Due to my inherent kiamsiapness, which has very obviously been inherited from both parents, I have been living sans air-conditioning for my entire life so far.

Actually my parents have an air-conditioner installed in their bedroom lar, but they don’t even use it like, ever! And my brothers’ room can reach temperatures bordering on desert-worthy, but they don’t even complain! What’s wrong with these people ah!

Anyhuu, unable to put up with the insane Malaysian heat any longer, I decided it was time to splurge a little (actually hor my LV could buy like 2 air-cons. sigh. girls make really bad financial decisions) and get myself one. Finally.

Spent a day or so googling for pink air-conditioners to no avail. Seriously, try googling “air conditioner pink” as much as you like, you’ll still end up with zilch.

Went asking around the several electronic shops in Taipan. Got bored with all the technical jargon they spewed at me. Heck, the only specification I was interested in was the colour.

Guy: Blablabla save electric blabla ionizer blayaddayaddablabla.
Me: *stone
Guy: Blablablabla 60% blablablabla can remove to clean (*seriously didn’t understand this) yakyakblabla.
Me: Got pink colour?
Guy: *stone

But much to my disappointment, none of the shops there seemed to have pink coloured air-conditioners.

Like, wtf right!!!

How can there NOT be a pink colour anything??!!!

Pink shoe got.
Pink handphone got.
Pink computer got.
Pink car got.
Even pink diamond also got la wth!

How can there not be a pink air-conditioner T_____T

Actually I vaguely remember seeing a pink air-conditioner before lor, but don’t know why they don’t have huuhuu.

Anyways, I decided to go for Panasonic since they’re all “Mottainai” and whatever.

The basic-est model was RM950, the Eco ionizer whatever one was RM1170 and the converter one was RM1400.

At first I wanted to get the converter one, but the guy said it doesn’t make much difference. Actually I couldn’t really understand what he was saying la cause he was speaking in Cantonese, so in retrospect, there was probably quite a bit of misunderstanding going on.

So I decided to go for the RM1170 one. Manatau the next shop guy told me the ionizer and Eco thingy was useless – expecting me to get the more expensive one. Little did he know what a kiamsiap customer he was up against – so I said I might as well just buy the RM950 one la instead, since the RM1170 one wasn’t much better.

But no la, in the end I settled for the RM1170 one. Just to be safe.

RM1170 for the C9KKH. Want to know where to buy, ask me.

They sent 3 cute guys to install the air-conditioner.

And now, after 23 years and 3 months, I finally know what it feels like to drift away into slumber with a refreshing cool breeze billowing over me.


It’s right opposite my bed, so I get the maximum cooling effect at the lowest setting possible (save electricity!).

Props to the guys for doing a real good job of installing it – all the wiring and stuff is really nice and neat! The only downside is that the outside box part is right outside my brothers’ window, and today I kena scolding cause apparently it’s quite noisy. But too bad so sad nothing I can do about it teehee.

Plain white piece of a thing. I’m planning to buy huge pretty flower stickers to stick onto it tho.


Hurrah for the best splurge of the year!

Now I have to eat shit for the next 2 months.

Oh yah, and I just realised I’m like so dead cause I lost the receipt!!!! So now I can’t fill in the warranty card oh no!!!!!!!!!!!! T_____T


Who the F in their right mind would pay RM36.90 for a box of “silicone buttocks pad”??? Although it does include free undies (drawers = undies fyi).

The crabitat under the romantic lights of my torch.

Trying to get Chester and Chloe in a romantic mood so they would procreate wtf.

And today I…

Watched 6 back-to-back episodes of Glee the 2nd time around whilst chomping on KFC. Ahh Sundays rock =)


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