Sisterhood of the Strawberry Slippers @ Pee Dee

[Warning: This post has 40 photos. Actually we took damn gila babi a lot of photos so it was hell having to choose which to put up on my blog boo. Will upload the rest on FB.]

Just had the most amazingly awesome weekend at Port Dickson of all places – awesome only because I was in the company of my hengtais and chimuis <333

Initial plan was for Alwyn to drive Shun and I down to Seremban to meet up with Su Khok who was already there. Then, Alwyn would go to work (his construction site happens to also be in Seremban weee) whilst the 3 of us headed of for a weekend getaway:
Saturday: Port Dickson for a night of crab hunting
Sunday: Malacca for a day of food hunting

50% of plan jadi saje.

Met up with Su Khok (who had just woken up ish) who brought us to the Pasar Besar Seremban W.T.F. for Hakka mee. Damn smelly ok.

Waiting for sei Su Khok to get his ass off his bed.

Why we call him “Alwyn the Cow Killer”.

Real pasar with real smelly chickens and fish wtf.

Finally managed to eat the Hakka mee he’s been yakking about since centuries ago.

Never been to the pasar in Subang, but at least I can say I’ve been to Pasar Besar Seremban lol.

Right after breakfast, Alwyn left for work and we stopped by at Jusco (the kononnye hippest shopping mall in Seremban) to pick up:
1. Disposable BBQ pit to BBQ our crabs.
2. Sausages to BBQ in case got no crab, plus drinks.
3. Hair band.
4. Slippers (Ah Lam Shun Chin forgot hers).

All of us ended up getting matching pairs of RM4.90 slippers since they were so cute and cheap lol (see end of post).

After Jusco, we stopped by at the Seremban Museum. Just for the heck of it. Free entry ma.

ME: Look! Look! Canon!!
Shun: HAR? That’s a gatling gun lar.
Su Khok: *Whacks his engineer forehead. That’s a STEAM ENGINE lar!

Well it looked like a canon to me =(

Some stupid rumah panjang istana thing.

Climbed up to the attic which was freaking creepy and dusty.

I can now proudly say I’ve been to the Seremban Museum sial!

Air Cap Badak Tiga Kaki wtf to keep the heat at bay.

Drove down to Pee Dee and begun our tiresome search for a place to stay. Hadn’t bothered making any reservations so we were pretty much screwed as there were so goddamn many people in PD fighting for available rooms with us!

Finally got a room at the Corus Paradise Resort for RM248 whoop dee doo!

Could have fit 4 people in the 2 double beds.

After settling down, we wanted to go down to the beach to kai kai but waddaya know it started raining!! T.T There was absolutely nothing to do in the hotel and we got so bored and hungry and grumpy sobs.

Squandered some time at the hotel’s K-Box. RM1.50 per song.

He was shy at first, but eventually the emotions came through.

Went back up to our room to wait for Alwyn, Jae Shen and Kien Fei to drive down from Subang. Good thing they’re so damn rajin to drive here and there to kai kai hehe.

Fell asleep while waiting for them. By the time they arrived it was already 9pm and we were starving.

I *LOVE* this place: Chardin Seaview.

They had RM248/kg Alaska King Crabs.

They also had huge *ahems*.

At dinner, Alwyn dropped a bomb on us.

According to some geeky website which tells you the tide punya time, it was already high tide by then. Which means our crab hunting confirm tak jadi.


So sad man. Nebermind, we headed down to the beach anyways.


We still managed to catch loads of crabs.

Just not the type you expected.

We came across tonnes of hugeass hermit crabs.

And a couple of tiny baby can-eat-punya crabs.


Major FAIL. Thank god we had backup: Sausages! OM NOM NOM.

Lam yan trying and failing to get the BBQ started.

Gave up on the charcoal and just used loads of Alwyn’s engineering notes to “open fire” to cook our sausages lol.

Warning! Warning! Shun Chin cannot cook.

Spent the rest of the night taking ten thousand photos with some random street light that happened to be in front of us.

At first the photos were kinda normal-ish, but as time passed we started getting more and more creative with our poses lol.




So WRONG man!

All legs on the pole!

All hands on the pole!

I felt like some Arnold Susahnakeja bimbo!

He likes to do it Superman style.

Semua sudah KO. They didn’t stay overnight tho – they drove back after a very short rest boo.

The next day was bright and sunny, so we were ecstatic!

Had decided not to go down to Malacca after all cause it was already getting on in the day, so we changed into our tees and shorts and ran down to the beach for a couple of hours of sun and sea.

The Corus’ trademark man-made cove thingy.

Played in the water til we got roasted. Su Khok was a real bitch and kept trying to drown me and dump sand in Shun’s hair. Pembuli!

Then we took a ride on a banana boat which is always thrilling, although it was scary when they made us fall off the boat and my legs got entangled with Shun’s and we both thought we would die.


Shorty porty shadows.

Poser shmosers.

Took a quick bath and were done right on time, when the bellboy came to halau us from our room cause it was an hour past checkout.

Walked to Su Khok’s car which was parked illegally by the side of the road (cause there weren’t enough parking spaces for all the guests wtf!) only to discover a Polis DiRaja traffic summons stuck underneath its wipers.


But not to worry. Li Ping is very 38 wan.

The day before while we were checking in, I was eavesdropping on the lady in front of me punya conversation with the concierge. Cause I just like to eavesdrop.

And I overheard him telling the lady that the hotel would settle any summons we kena from parking illegally along the road.

Thank god thank god see being 38 really has its benefits also wan.

So we handed the summons over to the hotel and drove off for lunch.

Ended up back at Chardin where we had another delicious albeit slightly pricey seafood lunch.

And then we drove back to Seremban to tapau siew paos which habiskan all our money so I came home with only 35sen left in my purse boo.

And that’s the end of my fabulous weekend getaway with the Sisterhood of the Strawberry Slippers.




2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. wsk
    Jan 12, 2010 @ 12:57:42

    it was super fun that day, but i did not consistenly try to drop you into the water le unlike you two la that gang up to kenakan me.


  2. barbiesoo
    Jan 12, 2010 @ 16:05:45

    er well we wouldn’t have if u hadn’t dumped sand on shun’s head!


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