Uncle Alfie’s 24th Birthday

Me: Got such thing as “lou kong kong” wan ah?
Yenli: BWAHAHAHA lou konggggggggggggggg kong hahaha…
Me: Then got such thing as “pak sok sok”?
Yenli: Yeah, an uncle with the surname “Pak” will be called “Pak sok sok”.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAZOMG. I need to find something better to do with my time that talking to her.


After one whole day of discussing where to celebrate Lou Kong Kong/Pak Sok Sok/Uncle Alfred’s 24th, facilitated by self-refreshing office email accounts, we settled on South Sea Seafood, to which I can give you directions!! *BANGGA.

Drive until you pass Terminal 3 of the old Subang Airport, drive over the flyover (go under also can but the road sucks), until you see a sign board with a big lobster/crab/aunty picture, then follow the sign board. Should be just straight ahead la, the restaurant will be on your right.

Small cars rock my sock!

Right is my sucky, albeit PINK, phone. Left is the phone Alfred lent Yen. Damn berat sebelah lor he.

Departed from Subang a bit later than the E.T.D. due to Uncle Alfie’s arthritis preventing him from moving faster.

So happened that in all 3 cars, the passengers’ outfits were perfectly color-coded!!!

Alfred’s car: Alfred + Yen + Me all wore øøøøø
Yun’s car: Yun + SK both wore øøøøø
Kien Fei’s car: Kien Fei + Jae Shen + Alwyn + Shun all wore øøøøø
(Shun’s top was black, but her jeans were øøøøø mar!)
If you’re colorblind, I’m very sorry.

Our ONG ONG RED car woots! Damn got CNY feel lor!

Reached our destination safe and sound, despite Alfred flooring the pedal a bit. He claims it was because he was getting stressed out being trapped alone with Yen and I, but I find his claim to be preposterous! Reject reject!

Yes that is how our mouths were throughout the journey.

Tank upon tank of live sea creatures!!! All caught from Ariel the Little Mermaid’s neighborhood too!

See, even kononnye stupid crabs can arrange themselves into neat stacks. ONLY at South Sea Seafood *two thumbs up.

The colors are just awesome my possum Kate Dawson.

We spotted this poor fish about to die, and the restaurant worker thought we were damn stupid and tried desperately to persuade us to buy it while it was still alive (barely).

Avatar Eywa praying mantis prawn.

This thing is damn cute ok! It’s mouth looks like a vagina zomg so is it considered normal sex or a blowjob???

Alfred was the only one doing the ordering. Damn obvious that the rest of us were just kelefeh fooling around.

Alfred, still ordering.

Bored faces, waiting for Alfred to be done ordering.

Food oh food where art thou?

LOL poor Alwyn looks so skead! Sei Alfred! You selamat lah this round, didn’t get kepit in between MCsquare Yen and I hahahaha.

With the yee sang woots.

Muka aku pucat gila!!! Was hardly using any makeup ok don’t kutuk my makeup! Lighting problem lar (In denial wtf).

Yen’s new camera is like super the chunted lar even the flash can pop up wan!!!

HUAT HUAT HUAT! (No idea what it means so don’t ask)

Shun looking very pleased indeed.

Yen showing that she can count to 2 (with the chopsticks), while Shun and Yun are deeply engrossed in a conversation about SKII. I was sitting too far away to join in =(


That’s the biggest crab pincher I have ever seen zomg!

Rascal!!! Mummy found a new hand for you! Edward Rascal Crabclawhands wtf.

Yen and Kien Fei looking at some invisible love bubble in the air wtf.

My darlings <333 Too bad the sei waiter who took the picture didn’t have steady hands.

And then it was time to call for the bill.


Heart attack sial.

Alfred: Wah. 80 bucks!
Me: *Gets excited. FOR ALL???
Alfred: EACH LA!


As it turned out, the bill was actually RM94 per person ohmygawd damn expensive ok!!!! Although admittedly we did overdose on the seafood.

Got too many digits to even buy 4D wth.

RM94 add 10 bucks can go Jogoya edi man.

But the food was aweeeesomeeee plus Pak Sok Kong Alfred subsidized half the bill THANK YOUUUUU PAK SOK KONG so I think it was worth it la lolz.

Got waiter named “Jason Juan” lagi wtf damn glamor mannn.

