Doctors… Pharmacists… Oh Gawd!

Now that all of us are either working graduates or near-graduation, all we ever talk about when we get together is WORK, WORK and more WORK.

Which is not too dull, considering all of us are heading in different directions and have been placed in different hospitals. And we all know the healthcare system in Malaysia is pretty unorganized, so each individual hospital operates differently and has it’s own little kooks and peculiars.

This get-together was rather fun cause I got to listen to how Kah Yie “counselled a dead patient” and how Jin Aun got blessed with holy amniotic fluid while delivering a baby yays now you have smooth “Pong Pong Pong” skin =)

Today’s activities started off with dinner, for which I was an hour late boo, at Sushi Zanmai with Shirlyn, Kah Yie and her poor bf in tow.

Half of my beloved Syok Sendiri girls I MISS YOU ALLLLLL!!!

Kah Yie and Ah Fan: About to be married?? Hmmmm…. (Must pressure him a bit)

The food was great as usual, except that the area we were sitted in was like antartica with the airconditioning blasting us from every direction.

The airflow was so strong even our poor sukiyaki refused to boil over.

So Kah Yie got creative with the extra plates.

When we went to pay the bill the cashier was like, “What number was your table? Dunno ah? Is it at the COLD PLACE” wtf already know that place so cold still don’t want to turn down the breeze meh?

And then it was a mad rush rush rush to SS2’s Starbucks to meet up with the Taylor’s G2 gang.

I found out that Yim Chan’s birthday was on the 25th (Yar, same day as Santa Claus’ birthday and I still forgot wth) so I got him a cake even though it’s a day late. Better than nothing hor don’t complain.

You may be a December Baby, but you’re still old. Well, at least older than me bwahaha.

Greedy pig happily made 3 wishes wth.

Still working hard on his second wish.

Yay, ChongFuWen finally has cake to eat!

Seriously, I swear hor, like 90% of our G2 classmates ended up either doctors or pharmacists. I have no idea why that is so, perhaps it’s due to all the brainwashing by our overzealous lecturers sigh.

L-R: Nee (Pharmacist), Nee’s bf (Dr), Camellia (Dr), ChongFuWen (Dr).

L-R: Yim Chan (Dr), Joanna (Dr), Nee (Pharmacist).

L-R: Shirlyn (Pharmacist), Me (Pharmacist), Yim Chan (Dr).

Okay I just realised the doctors vastly outnumbered us pharmacists boo whateverlar my mother is the boss of mcdonalds cannot ah?

I know I look stupid, but somehow Shirlyn manages to do it so much more effortlessly!!!

Er… I think somewhere along the way our lines of communication got tangled up.

Mr Tan Jin Aun came along later on when everyone else was leaving, so the last hour or so was spent listening to his ridiculous stories about delivering babies and kiasu colleagues.

Geez I really miss all you guys. We definitely don’t get together often enough. Okaylar I know I ffk-ed a few rounds but still~ And now Mr Fu Wen’s flying off to Australia for god knows how long boo.

Here’s a toast to a bunch of great people, and hopefully our paths will again cross sometime in our careers =)


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mein
    Dec 28, 2008 @ 23:55:08

    so sad, gathering din ajak me.. kah yie i miss you scolding me..
    Ayo, since the day i leave G2 din get to gather wit them le.. so sad..


  2. sooliping86
    Dec 30, 2008 @ 00:20:07

    how to call u… u not around oso T___T nvm u register that time we come JB celebrate hahaha!


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