Farewell & Lou Sang @ Work

After much hassle and many sleepless nights, Rosalind finally got the details of her PhD ironed out, and her date of departure confirmed. Another brilliant officer from the NCE Section was leaving in search of greener intellectual pastures. Boo. PhD tai sai meh damn boring ok.

Was put in charge of getting the gift (AGAIN! Gee, I wonder why…), which entailed creating an account at http://www.myBBstore.com.my to purchase a Thermos flask + food container set and delegating the task of acquiring wrapping paper + cards to someone who I would normally never trust with this, except that I had no time to get them myself lol, I hope you aren’t reading this.

As it turned out, the cutesy cards and super girlish wrappers plus the flask + container set from “Malaysia’s Preferred Online BABY Store”, when put together, seemed more like a present for a month old child than a farewell gift for someone leaving to acquire her PhD.

Let me tell you the story about Rosalind.

When I first got into NCE, I was really quiet and blur, and Rosalind was given the task of telling me about some process flow thingy which I totally forgot already.

Halfway through the (boring) briefing, she asked me, “How many Li Pings are there in your batch?

I was caught off-guard for a split-second, before answering that yours truly is the one and only.

Then Rosalind was like “EH! I think I was your mentor in IMU lar!

Turns out, it was another one of those It’s A Small World moments.

The function of a mentor in IMU is to guide you through the gruelling 4 years of learning, to hand you notes, answers to predictable exam questions, tips on which lecturers suck, etc etc you get the picture.

And I obviously did not build much of a relationship with my mentor, because, well, neither of us were very committed to university life I guess.

NCE chicks: 2 insanely smart women + one incompetent child DSH!

But ZOMG here she was again, this time mentoring me in my job. No, I wasn’t disappointed or anything lar haiyo because I  knew that she was like this super brilliant person. I would say that I was more intimidated than anything.

Now that she’s leaving, I know I’m going to miss her, because although I have a slight aversion towards building close ties with colleagues, I did learn a great deal from her, merely by the powers of observation.

Oh well, I’m memang like that wan la. I always have to lose something before I learn to treasure it. Haih.

The NCE team. Next to leave will be Zuraida (rightmost) sobs!

The next day (which was a Friday i.e. 2.5 hour-long lunch), all the Chinese peeps at the office had lunch together to lou sang.

In total there were 50 people, and even Frost who is currently working in Watson’s @ First World in Genting, attended.

Rosalind: OMG her desk looks so neat in the picture.
Me: My desk IS neat la wth!

The 9 of my table + Harry, the cameraman.

Jakunz never seen a pink phone before.

Steve draining off my precious phone battery, while Ravin (who is a Chindian, in case you’re wondering) looks on.

My huneyboo “boyfriend” wtf.

Voon Yuen still looks so cute ish.

My huneys.

God, what an obnoxious tie!

CK’s camwhoring skill still needs a little tweaking.

The yee sang had strawberries <333

This is one yummy yee sang!!

Nasib tak tumpah…

Table groupie.

CK giving me some scary eyeballing.

This was the second annual loh sang lunch we’ve had with the bureau peeps, but it totally didn’t feel the same without the rest of our Gang 13 T.T I miss them! And I miss the acceptance we had, and the lack of politics and happiness and everything huu.


Drove home after work, and it had been pouring dogs and cats so it took me one whole hour to reach back.

Brought the 3 babies out to waddle a bit in the mud since they are crabs, and crabs are supposed to like waddling in mud.

Geli earthworm.

The earthworm decided to get acquainted with Rascal, and swam into his shell, giving poor Rascal a good shock.

The poor thing panicked, and quickly clambered onto Chloe and Chester lolz! Ah, what a joy they are.

MUMMY!!! Bring it away!!!

Soon after, the cat got wind of what was going on, and wanted to eat my babies, so I had to bring them back in boo. I guess rearing different species of animals has its drawbacks.

But somehow these 2 are damn chillax.


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