Willy Wonka wtf

I think I may have an Adverse Drug Reaction report to write out. Cause the Zyrtec (cetrizine 10mg) tablet I took this morning has left me feeling seriously horribly dizzy and downright wonky.


That could just be caused by the cold I’m having.

2 weeks already ahhhhhhh when oh when am I gonna recover boohoo aku mau pigi clubbing larrrrr.

And instead of resting like a good girl should, I decided to go through my wardrobe. Just for the heck of it. Because honestly if I don’t do this every now and then, I’ll totally forget what I have at the back of my closet.

Also did something I haven’t done in a very very long time – I played dress up =)

[Mum took my Canon camera along with her to Sabah so I’m left with the stupid Sony which I hatehatehate the pics came out horrible boo T.T]

Thought of wearing this for our Christmas eve’s eve dinner @ Jogoya but it’s just too… decent wtf.

Just bought the aquamarine necklace from Fashion Supermarket at 1U *superlove*. Worn with stars necklace from Vincci.

Discovered this lovely black/white dress (doesn’t come with the red belt) at Fabulous which was priced at only RM50 zomg!

Makes me feel so… me! I know I know I should learn to be more articulate; it’s a Malaysian thing.

These days, colours seem to be the name of the game. Who would have thought purple went so well with orange!

A little more kookiness with a blue/white-striped (looks grey in the pic sobs) ribbon.

If ever I attend a pajama-themed clubbing event, this is what I would wear. Bought it for like 12 bucks or something *bangga*.

Paired with my as-of-now favourite skirt.

Bejeweled off-shoulder top with the skirt.

Turned my all-time-favourite slutty mini dress…

…into a top paired with the same ol’ skirt again, plus a belt.

Being mengada as always.

I know lar, I suck as a model.

Eh it’s like damn frigging hard to like on timer -> balance camera sideways -> run to wall -> pose properly in 10 seconds ok.

Don’t believe you try and see lar.

Still piffed about the abominable quality of the photos pfft =(


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. soon seng
    Dec 18, 2009 @ 02:28:31

    strangely, the first few are clear, then it slowly gets blur….

    haha.. why didn’t just ask someone to take for you?


  2. barbiesoo
    Dec 21, 2009 @ 08:23:18

    maybe my camera just got tired hahahaa…

    er i doubt my bro will layan me camwhoring hor…


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