Tis 1 Month Til Jingle Jangle Day

Wuuhuu!!! One month til my favouritest time of the year!!

CHRISTMASSSS HO HO HO!!! *jinglejangles jiggly belly.

I totally missed out on the celebrations and makan-makan back in Malaysia last year as I was stuck in miserable Scotland, working my ass off selling hair extensions and toupees to bald Scottish people on Christmas day. Talk about saddeningness.

Although it was nice getting to experience a White Christmas for the first time in my life (not really also lar cause it only started snowing some time in January, goddammit could Christmas in Scotland be any sadder??), it only incited the homesickness in me even more (gramatically dodgy sentence here).

(Stop bracketting, liping)


This year I’ll be home and so will everyone else. Except that everyone will probably be too busy with work assignments and sexy lovers and sexy time and sexercise (a la Bilin) to spend unsexy time with me boo.

In case you’re wondering, Mr Bf will be gone to Taiwan for Christmas, hence the sexcapade bitterness wtf.


Now where was I? *bursts Red & Green stockinged fantasy bubble.

Oh yes, Christmas plans.

Ever since we were in high school, Yun and I have dreamt of having a fabulous fancy dinner in some posh hotel with the gang on the eve and we vowed to realise our oh-so-subtly materialistic dream upon graduating and getting a fulltime job. No idea if the others were actually willing to fork out the moolah to participate in our plans but oh well, some arm twisting would have done the trick.

Years passed and the two of us are still poor mah zhai aih.

But it’s ok we shall just wait till Eugene Wong Su Khok comes back hohoho wtf got your full name here already hor cannot escape!

As of this moment, the Christmas eve countdown together is confirmed, although dinner plans are not. No idea what Imma be up to on Christmas day itself tho.

Yun suggested shopping but as my income bracket is currently categorized under “non-existent”, I protest.

I really wanna do something good and special, like visiting an orphanage or going fishing if it rains (banjir kilat) wth but there’s just so much one can do in one day.

The oh-so-wise Yun also suggested using the day to rehearse for CNY by sharpening our mahjong skills doublewth but I’m not so sure how the neighbours will feel about hearing noisy mahjong “swimming” sounds the whole day instead of cheery jinglejanglechingchingchings.

Really, I think the whole reason I love Christmas is because it imparts this feeling of warmth and safety and comfort and because we get to spend time with people we love. Which by right should mean the family, but oh well we all know mine kinda has issues. OH and I simply *hearts* all of them colourful wonderful happy blingbling Christmas decorations too!!

Therefore it doesn’t really matter what we do as long as we get to come together to share in the joy and laughter and merriment and tears and sweat and body odour wtf. And let’s not forget the rum and wine too.


I seriously need a new closet.

Mine is so tiny I literally stuffed it til it burst.

Presenting the pathetic excuse of a closet my dad deems “sufficient”:


With a closet this tiny, it’s no wonder 90% of my clothes are under 2 years old cause I keep having to throw the old stuff out in order to make room for all them new purchases.

I’ll give you 10 bucks if you can spot more than 3 items I bought over 2 years ago:


What happened was that I kept stacking folded clothes at the bottom of the closet into piles. Unfortunately for me, everytime I tried to hunt for something to wear I would accidentally push the stack of clothes against the back of the closet in my haste and frustration. Thus leading to this:

Cheap plywood courtesy of cheapskate daddy.

Well, that’s what I think happened lar. It might not have been my fault at all – the cupboard might have just fallen to pieces on its own accord, you know, being cheap plywood and all.

So yeah, after discovering the hole in my closet (suspiciously connected to the hole in my pocket $_$), I had to rearrange my stuff and now I feel so untidy cause all the stuff I seldom wear is just crammed into a bookshelf wth.

And now lizards and cockroaches will have a back entrance to their new Gold Class loo wtf.

Definitely no more shopping for me! *jiayou liping!!!

Random photo of my lazy pets tsktsk bad influence on me lar.

