Bye bye darlings…

So on a whim, I left my house at 9.00pm and headed to the nearest petrol station, stubborn and determined not to chicken out of my quest.

Full tank of petrol checked, I headed down towards Port Dickson, all on my own. Since I managed to come out alive, I must say that I am very proud of myself for making it all the way there and back in one night, AND without the use of my GPS too!

Not that I was confident I knew the way (I just hantam jalan only), but because I forgot to bring the GPS back from the office boo.

Anyhuu, the route there was obviously pretty straight forward, all I had to do was to keep my foot steady on the accelerator and whip out my SmartTAG every now and then. Oh, and reading signboards definitely helped a lot!

Finally got there, and I started looking out for a suitable place where I could release my babies.

My darlings. Had decided to release them back into the wild a couple of months ago, but until now I just never made it all the way to PD to do it.

Drove up and down, but all the beaches seemed over-populated. Stopped at Corus Paradise Resort to pee and take a look at the beach, but the beach was just devoid of bushes and places for them to hide. And besides, a group of annoying dudes kept whistling at me.

I tried so hard to find the place Alwyn had once brought us to catch prawns, because I remembered that it had been crawling with hermit crabs. But I just couldn’t spot it. And besides, I didn’t dare to wander off too far from the main road in case I got lost wtf.

Finally ended back at Residence Desa Lagoon Resort where I had stayed when I went there with Edm.

They have security at the entrance, but somehow when I drove in, no one gave two hoots. I guess a girl in a Kelisa isn’t exactly a threatening sight.

Parked my car and followed the fence around the hotel grounds towards the beach.

Sadly, just as I reached the gate leading out to the beach, a guard caught me.

He kept asking me for my room number and when I told him I wasn’t a guest, he got suspicious and asked how I had driven in. So I just pura-pura kesian and told him no one stopped me at the entrance. Told him I wanted to release my crabs and he gave me a puzzled look.

Apparently he was just about to lock the gate for the night, so I was lucky I got there before he did, otherwise I would have had to clamber over the fence.

The guard was waiting for me at the gate, so I didn’t have much time. Just ran towards a coconut tree and opened the container so my babies could climb out. Didn’t even have time to look around for a proper spot.

And now that I’ve done it, I keep worrying that they won’t survive there. Sigh. I really should have picked a better spot.

The first crabby I ever got was Chloe, on the 22nd of November 2009. Gosh, I can’t believe she’d been with me for over a year!











And the worse thing is I forgot to bring Rascal’s body to bury on the beach. Oh well, I guess with the guard breathing down my neck I wouldn’t have had enough time anyways.

Please please don’t die babies!

I hope by the next time I go down to PD the beach would have been colonized by all of you and your grandchildren =)


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