Sunburnt @ Taman Rekreasi Air Panas Trolak

So after hearing my raves about the hot springs at Sungkai (or rather, Trolak, which is a part of Sungkai) I had visited during my Kursus Induksi, a bunch of us decided to get up early one Saturday morning and head over for a day of fun in the sun.

We got off to a rather messy start, with Yen and Yun both sleeping at 3am the night before, and issues with how many cars to drive and whether *someone’s bf was going or not yadda yadda.

Had a breakfast of pan mee at the famous stall in SS19, but sadly no photos =(

Finally arrived after about 1.5 hours (with a toilet break in between) and duly paid the RM10 entrance fee.

Us girls at the entrance – still nice and sweat-free.

The fishes seemed to only gather at the shaded part of the pond, which probably explains why all of them were so pale looking.

Paid RM2 for that pack of fish food which I think it was the fishes’ first meal of the year aww poor babies =( wtf.

Doing the ANTM in front of the fan.

From the fish pond/cafeteria, we made our way to the reflexology/hot spring path – which under the scorching sun had turned into a painful boiling stream. How masochistic, yums!

We were busy dipping our toes into the steaming water when, all of a sudden, this bunch of Malay aunties converged into the stream!

Amazingly, they were all able to withstand the heat + painful “reflexology” (torture, I call it!). According to Yun, it’s cause older people have thicker soles lolz.

The gaggle of geese aunties duly organized a frigging RACE to see who was the machoest amongst them wtf!

Yes, we treated them like a tourist attraction. They should be made a permanent fixture of the hot springs, how amusing.

Next, on to egg boiling!

This time, we weren’t so kiamsiap and opted to pay the RM2 for 5 eggs, rather than sacrificing my water bottle in a bid to tapau in our own frigging eggs.

Yums. Only one basket was ours la, so greedy meh…

If you look closely, you’ll see that the water temperature ranges from 42-50C ZOMG!!!

Yun: Make way make way Pocahontas coming! (I swear! This was literally what she said!)

Savoring the eggy fruits of our labor.

Midway, the girls decided it was time for a sunscreen top-up.

While they were busy slathering sunscreen onto their arms and legs, smartass me was bouncing around and yelling “OMG why you all so vain wan, no need lar!


Akibat akan datang.

Yen showing us how it’s done.

I call this the super hot zig-zag hot spring.

At midday, we paused for a snack.

As all government-related cafeterias tend to be, the food kinda sucked. No, scratch that. There wasn’t actually any food to begin with! The only hot food I saw was labeled “Staff”. So us non-staff were reduced to chomping on peanuts, Maggi and Mentos boo [Note: Bring own lunch next time].

Apparently, the big fan is only good for ANTM posing. Doesn’t do shit to curb the heat.

Mei Teng single-handedly walloped 3 cups of Maggi zomg.

And after that, we stashed the cameras in the cars cause we wanted to take a splash in the pools, so no more photos sobbers.

Aw no sexy yellow polka dot bikini pics.

Yeah right.

We finally had enough of the murky water and noisy rowdy children at about 4pm.

Were supposed to head to Choy Kee for the pork knuckle I so loved, but accidentally took a wrong turning.

Luckily, Yun has unlimited access to the internet via her iPhone wtf, so she googled up this other famous place called Fook Seng in Slim River (can’t tell the difference, still seems like Sungkai to me).

And waddaya know, it turned out to be the same restaurant we (as in the pharmacists) had lunch at the other day on the way home from our Kursus Induksi.

Which just goes to show what a teensy weensy town Sungkai/Trolak/Slim River is. Although by definition Slim River is a river, not a town right??? Duh.

Tea. Like never see tea before liddat.

Artistic tea. Or Heineken, whatever rocks your boat.

OMG what is that!!!

Can it be that Slim River has the most un-gorgeous Tiger Girl (/aunty) I’ve ever laid eyes on??!?!?!

Worth having a meal there just to catch a glimpse of this rare Tiger!

