A few day’s worth of randomness

Here’s lebih kurang what I’ve been up to the past couple of days.

On Saturday Yun had this inter-Pharma (all da big pharmaceutical companies) badminton tournament so the good ol Best Buddy in me convinced myself that I wanted to watch badminton matches all day, and I volunteered to tag along.

Obviously, I absolutely do not have an ounce of interest in badminton games, let alone those played by geeky pharmaceutical people but I’m damn mou liu nowadays so yeah.

Go Yun!! Go Yun!! *Dirty dances with pompoms*

My disinterest (or rather, ignorance) in the game concerned imerged immediately, when I asked rather loudly what the lines on the court meant.

“Oh!! So if over this line means out lah izzit?”

Enough to raise a few eyebrows and invoke some sniggering behind me.

L-R: Opponent, Umpire, Yun. This girl was damn laupek (If I may say so myself) and kept toying with her hair while she played wtf. Stupid bimbo, badminton oso dunno how to play HMPH!! wtf.

So yeah, Yun beat her, but just by a bit.

The thing was that all of us had only slept for like 2 hours the night before (thanks to stupid Alfred who dragged us to Bar Celona) and she hadn’t had anything to eat for breakfast. By the end of the first match she was already trembling and as pale as my backside wtf. QUite scary.

Both contestants exhibiting rather un-macho poses.

SK rushed us to get some food so she wouldn’t faint, and after that we made a pitstop at a park so they could make out wtf.

SK and I were damn bodoh to wear long jeans lar cause it was FRIGGING~ hot in the badminton hall.

After the break Yun kinda lost some steam (plus she’s kinda anaemic actually) and got thrashed by her following 2 opponents but wtf we had already been there for 8 hours so I didn’t really care *evil*. All I wanted to do was to go home and take a nice looooooooooooooong cold shower!

I seriously DID NOT know that badminton halls were so hot!! Next time I go I’ll just wear a bikini lah. Hopefully everyone’s eyeballs will roll out of their sockets and I’ll win everything hoho.


Alfred brought me to Asia Cafe for lunch and just looking at all the food signboards and posters and pictures made me salivate buckets full!!

He actually caught me SMILING to myself while I stared deep into the delicate folds of a Shanghai siew long pao picture wtf.

How is it that Alfred’s sunnies (almost) fit ME?? I know I’m Ahfat but I’m not that fat! Them Adidas sunnies are like super comfy and stylo tho!!! *jelez*


Today was Shopping Day with muh SS girls Tan Ah Lyn and ahmoi Kah Yie.

We took a pitstop at IMU to sampat kepoh check out how the new renovations are going.

The first thing that struck us was that THE FRIGGING ESCALATORS ARE MOVING!!!

Like zomg IMU finally decided that running the escalators don’t really use up that much electricity after all, and decided to give the poor, harrassed, exhausted students a break.

Or maybe some poor soul tripped headlong down the escalators (which were previously non-moving, thus only serving as super narrow flights of stairs) and had to be rushed into the Clinical Skills Unit thereby allowing noob medical students to practise mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on the victim. Who then sued IMU for oral contamination.

Both their eyes are closed in this picture wtf. See, now we have one escalator going up (on the left) and one going down (on the right) *BANGGA*. If you’re an exIMUian you’ll understand my excitement.

The library now looks like a proper library, not just some lounge people go to to chat or take a 30 minute nap in between classes. We went in for like 10 seconds before we got chased out for not wearing proper formal attire wtf. “Jeans tak boleh! Tak boleh jeans!” Yah, ok.

The best part of the new IMU is of course the new lecture theatre. There was an ongoing session when we got there, so we could only take a peep.

The funny thing is all the doors to the new lecture theatre have peepholes. Like why the hell do they need peepholes? Oh wait, I know why. Cause last time people kept opening the doors to check if there were ongoing lectures and then letting the doors slam shut which was damn babi annoying. Not that I attended many lectures myself.

We still opened the doors just a sliver of a crack to take a peek anyways.

From IMU we drove to MidValley with high hopes of buying cheap Malaysian stuff once again.

Sad to say our hopes were dashed on the cruel jagged rocks of the China-made era.

Seriously, everything was still about the same price range as always, but the quality was SHIT.

Shit, I tell you.

There is seriously something wrong the day I go to a shopping mall and cannot find anything I even want (wanting is one thing, affording is another).

Ended up buying a pair of green shorts from MNG, black heels from Vincci and this dress from Miss Selfridge which I totally *love*.

It looks a bit funny here, but it’s totally chunted when I put it on. RM 223 =((( And no, it’s not lingerie.

Ah, the irony. Come back from UK to buy UK clothes wtf. Thank god my closet is already bursting with clothes, my shoe rack overloaded with shoes and my bag cupboard overflowing with labels (yes I have a cupboard just for storing my bags) so I should be able to survive this horrifying fate until I earn enough to be able to buy the really good stuff. Weee =)


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mark
    Jul 30, 2008 @ 00:59:35

    quote: “Or maybe some poor soul tripped headlong down the escalators (which were previously non-moving, thus only serving as super narrow flights of stairs) and had to be rushed into the Clinical Skills Unit…” unquote.

    Actually something like this did happen before. I had to carry the poor girl into Clinical Skills Unit so that the nurses inside could stitch her up.



  2. mein mein
    Jul 30, 2008 @ 16:30:49

    so bad 1 people in KL everone not free, no time, now go shopping without me..


  3. sooliping86
    Jul 30, 2008 @ 17:59:41

    mark: omg thats SO funny!!! hahahaa thats y i always hated wearing high heels to uni!

    mein: oi that time u go kl for like 1 day oni ok! convo that time we go hangkai lo..


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