Sheep MU Jerseys wtf

Yesterday was the funniest day ever.

Went to Dr Ranjit to get my second round of armpit hair laser removal. *ZAP ZAP POOF* RM250 gone in literally 2 minutes. That guy is a frigging genius!

Went to the bank to pay my credit card bill. Withdrew RM1300 and went to line up at the cash deposit machines.

*Teet teet teet.

Dammit. Stupid machine, why the digits keluar double times wan.

*Cancel cancel.

*Teet teet teet.

Shit. Still wrong. Tulan.

*Teet teet teet.

*Cancel cancel.


*Cancel cancel.




But after 3 seconds of displaying that message, the machine suddenly can work again and the peti duit thing opened up, so I put my precious RM1300 in lor.

*Mulut closed.


*3 seconds later, machine displayed: OUT OF SERVICE.



Damn tulan ok.

(Yala yala MCsquare virus la -_-)

Filled in a report and the lady said the money will be credited into my credit card account within 3-7 working days. Better pray they don’t charge me the 17.5% interest for late payment man!


After that, I accompanied Alfie to KLIA to pick up something.

Apparently, seeing as CNY was just around the corner and he hadn’t gotten much CNY clothes yet, the lap cheong decided to buy MU jerseys from UK since they were:
1. Sheep Cheap
2. Red
3. New

But of course, our nice lap cheong is very kedekut and didn’t want to pay for the postage home.

So he forced poor Su Khok to take a hour TWO AND A HALF HOUR-long train ride to deliver the package to his friend who was coming back to Malaysia, and then take another hour TWO AND A HALF HOUR-long train ride back to his ulu home at Gillingham Dorset wtf.

So yeah, Alfie and I went to the airport to pick up the package.

Parking few cents also want to kira apala.

Problem was we had never seen Su Khok’s friend before. But it’s ok because Alfie is one smart ass fan cheong.

Tan Chee Yong, please recognise yourself hor.

*Ladidii ladidaa*

Stood there waiting for 45 minutes after the flight landed!!


That time we damn tension edi cause we thought we had missed him.

Samo at first we went around trying to guess who his parents were likely to be.

Me: EH I think that uncle in beige is his dad!!
Alfie: No lo, I think that other uncle looks more like him.
Then suddenly this uncle in blue Hawaii baju turned towards us, and both of us were like “OMG THAT ONE!” rofl. But no la, he turned out to be a tour guide wtf.

Anyhuu, after 45 minutes, my hands got tired of holding up the paper.

So I used my third hand wtf.

And then, I suddenly noticed this guy smiling and walking towards me. At first I thought he was some hamsap lou, but then he gave Alfred a wink.

So we finally got the package.

And this was what was inside.

OMG Tan Chee Leong I pity you la, had to lug 1.5kg worth of MU stuff all the way from UK. I’m still angry at them for not telling me about this cause I wouldn’t mind having an MU jersey as well, since it’s so “sheep” in the UK.

8 shirts, 3 flags, one pair of socks (WTF) and a MU mascot doll – courtesy of Alfred, Yun and Shiu Kao. Damn. MU is so lucky to have supporters like you all making them rich.

I sure hope you aren’t a Liverpool supporter lolz.


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mingteng
    Feb 12, 2010 @ 12:45:49

    Hahaha rily wtf man ayam brand… Now i have 1 more angle to taunt those liverpool fans..
    How you could have made that connection is beyond me.. but brilliant!!!


    • barbiesoo
      Feb 14, 2010 @ 23:20:01

      ayam brand courtesy of alfred lok, nothing to do with me ya. gua is not interested in football lol.


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  3. sk2e
    Feb 12, 2010 @ 16:47:47

    It was 2.5hours le (NOT 1!) to london then 2.5 hours back to my ulu kampung house in gillingham dorset. Alfred really owe me a big one (maybe let me extend my stay here in the UK, LOL =P)

    ah girl, ai yo pls dont put my friend’s pics there la, sumore label him ham sap lo. I mo mien to kin hui adi.


    • barbiesoo
      Feb 14, 2010 @ 23:21:00

      HAHAHAHA 2.5hours zomg u really kena con by alfred edi lo. i think it would have been cheaper for u to just sponsor the DHL rather than buying the tix la! plus no need to burn backside.

      haiya its not like he’s ever going to find out also T.T

      ur friend damn lengzhai/yeng in real life btw!


  4. Alfie
    Feb 15, 2010 @ 00:05:35

    WTH… you saw that guy like less than two minutes in real life… so fast tangkap and lepas electric adi arr….OMGGGG!!!! If you ask me how he look like now i also forgot adi….haih… Sk..see you friend weii!

    Eh eh, i dont mind paying for DHL but it will cosr me 80 pound weii….


    • barbiesoo
      Feb 15, 2010 @ 01:00:53

      hahaha he really not bad wan leh! sk, he got gf or not wan? can intro to shun wtf…

      yeah now u save the 80 pounds but sk terpaksa pay dunno how much for the train tix what..


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