On to the food.

Q: Which grandfather can do yoga?
A: Yoga pak sok kong.
Hardeeharhar. Actually hor, why is it called pak sok kong? Ah Pak, Ah Sok and Ah Kong all rolled into one.


Q: Which chicken can’t cross the road?
A: Drunken chicken.
Double hardeeharhar.


Cost only RM8. The pot, I mean.

Sorry lar, feeling lame all of the sudden.

Must me the *lamb* I had for lunch. Heh.

Ok ok focus on the food! Which was delicious btw.

Shiu Kao sped back to Subang, and we arrived in just under an hour, which is pretty amazing.

And since the MU vs Chelsea game was about to begin, and I was trapped in their car, terpaksa watch the game with them at Asia Cafe.

Shiu Kao busy making bets, whilst other MU supporters look bored in their MU uniform.

Me, with back to screen. No surprise here.

After about 10 minutes or so, I begun to feel a little itch at the bottom of my left thigh.

And then, I felt a tiny bump.


I panicked. Because the last time this happened, the tiny bump grew into a huge ass red inflammatory zone over a couple of hours, and I was left scratching my itching thigh for days!

Timepoint: +10 minutes.

Timepoint: +15 minutes.

Timepoint: +25 minutes. OMG!

Applied Cloderm (clobetasol) cream, which has like the most perfect labelling btw.

And the swelling totally subsided! Amazing stuff. All that was left was a bit of redness and itching, totally bearable.

Oh yeah, back to the game.

The two buggers behind me kept shaking the floor and spewing lame comments which were so lame I couldn’t go to sleep =(

Anyhuu, MU lost 2-1, so I won RM5 from Shiu Kao since I bet on Chelsea. Just for the heck of it =p

And when I got home, I found out why Banana Boat is so rich.

ZOMG I got sunburnt like crazy! My cheeks were burning, my neck had a not-so-sexy V-line and my arms and legs were black! Boo.

My new not-so-sexy decolletage.

Without flash.

So kids, next time, always remember your sunblock!

Even if you risk getting called vain by other idiots *cough.


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  2. Yenli
    Apr 06, 2010 @ 23:38:46

    hehe i was wondering how are you gonna blog about this *wink*
    anyway i like our picture with the tourist attraction leh :)))


  3. Yenli
    Apr 06, 2010 @ 23:40:32

    oh and also. i always get that bump thingy when i sit at that part of asia….what is it actually? some insect bite ker?


    • barbiesoo
      Apr 07, 2010 @ 08:13:41

      omg serious?? it’s damn bad wei! at first i tot it was an insect bite, but then both times also kena same part of my left thigh, so i tot it was an allergy due to the chair.. but also doesn’t make sense cause right side din kena.. boo…


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  5. itch
    Apr 29, 2010 @ 21:55:36

    i experienced the exact same thing pertaining to the itch..and at the exact same venue.. asia cafe!
    mine is probably much worse though..
    i closed both my legs in on the “rangka” of the chair and both the same part of me legs started to itch.. it went on for weeks.. spreading all over.. had to see a doc.
    probably because of the rust or some sort from the chair.. or probably AC is just dirty..


    • barbiesoo
      Apr 30, 2010 @ 08:15:53

      hello there.. i dun think it could be rust cause the chairs are rattan… probably the filth or some bugs living in the chairs… sigh…


  6. itch
    Apr 30, 2010 @ 22:42:14

    lol the base of the chair was ratan..but the “rangka” supporting it aka the 4 kaki + the supporting in between are metal..
    eh asia cafe so cacat give full rattan chair meh.. like uncle aunty only sit on rattan chairs..


    • barbiesoo
      May 03, 2010 @ 04:16:31

      HAHAHAHA shit damn funny… I dunno le, all I know is that the next time I go AC, have to bring along newspaper to lapik wtf. And bring steroid cream to treat the itch too.


  7. Angel-34
    Sep 02, 2010 @ 04:49:34

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