After lunch, we wanted to go to the Baskin Robbins in Subang Parade to get a cake replacement for Alfred. We didn’t get him a cake cause he was born in the Ox year, and it had already transitioned into the Tiger year (Called “lap cheong” or “lap chung” or something like that) so his grandmama didn’t allow him to celebrate his birthday awww so sad.

But then, it was the final weekend before CNY, so of course all shopping malls in Malaysia were sardine-packed with procrastinators (Statisticians estimate this to be 98.72% of Malaysia’s population) plus 37.5% of the bloody Singaporeans encroaching into our waters. Couldn’t even get into the car-park, so we detoured to Snowflake at SS15 for desserts instead.

And of course, a trip to SS15 is never complete without a perusal through one of them boutiques. Eeeee Yen kaki ayam! Lol.

3 desserts shared between 6 people, but all 3 ended up on our side of the table lol.

And after that they had to rush back for family dinners so we bid each other farewell, burped a burp or two, and headed home.

Although you couldn’t celebrate your birthday properly this year, I’m sure you enjoyed it thanks to us.



20 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Yenli
    Feb 09, 2010 @ 23:51:16

    zomg liping seriously. i really don’t mean to laugh but omg lap cheong hahahahaha giler babi hutan kalimantan stomach ache already sial.

    lap cheong is sausage btw 😀


  2. Fei
    Feb 10, 2010 @ 02:52:17

    haha lol lap cheong !!~ 😀

    oh btw, your face look pucat gila because i were sitting next to you 😛


  3. barbiesoo
    Feb 10, 2010 @ 08:06:02

    yen: HUSH! stop laughing! T.T

    fel: oh yalor i think so too, cause in the photos of me and the girls i dont look so pucat edi hehe…


  4. Alfie
    Feb 10, 2010 @ 18:34:31

    Woi,,,your cantonese masuk tong sampah la….

    Lou Kong Kong/Pak Sok Sok???? you want to call me lou kong is it.haiya ..call only la…n o need to shy shy put other name one.

    Uncle Alfie’s arthritis preventing him from moving faster???? is not arthritis…. is my first time “period”. Thanks to LP and yen… i have my first period on my birthday after 24 years.next shuld be 48 years old…

    “mouth looks like a vagina”??? wtf …. tht is raw abalone…damm expensive vagina.

    Pak Sok Kong Alfred???? you just name me after a fish… actually what you trying to call me la… you gave me dam alot of name for the past week.

    “Called “lap cheong” or “lap chung” or something like that)”????? Is lap chun la… not lap cheoong… you fan cheong!

    YEah..we celebrate it properly what..no meh…nvm, nect week celebrate again… coming friday my chinese calander birthday…hahahah

    SOO LI PING… lei chau lei kik sei ngor ke lar.


  5. sk2e
    Feb 10, 2010 @ 20:45:13

    Oh man, that was brilliant!! like always never a dull moment. Happy b’day bro. Good that you have a great time except for the exp meal. The pic with alwyn in the middle of yen and li ping was the best i think, its absolutely fantastic. our macho man has been subdued by the invinsible aura, no one is safe.


    • Alfie
      Feb 10, 2010 @ 21:12:42

      i do agree with you…. pity alwyn.usually will be me stuck in between…. haih..since is my birthday i got a choice to choose my seat… other day dont have one wei…


  6. barbiesoo
    Feb 11, 2010 @ 00:06:16

    HAHAHAHAH shit… i read ur comments also can laugh until die! next period at 48 yrs old hahahahha if everyone was like u, Whisper can zhap lap edi lor… oh u damn tai sai la, wanna celebrate ur bday twice samo ish! next one will be YENLI’s birthday ok.

    no one is safe… ahahahahaha.. i’m sure u can attest to that being true as well. really wished u where there with us =(


  7. Alfie
    Feb 15, 2010 @ 23:01:03



  8. barbiesoo
    Feb 20, 2010 @ 05:01:44

    we should stop confusing each other and start writing stuff that got meaning wan lor… su khok i miss u!!


  9. sk2e
    Feb 20, 2010 @ 16:35:12

    wah damn random, dont write those kind of stuff le, I sure confirm sad wan. The urge to go back is already strong as it is, please don’t kah liu on top of it lor.


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