And lastly, to you gulible vainpots out there, here’s showing that you just can’t stinge when it comes to beauty:

As if our Asian skin ain’t oily enough tsk.


12 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mark
    Nov 27, 2008 @ 14:00:23

    “I really wanna do something good and special, like visiting an orphanage or going fishing if it rains (banjir kilat) wth but there’s just so much one can do in one day.”

    Why don’t you go fishing in an orphanage and visit a banjir kilat instead?

    Could be more fun!


  2. liping
    Nov 27, 2008 @ 14:29:15

    dunno leh… i dont think orphanages are built along big rivers wor…

    and i already nearly died in a banjir kilat last week… not looking forward to deja vu ya…


  3. yun
    Nov 27, 2008 @ 22:25:13

    hei…actually i tot of going to orphanages during thid christmas or may b b4 cny….coz i haf lots of news soft toys that can give to them as present…i wanted to do this very long ago d..so been collecting soft toys actually..ekekekke..jus that i never haf time to check out the details…..


  4. Soon Seng
    Nov 28, 2008 @ 00:39:40

    The cat dem cute.

    And you seriously considering going orphanage? haha.. actually, sounds quite interesting lor.. something different.


  5. liping
    Nov 28, 2008 @ 08:05:31

    yun: oh oh loreyunkei let’s go visit orphanage!! actually we got talk about this damn long time ago but until now nv do anything hahaha… but i dont have anything to donate la =( money lagi dont have wth i feel so evil….

    soonseng: “The cat” has a name okay. heheheheeh come along with us la to spread joy and cheer to the world…


  6. yun
    Nov 29, 2008 @ 13:55:08

    yupz..is kinda what we talked about the last time…serious..i was planning to do so..jus that no action been taken other than colllecting soft toys now..hehe.. we share share give the toys la..haha


  7. Soon Seng
    Nov 29, 2008 @ 14:45:33

    Sounds very interesting, actually.. which orphanage did you all have in mind?


  8. sooliping86
    Nov 29, 2008 @ 14:47:48

    oh can also… actually all my soft toys can give away liow lor except for bam bam… even all those big cows i dont really want edi… (faham faham)

    but then hor dunno where got orphanage leh? last time my uni got organise a trip to orphanage. then the orphanage ppl told us they dont accept toys cause later the kids some get some dont get then all fight… so they want money oni. how leh?


  9. yun
    Nov 29, 2008 @ 20:08:29

    that’s y…i also thinking..i wan to go orphanages that can go in volunnteeringly then can play with the kids..hohoho…and i’m looking for some chinese orphanages if got…i dunno…that’s y lo..no plan yet… =(


  10. yun
    Nov 29, 2008 @ 20:22:16

    1. Persatuan Pure Life – 03-77829391 contact Ms Tam Sin Sing
    2. Rumah Charis – 03-77844645 contact Ms Suzanne Lee
    3. Rumah Hope – 03-7954 5523 contact Ms. Ruku
    4. Rumah Ozanam – 03-77819090 contact Datuk Joseph Ragaratman
    5. Rumah Sayangan – 03-91303687 contact Ms Charissa Giam
    6. Compassion Home – 03-56379366 contact Mr Paul
    7. Rumah Faith – 03-87364500 contact Ms Catherine
    8. Sunbeams Home – 03-42960867 contact Pastor Alvin Tan
    9. Rumah Impian – 03-78043451 contact Mdm Valerie Tan
    10. Rumah Triniti – 03-7785 7808 contact Ms Mathilda


  11. Soon Seng
    Nov 29, 2008 @ 22:28:56

    I know of a home in Semenyih, would that help? technically its Rumah Faith…


  12. sooliping86
    Nov 30, 2008 @ 01:12:18

    ooooo got so many orphanages wan leh… erm can we find someplace that’s near subang? do they state their addresses?? oh and lets try to raise donations also lar k?? yay…


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