A nice short break from WORK =)

So because our jobs are just too important, we have trouble scheduling holidays so they don’t clash with important datelines and important bosses.

Decided to take leave on Monday and Tuesday, so we could go to PeeDee on Sunday and Monday. Woots, 2 days down, 37 more annual leave days for 2010!

Had breakfast in this hawker-ish place in Seremban which sells ‘sang yu chok’ (literally, ‘born fish porridge’ wtf). Ordered a serving of claypot eel to go with the porridge, which was the most heavenly breakfast I would wish for!

Porridge stall was inside the Kedai Makanan Wai Kwai Choi (pls don’t ask me for directions, I only know how to use my mouth and not my eyes when I’m not the driver).

The sifu has mastered the art of filleting fish, with all the fins still attached! Grotesque!

The claypot eel was 101 Succulent!

Before heading off for PeeDee, we stopped at the Then Sze Koon Temple (Centipede Temple), where legend has it that if you encounter a centipede, you will be blessed with good luck (read: 4D!).

However, I’m not too sure how true this may be as I don’t think much good can/should come to those who visit the temple in search of wealth.

ZOMG I think I just spotted a giant mama centipede!

Rode on the white horse which cooled my backside nicely.

Randomly spotted Haji Shariff’s Cendol and decided to give it a try. Like, if a restaurant is selling only cendol, it’s gotta be good rite? But it was okok only lah (Yep, Green was the color of the day).

Finall arrived at our hotel, the Residence Desa Lagoon Resort, which is right beside the Regency. You could drive pass it and not even know, cause it’s a really small, 2-story villa-styled resort, totally and completely dwarfed by the neighboring Regency, Bayu, etc.

We got quite a good rate at RM190/night for a 1-bedroom superior villa. Having 20% government discounts always makes me happy =)

When I saw the photos online, I thought they were just photoshopped. But seriously, is this gorgeous or what!!

Jacuzzi and pool, surrounded by the sky-blue villas.


The villas are surrounded by mossy green pools filled with fishes and guarded by signage proclaiming “NO FISHING”.

Our room wasn’t quite ready yet so we took a quick trip down to the durian stall for a treat.

I must admit that beautiful as the resort appeared to be from afar, it isn’t exactly very clean and well kept. The rooms themselves felt sparse and dirty, no way comparable to your average hotel room.

Not very welcoming living room.

The very bland bedroom (OH btw I got BEDBUG BITES the next day!!!)

Kitchen. That thing in the white plastic bag is our durian which we smuggled back =)

That evening, we rented huge floats and got drifted out to sea and when we realized how far out we were, I panicked and spent all of my energy paddling back to shore boo. Seeing as it was a Sunday evening, the beach was pretty quiet and peaceful which was really nice.

Dinner at Chardin Seaview Seafood. We totally over-ordered and the bill came up to RM118 zomg!

Bought back a couple of beers to drink while we watched England vs Germany but manatau they don’t subscribe to the sports channel, so we chillaxed by the pool with them beers.

The next morning, we were served a pretty horrible “American Breakfast” which came with neither ham nor bacon boo =( And after that, we were served even more horrible news of how Germany trashed England 4-1 lolz.

Took another dip in the sea, and then we hunted for lalas and crabs ahhh this is the life! Found out that there are actually loads of live crabs and lalas right below the surface of the sand!

Brought the crabs back to the room to play with hehehe. But don’t get your panties in a bunch, we released them before we went home.

This stash of lalas I brought home with me to feed to my hermit crabs.

The beach here is soooo much nicer than the beach at the Corus!

Doing the shakalaka dance wtf.

Weeeeeeeeee woots!

Yep, we had durian AGAIN. Damn expensive (RM8/kg) and full of lalat samo! Sorry lah I got craving.

Lunch was had at the Lucky Seafood Restaurant which is opposite the Chung Hwa school.

And zomgosh I’ve never seen a school as dilapidated as Chung Hwa! It’s exactly what you would imagine a haunted building looks like! Even the front of the school is completely blocked by some stalls selling food and stuff.

Anyhuu, we had min pau kai at the Lucky restaurant, since we already overindulged in seafood the night before.

Not bad, but the Kampar one beats this hands down.

And that was the end of our weekend/weekday escape. Shan’t feel too sorry for myself as we’re all out of cash already.

Besides, we’ll be heading over to Sarawak for the Rainforest Music Festival next Friday wuuhuu!

Soaked the lalas in some hot water to get them to open. My hermit crabs loved them!


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