Shiu Kao’s 24th @ Bar Mitzvah

Yep, Shiu Kao was the first one amongst us to reach the unenviable age of 24 on the 2nd of January damn kao early.

Boo. Somehow 23 sounds so much nicer than 24, don’t you think?

Celebrated his big day at his friend’s bar, strangely called Bar Mitzvah, at Neo Damansara in Damansara Perdana.

Posing with Blackie while waiting for Alfred to pick me up.

Reached Alwyn’s house only to find out he was still Dota-ing with Kien Fei and hadn’t taken his bath wth 14 years old meh! ARGH GUYS!

Played with Woolie while waiting for Alwyn to mandi kerbau.

Not too long after, Alwyn emerged from the bathroom and we then picked Su Khok up before zooming down to Klang for a dinner of bak kut teh.

I was, of course, dressed rather inappropriately for a BKT dinner in Klang so a couple of curious stares were in order.

Ate like frigging A LOT between the 5 of us.

Yes yes I’m just a kalafeh.

(9 bowls of BKT + 12 plates of rice)/(4 guys + 1 kalafeh). Do the math.

Kien Fei showing off his cinapek skills (Note the puddle of spilt tea around the pot lol).

Took a pitstop at Kamdar Klang of all places to get a last minute birthday gift for Shiu Kao. Why oh why are we always such procrastinators? It’s no wonder 99% of our presents turn out to be super nonsense.

This year, we got him a Super Special High High Quality 3-in-1 Over-Nighter Kit. For when he stays over at Yun’s place.

Jeng jeng. Pillow, bolster and mat. High high Kamdar quality.

At first we wanted to get him a Manchester United mat, but then the dude told us they were sold out.

SO we ma buy him the next best thing – a Liverpool mat.


The rationale was that he would be able to pijak on Liverpool everyday mar. But then hor, he’s gonna use it when he sleeps at Yun’s house wor. Is lying on the mat still considered menghina Liverpool?

Anyhuu, totally forgot to take a photo of the mat’s design boo =( But I’m sure everyone knows how the Liverpool emblem looks like right?

Shopping in Kamdar: FUN!

Drove back to Subang so Alwyn could change outfits (wtf like girl only) before arriving at our destination at 9.35pm. Wow only 5 minutes late, damn punctual!

According to the guys it’s cause there was only one girl in the car, and that one girl wasn’t the driver/Shun. Wtf.

House specialty was Morriston Gold, 2 bottles for RM555 I think. Cheap cheap. Yes I brought 2 handbags cause Aunty Liping had to bring her whole house along.

Stupid guys kept popping into the background argh!

AHAH finally the attention is all mine =)

Took me A LOT of patience and A LOT of time to finally get a pic of them with all eyes open.

Yun, Uncle Alex wtf, Kitty and Ze Han.

Orang ramai yang aku tak kenal.

Yun the honourable gf and I.

More of Uncle Alex wtf, Kitty and Ze Han.

WOAH. Not good. This is what happens when a bad angle combines with a head going into reverse gear.

Me and batangs. Thanks to CARISSA YAP, KHOR YENLI and LAM SHUN CHIN who FFKed (Must put full name to make them malu a bit).

Camwhored with Kien Fei while the other guys were taking a ciggy break aih. Da boy gotz skillz!

Forced the waiter to pretend to shake something for my photo lol.

Yes bar was empty save for our group.

3AR Mitzvah (Jaeshen: What’s that 3 in front? I’m your number 3 is it? WTFHAHAHAH! Inside joke, sorry.)

Neo Damansara is still super quiet and ulu. Not really a good place to run a bar don’t you think?

Midnight struck and we all gathered around the cake to usher in Shiu Kao’s 24th birthday.

Well, I suppose it can be considered half her present too.

In case you’re wondering, we used the mat to wrap around the pillow and the bolster cause there’s no way in hell we were going to susah payah tape newspaper all around it. And then we got so bored we started drawing on the mat lolz. But it’s ok, its only the underside ma didn’t destroy the beautiful LIVERPOOL motif also.

ZOMG I still can’t get used to this number!! 24 24 24 should be a tv series, not our age!!!

And then things quickly went downhill from then on for Shiu Kao who downed half a bottle of whisky along with 2 pints of Carlsberg thanks to his wonderful girlfriend. I think she was just trying to get him drunk ASAP so she could go home earlier to sleep lol.

Yup. He died soon after this.

And this.

Teaching Su Khok the Art of Bimbo.

My dahlings <333threethreewhygotthreebehindwanahwtfbetul.

The difference between a professional and a noob: It’s all in the eyes.

Birthday boy decided to take the party outside.

Let me guess. Char koey teow?

Got nothing better to do while waiting for him to finish puking.

If you see your name here, please pay up to Alwyn.

Mat getting out of shape edi.

Bored artists at work.

Just in case the night was all just a blur to him.

I’m sorry, my drawing lacks a bit in the talent department.

Finally, Shiu Kao stopped puking and we decided it was time to call it a night. Dragged his ass into the car omg thank goodness Yun can drive his car so macho. Next time if my bf drunk how ah? I think die die also he won’t let me touch his car lor. Unless he drives a Kelisa too! Hmmm.

More puke upon reaching his house. He could hardly stand up man!

Rugi only he didn’t puke a minute earlier while he was still outside the house. His mum is gonna be so pissed.

Went to comfort Yuki who was in the toilet probably feeling kind of bewildered by all the commotion.

After that Yun left to probably go scrub off the layers of dried crusty puke from her arms while Alfred, Su Khok, Ze Han and I yumcha-ed at Tanjung.


It’s such a sad thing Shiu Kao probably only got to enjoy 30 minutes of his birthday before dying lolz. I really don’t understand why guys enjoy torturing themselves like this just to show they’re man wtf.

Very man meh? I think very stupid lor. But what do I know, I’m not man also.

Anyway yeah, HAPPY 24TH BIRTHDAY! For the next 1 month all of us will have to call you kor kor edi proud or not!


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Yun
    Jan 09, 2010 @ 18:33:45

    LOL..i saw the pic d…but still my head is bigger than urs…eekekkeek

    Thanks all of u for attending and making it a memorable one…. *HuGs*


  2. barbiesoo
    Jan 10, 2010 @ 21:07:22

    no lah same size leh!! and i have like 1 or 2 chins more than u samo T.T

    thanks to shiu kao for his performance that night lolz!!!

    and i think yen wanted to kutuk my “kalafeh” cantonese wtf…


  3. Yenli
    Jan 11, 2010 @ 00:24:09

    HAHAHHA how you know one!!!!!!!! kalafeh omgggggggg noob 😛


  4. barbiesoo
    Jan 11, 2010 @ 08:23:35

    cause that was the only cantonese word in this post.. if not kalafeh then what’s it supposed to be??


  5. Fei
    Jan 11, 2010 @ 20:19:13

    eh eh btw im not dota-ing with alwyn. He is playing online games himself @.@ Im so damn innocenttt.
    ehh i miss the graffiti part ! 😡 and hor i got myself a nice pic eh, with my eyes wide open heehehehe. Pro enough ! ^^


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