I am so tired of stressing out.

I’m tired of rushing to complete work that was not meant to be done by just one person.

I’m tired of watching other people sit back and slack.

I’m tired of people who know nothing trying to pretend they know everything (YAH! Since you know everything, you should know I’m talking about you!).

I’m tired of having to know everything.

I’m tired of people complaining they cannot finish their much much simpler work in 3 months, when I can finish my extensive work in 4 fucking days.

No, I don’t mind working.

It’s their attitude that I can’t stand.

I wish everyone would just pull up their panties and START WORKING, STOP COMPLAINING!

I’m tired of some Ali Baba business playing dirty tricks and running circles around us, while we entrap ourselves in our reluctance to JUST GET THE FUCKING WORK DONE.

I fucking have NO TIME and NO PATIENCE to listen to how it should be, how it could have been, to listen about ideals that OBVIOUSLY CANNOT MATERIALIZE.

I just want to hear how we can SOLVE THIS SHIT. NOW.

No, I refuse to accept that we will just wash our hands off and give up. Hopeless as it may seem, this is something we will face every single day of the rest of our careers here. How the fuck are we supposed to turn a blind eye and pretend the system works???

I’m tired of the damn fools playing hide and seek politics with me.


You are (now) a multi-million company, have you no PRIDE? No sense of decency, responsibility, honesty?????

Doesn’t it seem common sense to you that when someone pays MILLIONS for something, they expect SOMETHING in return??? Anything?

This takes the cake. This really defies human logic.



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