Asap Facial Indeed

So after like ten billion years, I finally went for another facial at Leonard Drake again, cause I think they’re really professional.

The prices have gone up a bit tho since ten billion years ago, cause my facial back then costed a frigging RM150 but now they same facial costs a frigging frigging RM200 wtf damn expensive ok.

Anyhuu I signed up for some package thingy cause I thought it was damn worth it and it was like the cheapest package they have and the only one I could afford huuhuu.

(You also get 10% off all services)

The facial itself was O.M.G. superduperly good. There were like 2 masks, a half body massage (which made me giggle cause damn ticklish *omg damn jakun*) and the works, and I loved every minute of it except for the extraction bit which literally made me cry.

After the extraction the lady showed me all my gross blackheads and omg it was damn disgusting cause damn A LOT ok.

I definitely need to go for facials regularly.


Anyway I used the product voucher from the package to get a month’s supply of a detoxifying veg drink thingy as it contains probiotics which is supposed to be good for people with crappy intestinal flora and fauna like mine.

RM128 for 30 sachets:

Except that it causes diarrhoea which is not good for malnourished skinny kids like me.

Used the voucher to get this RM50 tiny bottle of essential oil (as if my face doesn’t produce enough oil lidat):


I emerged from Leonard Drake with glorious translucent glowing skin feeling all refreshed and sparkling.

And then stupid Alfred had to ajak us to Bar Celona wtf. Like that’s totally the last place I wanna go right after a facial ok.

But anyway I went cause I wanted to meet up with Lilin Bilin’s white coloured boyfriend hoho.


I really salute the person who came up with such a gimmicky name. Like at first when someone said he was going to Bar Celona I thought they meant Barcelona itself. As in the real city in Spain wtf.


Getting everyone in was a big mess cause Alfred brought along like 8 or 10 of his friends and then we had to like count how many bottles we had to open to get everyone in. And then everyone had to like line up and go in together wtf like Toot-Toot train only.


Yah and I finally got to meet Robin.

Too bad so sad he forgot to invite Batman wtf.

Hi Robin I know you’re reading this!

Lilin Bilin has big boobies!

(Uh, Robin, what are you doing?)


Despite the being a rather happening place, we just weren’t in the mood to be happening. We were more like in a mamak mood so we ended up just sitting around and chatting.

LOL @ Lilin Bilin’s Monster Cute Face:

It was damn funny ok cause you know lah Robin is like this so-called posh angmoh from London and you know lah we all Malaysians speak damn ciplak with our ‘lah’ and ‘ma’ and whateverlah.

So we duely made fun of his accent and forced him to read out stuff like “Kari kepala ikan” and “Semangat bermasyarakat” and “Seksi gila babi hutan kalimantan” wtf HOHOHO so cute ah!

No my face is NOT bigger than his!

Anyways, I felt quite bad for practically ignoring Alfred’s friends and all but I’m damn scared of alcohol already lar. No more drinking this month!


Oh, and the ultimate insult came from Robin when Lynn asked him if he actually understood what I was saying, and he went

Yes, I understand her.

But what she says doesn’t make sense.



Yar and around 1am the 5 of us dumped Alfred and his kaki to go chit-chat at McD’s about our good ol schooling days.

Sigh, I miss Seafield!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Soon Seng
    Jul 26, 2008 @ 15:07:13

    Hoho.. Looks like a fun time to be had by all. And I think Bar Celona is a cool name too…


  2. sooliping86
    Jul 27, 2008 @ 17:40:45

    yeah bar celona is quite happening… better than coco banana i think..


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