Kursus Induksi: Batch of 2008

Every year, the Ministry of Health organizes it’s Induction Course (Kursus Induksi) for all pharmacists, dentists and doctors who report for duty as officers in the MoH.

This year was no different.

The only sad thing was that they delivered the Letter of CCBness only on Thursday and the course was scheduled to be held from Saturday til Tuesday. WTH!!! Dahlah we were all supposed to attend a colleague’s wedding on Saturday boo.

Damn sad ok, thank goodness I had decided against buying a new dress for the wedding hmph.

Anyhuu, can’t complain lar cause Kursus Induksi-s were previously supposed to stretch over 2 (TWO!) whole weeks. Imagine, 4 days also I complain like mad edi, if it were 2 weeks I confirm mengamuk lor.

PLUS this time around it was held at Felda Residence Trolak (a “resort” kononnye) which had air-conditioning woohoo too bad for you older generation suckers who had to sleep with the bugs on bunk beds and bathe in communal bathrooms lol.

Although you can definitely bet you’re in for a bit of shit when the official resort website is at http://www.plantationresorts.com.my.

Packed my bags and said goodbye to the cat.

Su-Ann, Bam Bam and I were roomies for the 3 nights =)

“Nature-inspired” walkway.

Wonderfully lala public telephone.

By the time we had checked-in and settled down, it was time for (a very yucky) dinner.

Surrounded by mountains and palm oil trees: No way to escape =(

Jumping shot which turned into toilet bowl shot thanks to bad timing.

Someone decided it was necessary to build a bridge over the drain.

The entire course comprised of a series of lectures regarding government work ethics, government protocol and other general topics. Not really related to our professions per se, but I guess it’s good to get the groundwork going.

Paying full attention, yup yup…

…yup yup yup.

The classes lasted from 8.30am til 10.30pm so I guess it was understandable that everyone was exhausted towards the end.

PCK I miss you!! T_T

On the second night (Sunday), Su-Ann, Edm and I took a short drive to the tiny town of Sungkai to purchase a toothbrush, as Su-Ann had decided to leave hers at home.

And fate had it that right opposite the Indian sundry shop was a Chinese restaurant called “Choy Kee” that sold pork trotters!!! ZOMG!!!

It’s located along Jalan Besar Sungkai. Although in reality the road is anything but besar.


And of course we just HAD to share the joy with the rest of our buddies, so on the third and final night, we made the journey down to Jalan Besar Sungkai for yet another bowl of cholesterol and collagen laden goodness.

I know I look superbly horrible, but she looks so cute, so terpaksalah aku bersacrifice.

Fidgeting while waiting for the food.

Now this is what I call F.O.O.D. (got 12 of us btw).

Boring group presentations made the 3 back there go, “Boo I can’t wait to go home”.

28-24-39. And those are the ages, not my measurements (no way my ass is that big!). WTH that stupid fella is casting a shadow on my arm and making it look even thinner than it already is leh ish damn retarded looking.

On the morning of our final day there, we had a short “quiz”, but luckily it wasn’t evaluated so no need kiasu lar. Otherwise I confirm die die.


Kiasu Su-Ann wrote so bloody much stuff.

Note how little effort it is taking me to produce all 3 chins.

FAT 101.

Random groupie.

After everything was over and we had bid each other teary goodbyes, 7 of us berzoomzoom to the Sungai Klah hot springs (Taman Rekreasi Air Panas Sungai Klah) for a little R & R.

That boy is one lucky train driver!

The nice people there allowed us into the Felda Residence Hot Springs resort, which consists of 5 private villas as well as a number of Deluxe rooms going for RM250 per night. Damn nice ok the place!! The only weird thing was that we were surrounded by a palm oil estate instead of coconut trees and such.

Beautiful landscaping.

Failed group shot.

The Sungai Klah hot spring park itself is this massive sanctuary of greenery and many many hot as well as cold pools. Not too sure how beneficial the water was to our skin tho cause I didn’t smell much sulfur.

WOOTS! Egg boiling wth.

