FML twice

By the end of the meeting today, my stress levels reached a feverish pitch.

I was so mad, I was trembling.

Not only was I mad at the company, I was mad at my fellow colleagues for not speaking a word.

For not backing me up.

And not only not backing me up, for PURPOSELY showing that they do not support me.

Yeah sure, I understand.

All you can think about is your own ass, covering your behind from any possible shots the company might throw at you.

All you can say is “Let it be. Cover ourselves. Don’t care.”

And at the end of the day, YOUR work will become MINE. For every mistake that you neglect to point out, the responsibility to do so will then become mine.

And you all wonder why I’m so stressed out, why I’m so mad.

So, this is why our country is in the shape it is in now. Because everyone is too lazy or is too afraid to step up, to stand out. Nobody thinks that it is important to excel in what we do, regardless of the politics or consequences that may come our way.

Nobody cares.

The Let Somebody Else Do It Attitude: Not so good when you’re that somebody else.




I am so tired of stressing out.

I’m tired of rushing to complete work that was not meant to be done by just one person.

I’m tired of watching other people sit back and slack.

I’m tired of people who know nothing trying to pretend they know everything (YAH! Since you know everything, you should know I’m talking about you!).

I’m tired of having to know everything.

I’m tired of people complaining they cannot finish their much much simpler work in 3 months, when I can finish my extensive work in 4 fucking days.

No, I don’t mind working.

It’s their attitude that I can’t stand.

I wish everyone would just pull up their panties and START WORKING, STOP COMPLAINING!

I’m tired of some Ali Baba business playing dirty tricks and running circles around us, while we entrap ourselves in our reluctance to JUST GET THE FUCKING WORK DONE.

I fucking have NO TIME and NO PATIENCE to listen to how it should be, how it could have been, to listen about ideals that OBVIOUSLY CANNOT MATERIALIZE.

I just want to hear how we can SOLVE THIS SHIT. NOW.

No, I refuse to accept that we will just wash our hands off and give up. Hopeless as it may seem, this is something we will face every single day of the rest of our careers here. How the fuck are we supposed to turn a blind eye and pretend the system works???

I’m tired of the damn fools playing hide and seek politics with me.


You are (now) a multi-million company, have you no PRIDE? No sense of decency, responsibility, honesty?????

Doesn’t it seem common sense to you that when someone pays MILLIONS for something, they expect SOMETHING in return??? Anything?

This takes the cake. This really defies human logic.


UuuUuu Gardenia

Was driving home one day when the super old school Gardenia theme song came on the radio.

Doesn’t it just bring back memories?


Did my own version lol.



Disclaimer: NO I AM NOT SLOW I WORK SO FAST IT AMAZES ME EVERYDAY! Sometimes I don’t even have time to go pee T.T

Konad Stamping Nail Art

Nail painting being my thing, I fell in love with the Konad Stamping Nail Art the minute I saw it – at one of those stalls along The Walk at the Curve.

Bought a starter set for RM76, which is definitely not cheap, but I found out that they sell their stuff online too at a slightly cheaper price so at least I’ll be able to stock up on colors =)

1. Stamp and scraper.
2. Special nail art polish (you can’t use ordinary nail polish apparently).
3. Nail art template (engraving).
4. Special nail art top coat (to make it look 3D konon).

And here’s how to stamp your nails:

First of all, you MUST start off with nicely shaped nails, otherwise it’ll just look messy and amateurish. For those of you who usually can’t be bothered to file your nails, WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU THINKING?

(My poor nails have turned yellow from all the cheap polish I use sobs)


Paint your nails with any regular nail polish, making sure it’s nowhere near the same shade as your stamping polish color. I find that solid colors work a lot better than shimmer/sparkly polish as the nail art doesn’t have to compete to stand out.


Select a design you want and, very quickly, paint over it with the stamping polish.


Make sure you have a really thick coat of polish or else you’ll lose the detail of the template. Now is not the time to be stingy, people.


Using the scraper, quickly and smootly scrape away all excess polish from the surface. They advice using a 45 degree angle, but wtf how to measure angle? Anyhow also can la.


The remaining polish left in the crevices of the template will form your nail art.


Here’s the tricky part.

Use a smooth, QUICK, pressing motion to roll the stamper over the template. The stamping polish will then adhere to the stamper with the design intact.

