Christmas Eve’s Eve @ Jogoya

This year, our Christmas gathering was held at Jogoya, on the eve of Christmas Eve, no less.


We decided to have our dinner on Christmas eve’s eve instead of the 24th itself cause Jogoya’s “Buy 1, Second @ RM9.90” promotion ends on the 23rd. Cheapskate, but smart =) RM50 per pax only leh lidat!

Had firmly nagged everyone to leave Subang at 8 sharp (i.e. 7.30 for Shun) cause we didn’t want to be late. But as usual we ended up leaving late.

No matter, we arrived at Jogoya at 9.30 on the dot. Right on time to eat, yes?


The queue was like seriously damn bloody long lar goddammit. You can see like damn a lot of people standing behind us in the pictures.

Nvm. RM50…RM50…I have patience…

Managed to persuade everybody to play Secret Santa again this year, and we had the presents wrapped in standardised newspapers HAHA!

Alwyn bringing bagfuls of rubbish into Jogoya lol.

Moi with Jae Shen and Shun.

Isn’t my colourful faux snakeskin clutch absolutely FABULOUS??!! *lovelovelove.

Finally got in and settled down after some arguing with the waiters about the positioning of our table ish.

My shoes were killing me, so I got the rest to fetch the food while I sat my big fat ass down to jaga table.

Clever Alfred got me a plate of oysters. I died and went to heaven =)

Camwhored whilst waiting for everyone to return.

Wasabi goodness.

At one point Alwyn fetched 8 (EIGHT) frigging coconuts in one go!

Alfred and moi.

Coconut… coconut… coconut…

Coconut… coconut… cOcOnut… kokonut!

Having another good laugh together.

Love you guys <333

Alright. Time to exchange our “rubbish”.

Sei Alfred didn’t even hav the courtesy of using cellophane tape wth!

Bitch damn mengada.

Shun and I pakat to buy the couple a pair of matching cushions awwww lol. They were like “EH HOW COME SO NGAM WAN” for about 3 seconds before realising that we obviously planned it.

Su Khok bought an MU cushion for Alfred, and didn’t even bother to remove the pink plastic bag before wrapping it in the newspaper WTH!

When in doubt of what to buy, just buy cushions lol.

Shiu Kao bought Alwyn a WATER GUN wth!!! For what??? Nvm we can play with it when we go to PD.

Alwyn bought Shun a shoe box full of Christmassy goodies.

Cannot sabar already, all open at the same time only lar.

Shiu Kao bought Su Khok a dog door stopper, Alfred bought gave Jae Shen his memang-ada-kat-rumah-already-punya HUGEASS lighter and Yen bought me a pink Minnie Mouse water bottle wtf.

How is it that all our presents consist of nonsense??

Oh well it’s the thought that counts, right?

They had these snails that were supposed to be cooked in soup and I rather fancied the shells, so I tapaued a few for my hermit crabs!!

Went home and scattered the shells around the crabitat.

Woke up this morning and got a real shock!!

There are now like 5 empty shells in the crabitat, and of all the shells, Rascal decided to choose the paling WTF one.

Really W.T.F. I dunno how to describe.


HOW THE F IS HE GOING TO MOVE??? How is he going to climb and burrow and fit into the food bowl??

It’s damn cute lar but really dumb. Geez I guess hermit crabs don’t have much intelligence after all. But at least Rascal has got some serious good taste in fashion just like his momma lol.


Anyhoo, dinner at Jogoya was seriously fun.

I’m glad we still managed to gather almost everyone together this year =)


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