Indulging in online shopping

So there I was trolling StrawberryNet again, trying to rationalize spending cash on cosmetics that I hadn’t even tried on first hand (and that I don’t really absolutely necessarily need *cough).

And then, by the gift that Mr Google has given us god bless the fella, I stumbled upon this site called Best Buy World. I know it sounds damn dodgy and damn ‘Malaysian’ but seriously, this is worth a look!

Like any other online cosmetics shops, it sells products at below retail. However, where you really get your penny’s worth is in the ‘sample size’ section. They sell sample sizes of products at prices that, when compared volume to volume, are way below retail price. Of course they sell full sized products as well, but… why pay more?

Taken from their website:
Cost comparison between sample size and normal size.
Example of Facial Treatment Cleanser:
Sample size: 20g per pc x 6pcs = 120g Cost = S$30.00
Normal size: 120g per pc x 1pc = 120g Cost = S$70.00

I can’t be arsed to convert it into RM, but you get the picture.

They also provide free next-day-delivery if you spend RM100 and above.

Products I’ve gotten so far:

Clinique Blushwear Cream Stick in #05 Shy Blush for RM20.

Clinique Fresh Bloom Allover Colour in #01 Peony for RM22.
fresh bloom rm22

Actual product photo (both are quite tiny in real-life, so don’t expect 100mg of product):

The Shy Blush is a nice tan colour that I use as a bronzer and to contour. However, as my skin is pretty oily, the product doesn’t last very well. Being a complete noob when it comes to cream blushes, I also find it slightly difficult to apply as the blush seems to love my fingers a bit too much. My fingers tend to come off looking more flushed than my cheekbones đŸ˜‰


Everyone went gaga over the Fresh Bloom Allover Colour when it was first released due to the gimmicky design. However, as mine is downsized and comes in a flimsy plastic casing, I find nothing to swoon over. The colour itself was a bit of a disappointment as I just couldn’t get it to show. Using it as a highlighter, all it did was leave bits of glitter on my already oily skin. A no-no unless you have nice matte skin.



Clinique Long Last Glosswear SPF15 in Juicy Apple for RM20.
long last rm20

Absolutely love love love this. Goes on glossy and clear, with no shimmer. After a few seconds, it feels nice and velvety and nonsticky.

Clinique All About Eyes 5ml for RM25.
all about eyes rm25

Another great product that works well as a moisturiser and makeup base. Doesn’t do shit for my eyebags and wrinkles tho. A little bit goes a long way, so the 5ml will probably last me at least 3 months.


Bought this hugeass 100ml bottle of Hugo Boss XY EDT for only RM156!!! It’s now listed as RM169 on the website I dunno why. For comparison’s sake, my 30ml bottle of Hugo Boss Femme L’eau Fraiche EDT cost RM140 at Sasa ohkay!

hugo boss rm169

Yes I know that’s a lot of cosmetic photos to slap you in the face with in one day, but no choice lar, I can’t seem to get into the habit of blogging regularly anymore.

Random photo of super yummylicious banana leaf rice from Nirvana in Bangsar, just to foil your dieting plans.

And here’s another random shot of Stupid Shiao Sang and I waiting for Shirlyn to decide on a bikini.

Try and spot my zit!


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  1. Prof Tee
    Jun 22, 2010 @ 22:41:15

    damn you, by chance i saw your update and i saw stupid soo li ping cant spell my name correctly, hmph!!! you bimbo!!! =P


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