If you haven’t been firm or quick enough, the design will only partially adhere, or you may find that some small details have been lost.


With the same rolling motion, press the stamper over your nail to transfer the polish. Note that the design will be in a mirror image (duh) and that you have to be a bit careful about where you place the bulky stamper. As you can tell, I’m still a noob at this.


You MUST clean the template every time you use it. Just splash a few drops of nail polish remover onto the template and use the stamper to swipe a cotton pad over it instead of using your fingers, so you don’t accidentally get gunk on your nails.


Lastly, paint a thick layer of top coat to supposedly 3D-fy the design. I don’t find the 3D effect particularly amazing, but it does serve to intensity the color and make the design stand out.


And there you have it.

This actually took me several tries before I had the technique worked out, so if you don’t get it right the first time, don’t fret.

But if you do… haiya my coordination memang sucks anyway.

I feel so CONNECTED!

After several months of exasperatedly trying to use the stupid LG Chocolate with its super stiff keypad (breaking a few nails in the process), I finally decided it was time to upgrade.

Thanks to the Federal Government of Malaysia for contributing RM500 =)

Fell in love with the Sony Ericsson X10 Mini the very first time I saw it!


It’s like the CUTEST and the SMALLEST Android touch screen phone out there and it’s sooooooooooo ME! woots.

Purchased for RM760 (AP Set) from Summit. Actually the normal black colored one was only RM740, but I had to pay an extra RM20 to get it in pink. Conmen la these people!


The battery cover is a graded pink – I wish it was just a plain solid color tho. This looks like it’s a bit faded.


Also traded in my old LG Chocolate for only RM70 sobs. But cannot complain la cause I paid like 30 pounds for it (refurbished set – no wonder the keypad so cibai la).

However, I’ve come to realize Android phones require quite a bit of IQ to use. Took me like 5 hours to discover how to switch from the Chinese keypad to the regular one wtf!

Should add a statement on the box:
WARNING: Not for stupid people.
Oh but then lidat means I cannot use wor. Boo.


Most important is it’s Cute & Pink.

I want to fat hao.


I think I’m really gonna have to plonk down RM79 for the Mircoz Lash Extender cause no matter how hard I try, my sensitive eye (or eyelids?) just can’t stand false lashes.

At first, the skeptic in me was like, Uh Huh like I’m gonna pay 80 bucks for black lint.

Mircoz vs Normal Mascara (photo curi from someone’s blog). It undoubtedly works, if you have no reservations on spending 15 minutes piling on 517364 layers of the stuff.
DSCN2284.JPG dba

Bummer. My RM60 never-used-before Shu Uemura falsies are just gonna rot away. Anybody want to buy? heh.

Other things I bought recently:

Dry shampoo, for the days when I need to work til 10pm (sobs!).

Kerastase RM65 (bought online teehee, normal price about RM75-80). And Watson’s cute “side sealed” facial puffs, which means the puff won’t tear to bits when you drag it across your face.

The best lip balm I’ve ever used! From Estee Lauder.

Bought the cute pouch to store my what-nots which makes changing handbags so much easier!

Bought another in pink, but tak sampai hati use yet wtf.

OMG is this the cutest dress ever or what??!!

Something purple for Kah Yie’s purple-themed ROM (that’s registration of marriage, you ding dongs) =)))

Silver glitter to mix into my nail polish (I’m frugal so I’ve started mixing my own colors from the ones I already have heh) plus what I thought was a top coat but turned out to be cuticle oil boos.

And the most unnecessary thing of all: H2O goodies. They were down to RM49.50 from RM99!

Random photos:

Don’t you just *LOVE* his chin ass HAHAHAHAHA I wish it was deeper, can be like Ben Affleck hahaha!

Congrats on the 1 year anniversary!!! ❤

Breakfast in Seremban; went there for our BTN (Bina Tatanegara no idea what that means wtf).

OMG don’t you miss paying RM3 for a bowl of noodles??

Overexposed shot of Kedai Siew Pow Asia/Siew Pow Master.

He likes pointing hor damn ah pek.

Indonesian maid busy preparing the dough.

Siew Pow Master at work – making mooncakes.

Garfield mooncakes wth.

Celebrated a colleague’s birthday. Super delish cake from Just Heavenly in Jaya 1.

My boss (in blue) looks so kepoh and cuteee omg I love her!

ze end.