So I’m like super bummed right now.

My voice makes me sound like I’m one of the Decepticons wtf (I am serious) and I’m coughing my head off every 2 seconds. Pfft.

Best of all, Wong Su Khok decided that he was free to yumcha tonight. Great just great.

Took a shot of whisky on the rocks just to see if it would help with the voice thing, but all it did was make Blair and Serena on Gossip Girl seem fuzzy my world is spinning round and round and round ladida. Drinking at home alone in my PJs isn’t exactly fun hor.

Yes yes I’m not much of a drinker -_-

And right at this moment while The Gang is having a traditional Welcome Home yumcha session for Su Khok, poor ol’ me is sitting home blogging about how miserable my life is geez.

Was supposed to go too, but I pulled out after realising viruses on maggi goreng wouldn’t be too appetising for the others.

And because I was so bored stuck at home all weekend, I decided to fashion a new mansion-crabitat for Chloe and Rascal. Out of random things I found around the house, may I add, which means I didn’t have to spend a penny weee =)

Waaaaay bigger than their previous tiny, albeit blinged, cottage.

Here we have a stray Pyramid of Giza onto which I glued a pink fishnet bow to aid in their ascent.

And of course every well-to-do hermit crab must have a cosy cave to hide under when some intruders come a-knocking.

The oasis to end all oases. First, we have a gorgeous porcelain cup from which they will drink their expensive seasalt water, surrounded by precious stones of various hues. Behind it lies their sandpit where they might burrow into should they wish to, shaded by a plastic palm tree leaf thingy. And leading up to it is a 15th century piece of driftwood carved by no less than the revered Crabellini.

Ah bullshit abounds when I’m bored at home. Anyway the reason I had to give them a deep sandpit was because kiamsiap me only scattered a thin layer of sand throughout the rest of their mansion. Mmmhmm, genius I know.

Oh lord doesn’t this magnificently beautiful cactus just bring the whole desert theme together?

See Su-Ann I kept the balloon!

Sorry, mummy spent all the money on your mansion so you’ll have to eat grass for dinner =(

Rascal and Chloe striking a pose. I always knew they took after me.

I know a desert-themed crabitat isn’t exactly what comes to mind when you think of crabs, but my 2 idiots seem to not like water so much. In fact, they totally freaked out when I put them in a pool of water. Geez, crabs don’t swim?

Ok time to go take a nap. Throat oh throat please please please recover by tomorrow I don’t wanna have to take MC on Monday boo.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. soon seng
    Dec 13, 2009 @ 01:06:39

    Hey, you’re still awake past your normal time!

    Nice work on the new place. The two crustaceans are looking good too.

    Get well soon!


  2. Yenli
    Dec 13, 2009 @ 04:06:54

    i didn’t go too 😦


  3. barbiesoo
    Dec 14, 2009 @ 10:29:41

    ss: yeah cause i was gearing up to go yumcha, manatau i decided i was too sick lol. thanks, my babies are pretty happy now =)

    yen: yeah only alwyn and sk went actually ish. and they broke into alfreds house after that i think haha.


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