A Baby’s First Steps

Mr Soon Seng came over on Christmas day to pass me “Some Stuff”.

Turned out to be a Christmas gift he handcrafted himself.

Nicely wrapped too. Impressed, I am.

ZOMG like frigging cute lar!

Who would have thought shells looked so good with Santa accessories.

Placed the Santa Shells into the crabitat, but neither Chloe nor Rascal took to them. Gee, I wonder why.

Anyhuu, I couldn’t bear to see the dear things getting stained with dirt, so the Santa Shells are now sitting on my office desk, in place of my 2 babies themselves hohum.

Thanks for such a creative gift, Soon Seng!


Sunday was kancheongness man!!!!!!!!

I had just reached home from the PeeDee trip, and I came up to my room to check on my babies, Chloe and Rascal.

Picked Rascal up and he terus hid in his shell. Still not too fond of me it seems boo.

Picked Chloe up and omg she slid halfway out of her shell. Like she was literally just dangling there!!!


SUPER PANIC lor that time!

Quickly placed her in a small container and poured salt water on her. I thought she was dying due to kekeringan cause this stupid Rascal overturned the water oyster-shell-bowl again.

No help.

She kept sliding out more and more, millimeter by millimeter. Huuhuu. I could see that her eyes had turned grey – a sign of dead corneas wtf which meant she was dying. But the inner side of her body was still pink and heaving as though she was struggling to breathe.

And then!!!

Suddenly, the whole thing slid out.

And underneath it, in the shell, lay another exoskeleton – this one bright pink in colour!

ZOMG! Chloe just molted!!!!

[Definition of molt: Periodic shedding of the cuticle in arthropods or the outer skin in reptiles. It’s like how snakes change their skins lar. Apparently hermit crabs not only change their siput shells as they grow, they change their actual exoskeleton as well!]


Super stoked man! Like, what are the chances of you being around right at the exact moment your hermit crab decides to push off its old exoskeleton??!! Thank god thank god!

The ugly thing on the right is the exoskeleton she just shed.

With flash.

The thing looks damn kao gross ok! I didn’t want to pick it up, so I used a pair of scissors to push it into the food bowl. Cause I’m supposed to leave it there for them to eat to replenish their calcium levels wtf.

Even the eyes and antennae kena shed leh!

Chloe spent another couple of days hiding in her siput shell while her new exoskeleton hardened and turned from pink to purple. Now I know why this type of hermit crabs are called “purple pinchers”.

I feel like a mum watching her baby take her first steps!! Or maybe like a mum who just gave birth lol. So happie hehehe!

As for Rascal, well, that fella moved into the stupid balitong shell which inhibited his movement quite a bit. So I used a pair of bigass pliers (or whatever you call them) to cut off the top part of the shell.

From this punk rocker shell wtf…

To this. Lol.

Mummy mummy am I handsome??

Don’t think he even realises there’s a hole in his side. He seems happy enough.

Nicely done *pats self on back.

And finally, I kutiped quite a lot of coral (they were already dead and washed up on the beach so it’s not illegal ok) from PeeDee and brought them home for my babies.

Now their home feels so much more organic and natural.

All I need now is one of those mini bubbling fountain thingies to simulate the moving waters of the ocean. Wonder where I can get one hmm.

Home sweet home.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. soon seng
    Jan 02, 2010 @ 15:16:43

    you’re welcome! there are 2 santa clauses sitting around without their hats at the moment…


  2. barbiesoo
    Jan 02, 2010 @ 16:49:15

    LOLZ super funny! K i’ll be on the lookout for cute Barbie hats that they might enjoy wearing…


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