They had a spot designated for egg boiling, and it was a good thing we came prepared!

It so happened that we were served severely undercooked half-boiled eggs (they were more like 30%-boiled) for breakfast, so clever Su-Ann had the bright idea of tapau-ing a few eggs to recook at the hot springs.

Smuggled 5 of them stuffed down my water bottle plus another 2 wrapped up in tissues in Su-Ann’s bag. Damn cheapskate aunty skillz I know don’t kutuk pls.

Very very very hot spring. Fall inside confirm become boiled human.

Honeyboo and I at one of the huge pools.

Boiling “eggs” lol.

Oooh the hard work paid off!! (You just KNOW a girl doesn’t cook when she thinks boiling eggs are hard work)

Yup. 25 years old, those two.

Ice cream break!!!

We finally came to the mother of all Sungai Klah hot spring pools: The Mountain Spring Pool. It was nice and cold and had the giant “octopus” slide thingy which was real cool and brought out the children in us.

And so we said, “Screw this, let’s just get wet!”. Or at least some of us did.

*Splish splash*


The wet vs the dry.

Anyhoo, we were well prepared (some more so than others) and had brought along a set of dry clothes to change into. Some people *coughnotme* had even had the forethought to bring along soap, shampoo and conditioner wth.

Su-Ann and Mr Mahmud from Iran.

Following our expedition, we were supposed to have bak kut teh at Sungai Buloh for lunch. But seeing as it was already around 2pm and we were all dying of starvation, we decided to swarm upon some random ulu place to ease our aching bellies.

After that, Edm dropped us girls at Su-Ann’s house where I took over and drove the other girls back to Subang.

Only problem was that I was so sleepy I couldn’t focus, and ended up ramming into the guard house palang. But luckily nothing happened to my car, don’t know about the palang. And then my GPS died so we had a slight panic attack.

Finally arrived home in one piece woots.

All in all, the Kursus Induksi turned out to be not as bad as I expected, especially since I attended with wonderful friends =)


9 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. soon seng
    Jan 28, 2010 @ 14:46:24

    actually, the hot springs look dem relaxing. Must consider these places for holiday/weekend getaway hoho.

    and congratulations on your new chester.


  2. mingteng
    Jan 28, 2010 @ 20:45:40

    hah so nice to finally som familliar faces chee kit n d kelantan gang..
    damn during d whole induksi was so craving for pork.. u guys so lucky to get trotters… d first thing i did after finish induksi was to eat char siew yum yum…


  3. barbiesoo
    Jan 29, 2010 @ 08:46:28

    ss: YESSSSSSS its damn nice lets go there together one day! and it’s not too far away either….

    mt: hahahahahaha luckily suann forgot her toothbrush and edm so pandai at directions.. plus vy’s dad edi told her about the restaurant wan… me.. i’m just a kelefeh


  4. MP_cillin
    Feb 01, 2010 @ 21:10:40

    pck i miss you too!!!
    doubt he could hear me here…
    thx for putting up his photo…


  5. Fei
    Feb 04, 2010 @ 01:43:25

    weehee.. not bad what the place. it doesn’t sound that omigod bad afterall =P
    so soo soo did you take down the address and check the accomodation everything so we can go over there one day? :PP


  6. barbiesoo
    Feb 04, 2010 @ 08:59:07

    mpcillin: u sound so gay.. haha

    kf: har? no leh. just go to http://www.plantationresorts.com.my lor hahahaha. i wanna stay at the Felda Hot Springs resort!! RM250/night.


  7. Melvin
    Mar 08, 2010 @ 23:08:51

    Hi Soo, wondering this course is conducted by the Ministry itself or outsourced to private providers?
    Are you a pharmacist or doctor?


    • barbiesoo
      Mar 09, 2010 @ 08:08:45

      it’s conducted by the ministry itself i think. the speakers are all gov servants who are experienced in the respective fields that they lectured about… i’m a pharmacist btw.


  8. freact6
    Sep 09, 2010 @ 03:34:31

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