A girl can never have enough

Being a total OCD, I always ensure that all my things are organized neatly according to category/usage/brand/heightwtf.

Prior to this, all my makeup was kept in a tiny 4-tier stationary organizer (those drawer thingies). It was so tiny, in fact, that my loose powder couldn’t even fit into it so it sat on top of the organizer where it slowly but surely accumulated a nice layer of dust due to a lack of use.

Recently, I realized that my lack of makeup storage space was stopping me from adding to my (ever so slowly) growing collection. Which may either seem like a good thing (if you are a guy) or a total disaster (if you are not a guy/are gay).

Wanted to get one of those chio acrylic (transparent) makeup organizers from Ebay, but they cause a good penny at over RM100 each. And that’s not even inclusive of shipping costs.

Oh baby aren’t you just gorgeous!

Spinning cosmetic organizer from QVC.

So instead, I headed over to Carrefour for a cheaper alternative.

Much cheaper at only RM20.70 (no shipping costs involved! even petrol also not my own harhar!) and much much uglier too.

Even if got pink also cannot save lah, so ugly.

Brushes are leaning pathetically to the side cause the compartment isn’t deep enough. Will need to find a way to solve this problem.

But oh well. At least I now have enough space to justify buying more stuff =) Which I just did, since StrawberryNet is having an offer on Summer Specials (up to 70% off), and it’s summer all year round in Malaysia =)))

Also bought the Nivea lip treatment in Soft Rose.


If ever you wanted to know what a lousy lip balm feels like, this is it!

It’s horrible!

It goes on feeling waxy and dry, which makes me feel like I have to apply more of the balm. Not at all moisturizing, and doesn’t help with my dry lips, even after slathering it on overnight.

And I quite dislike the sheer cool pink sheen which makes my lips look even paler.

Label says it smells of roses, which it most certainly does not.

Overall a horrible product that I stupidly bought cause the bimbo in me was crying for a dose of pink. Psh!


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