, Storm Riders? ‘Music-Man’ isn’t exactly less silly either.

Joker lar he.

I can’t claim to be a fashionista, but at least I’m sane enough to know that that get-up is just wrong! Btw my sneaky parents just stole a peak at my latest bank statement and dsh I got a nice torrent of insults from them for being so lacking in the finance department. Like hello I just spent everything I had on a handbag ohkay, you think I millionaire ah can save money! lol. Superficiallity is so hot.


Ohkays time to go brush my teeth oh shits I forgot today is ‘facial mask’ day geez looks like I’ll be running a little late. Toodles <333

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My Almost-Happening Weekend

My weekend was supposed to be a busy one, filled with exciting things to do and back-to-back clubbing nights. But somehow life is never that dandy.

After my 2-month abstainment from clubbing, the dry spell was set to end with the free flow event at Helo Bali, Sunway Pyramid.

But no no no, my life just had to be that lame.

Turned out Helo Bali was on a super tight budget, what with the economic crisis and yadda yadda, so all they served were watered down glasses of crap. And even that was served few and far apart. I dunno about you but IMHO if not a single person in the club is drowning in his own vomit on the floor, then it isn’t a free flow night. I even saw a desperate dude beg the bartender for one more glass of beer!

Fail. Big time.

And we only took a few sad photos we took before we decided to ditch stupid Helo Bali.

Oh but I should warn you, they are rather controversial so please don’t spit on me the next time you see me kays.


Yen-Shun-and erm…

I hope you were observant enough to spot something fishy about the above photo.

Cause it kept me giggling devilishly the whole night.

Okay fine maybe the night wasn’t a complete bomb since I got to witness such a peculiar thing.



Like WTH is a grandmama doing in a club???????????????


And why the heck did the bouncers let her in?????

I know I shouldn’t stereotype (or whatever the heck the proper term is), but shouldn’t grannies be in bed by 8pm? GAH why aren’t they implementing a MAXIMUM age for clubbers as well: prolly only allow 21-45yo in? Although 45yo uncles are damn disgusting… but they’re the big spenders I guess hmm.

Camera focused on the wrong thing sigh.

I might get myself sent to hell for this, but honestly, the granny kept popping up in our pictures on her own accord! Reason being she was jostling for drinks at the bar right beside us!

[Fine. I’m lying. We were trying to get her into our pics on purpose cause it’s damn funny ohkay.]

Turned our Granny wasn’t alone – she was in the company of her grand daughter who passed on a drink to her. WHAT KIND OF GRAND DAUGHTER IS THAT??? How can you bring your granny to a club and then feed her alcohol?

Wtf is this world turning into oh lordy…

Even that dude was amused by granny.

But yeah anyway that just goes to show how lame the whole event was.

Got bored of photographing granny so we moved on to Republic for a few drinks where all the dudes cursed at my 107th Concubine cocktail: Dragonfruit and a mishmash of liquous.

Ah well, so what if one night got burned, we were gonna be clubbing again at MOS on Saturday.

Or so I thought.

Turned out Juju and I couldn’t muster up the energy to climb out of bed so I spent the whole night sleeping while he watched football and cheered alone into the dark silent night wtf.


I seriously got to end this dry spell here, somebody pleaseeeeeeee bring me clubbing sometime soon!!!

On top of a mountain,
All covered with snow,
I shot my poor teacher,
With a bow and arrow.

I shot her with pleasure,
I shot her with pride,
How could I miss her,
She’s a hundred feet wide.

(To the tune of “On Top Of Spaghetti”)

Omfg I just recalled writing those shitty lyrics with Bilin back in secondary school lmao and singing it to teachers we hated =))))

[Btw I do realise I get called ‘Ah Ma’ frequently enough, but that doesn’t mean I’m literally a 60 year old lady okay. Hence I can club but all real grannies shouldn’t.]