I feel so CONNECTED!

After several months of exasperatedly trying to use the stupid LG Chocolate with its super stiff keypad (breaking a few nails in the process), I finally decided it was time to upgrade.

Thanks to the Federal Government of Malaysia for contributing RM500 =)

Fell in love with the Sony Ericsson X10 Mini the very first time I saw it!


It’s like the CUTEST and the SMALLEST Android touch screen phone out there and it’s sooooooooooo ME! woots.

Purchased for RM760 (AP Set) from Summit. Actually the normal black colored one was only RM740, but I had to pay an extra RM20 to get it in pink. Conmen la these people!


The battery cover is a graded pink – I wish it was just a plain solid color tho. This looks like it’s a bit faded.


Also traded in my old LG Chocolate for only RM70 sobs. But cannot complain la cause I paid like 30 pounds for it (refurbished set – no wonder the keypad so cibai la).

However, I’ve come to realize Android phones require quite a bit of IQ to use. Took me like 5 hours to discover how to switch from the Chinese keypad to the regular one wtf!

Should add a statement on the box:
WARNING: Not for stupid people.
Oh but then lidat means I cannot use wor. Boo.


Most important is it’s Cute & Pink.


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