Lancome Maquicake UV Infinite yaddayadda


I finally mustered up enough guts to buy stuff online from this website called StrawberryNet which sells TONNES of products (some with irresistible discounts!) and ships for free.


[In retrospect, that was probably a bad thing. Die die -_-“]

Anyhuu, here’s how the ah ma story goes:

I was looking for a new foundation cause my Estee Lauder Cyber White Ex was running low. And I DID NOT want to repurchase cause I super hate it!

Don’t think Estee Lauder foundations are suited for Asians/Asian climates.

So I went and googled about + tested products at counters to no end.

And then I stumbled upon StrawberryNet endofstory. Lolz…

Discovered the Lancome Maquicake yadda yadda which was going at 50% off!!

But the catch was that they had only 2 shades available: #40 and #50.

So kiasu me went to the Lancome counter to check out the shades. ZOMG imagine my delight when the counter aunty chose shade #40 for me!!!

And the next thing I knew, my credit card was being charged RM64.

But it’s waaaaaaaaaay cheap for Lancome ok. Even though it is just a refill (sans casing).

White cardboard packages, tied up with string. These are a few of my favorite things 😉

ZOMG all wrapped up in sparkly purple paper too! Talk about awesome customer service lol.

Purple is so IN right now!

WALLA! Refill + Sponge. Because I am a cheapo, I will not pay the RM50 for a blardy casing. It shall just live in that lauyah plastic casing it came in boo.

And now I’m totally in love with my Lancome foundation! Am probably a bit biased though, since I super duperly incredibly hated my Estee Lauder foundation which left an overly glowy (read: shiny) finish and didn’t look at all natural on my Asian skin. But now that I think of it, the EL one was still better than the Laura Mercier one I purchased before that, which was really gritty and clung to every imperfection I had (which was A LOT).

Left: Estee Lauder (yes, I paid the RM50 for that casing boo). Right: Lancome. Dunno why the shades are so different.

Top: Lancome. Bottom: Estee Lauder. You would think that the Lancome one would be too light, but it oxidizes after awhile so the shade is pretty ok. You can totally tell that the Lancome one suits my skin tone better.

So in conclusion Lancome whacks Estee Lauder whacks Laura Mercier.

Am SOOO tempted to buy another refill to stock up while it’s still on discount boo.


Just in case there are any guys *cough* reading this who gets confused, let me lay it out for you:

Estee Lauder:
1. Casing = RM50
2. Refill (meaning the foundation itself) = RM130
Total = RM180

Lancome (normal price):
1. Casing = RM50
2. Refill = RM120++ (not too sure what the ++ is)
Total = RM170++

Yes. Makeup is expensive. Shaddup.


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