Christmas Eve @ Opera

OK I’m doing some hardcore blogging today – this is my second post already (see below). Reason why is because I’ll be going down to PD/Malacca for the weekend and I do not want a backlog of posts to overwhelm me.

Had a late lunch/dessert at SS15 with the guys before both Alfred and I realised we were late for our dinner plans and had to rush home.

Had only an hour to get ready so I skipped the false eyelashes as usual boo =(

Rush off to Jaya 33 for dinner with the colleagues. Ate at Vietnam Kitchen which was really damn sad but what to do, we didn’t make any reservations anywhere and everywhere else was full.

Was supposed to head over to Guinness Anchor Berhad for their free-flow tavern thingy but by the time we were done with dinner, the tavern was pretty much closing up.

Met Shun and her colleague, Swee Sin, at Pyramid for our Christmas eve party at the newly opened Opera.

Actually it was a bit weird cause the only person I knew was Shun, and the only person Shun knew was Swee Sin, but the people we were with constituted 75 hardcore party-goers.

Total bill came up to RM10,000++ ZOMG!

Nvm, Swee Sin covered for Shun and I awwww thank you <333 I always love a free party lol.

The place itself was a huge mess cause there were just so god damn many people trying to force themselves through the tiny entrance pass the buff bouncers.

Waiting to get our hands stamped by the stupid grumpy lady.

They renovated the place to look like some awesome high-class opera theater.

Waited for so damn long ok! STRESSSS! Ok lar. Confirm NO MORE whatever-eve parties for me. On New Year’s Eve I shall just read a book or something lol.

In line with its name, there was some Chinese opera performance going on.

DJ booth located above the stage.

The club itself was really quite cool.

The ground floor was the main area, the 1st floor was a bar, 2nd floor was the VIP area (where we were) and the highest floor was the Observatory which is some open-air bar.

But sad to say there wasn’t a dance floor omgwtfbbq! No wonder there were more guys than girls there ish.

Cool chairs.

Entertaining ourselves while waiting for the drinks to arrive.

Some balance-umbrella-on-feet performance.

By the time we got our drinks it was already 11.45pm wth and our mixers weren’t even here yet!! So we just downed everything like that and I died soon after. Boo.

Haven’t died in a very very very long time. In fact, the last time I felt like this was probably during Yen’s 19th at Maison wtf.

Me = Died.

Mwerri Kissmass!

People on the 2nd floor eagerly awaiting the countdown.

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! *Sprays plastic snow on buddy.

Went up to the Observatory to get a breather.

Shun dan aku sudah merah.

This trapeze-ish act was really dangerous cause there wasn’t any safety net or harness so she could have slipped and died! On Christmas!

So Moulin Rouge man!

Pretty cool juggling performace.

Shun and some super lame dude who kept trying to impress us with card tricks.

Swee Sin’s buddies.

He got so agitated when we forced him to don the Santa hat lol.

Swee Sin with Shun livin it up.

Yup. Still sitting down.

Guys guys and more guys OM NOM NOM.

Do not remember any names tho.

Towards the end, everyone started getting rather heavy on the wild factor and it freaked me out a bit.

I guess I just don’t feel that safe partying with people I don’t know, although they were all perfectly nice.

They decided they were too sexy for their shirts.

Mmmm eye candy. Ugh.

And then one of the dudes just HAD to demonstrate his machoness by setting his manhood on fire wth!

It was damn gross ok! At first I didn’t know what the hell he was doing cause I was still pretty tipsy, but then Swee Sin shouted in my ear “HIS PUBIC HAIR!!! OMG CAN’T YOU SEE?!!” then I got the shock of my life.

Giant lighter samo.


Not exactly what I wanted to see on Christmas day.

Anyway at 3am everyone poured out of the club pissed drunk and then a fight ensued between one of Swee Sin’s friends and his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend wtf damn drama.

Damn potong stim lar end the night with a fight.

So a few of us just had a drink at Station 1 before heading home.

I dunno what I feel about last night.

In a way it was pretty exciting and all, but I don’t think I’m really comfortable partying with these people. Sigh. Plus Opera don’t got no dance floor.

Woke up with a slight hang-over which totally sucks.

Now I gotta go clean up my crabitat cause Rascal spilt the water again zzz. Being a mum is tough work.

Merry Christmas everyone! xoxo

Please keep our city clean. Throw rubbish where it belongs.


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