Wokay. My greatest fear has just been realised.

I have utterly and completely lost my voice due to a cold/flu/whatever.


Looks like all bets for a fun weekend are off *teary eyes.

Had a yumcha session at Pappa Rich last night, and their hot fresh lemon honey seemed to aggravate my cough. I hope Yen doesn’t come down with a cold next, after eating her toast dripping in my viruses.

Looks like we gotta get Su-Ann to disinfect the whole office (inside joke hohum).
Oh and will you guys please please hurry up and pick a date for our Xmas dinner??!! (23rd or 24th ONLY!)
Pissed off at stupid Su Khok for coming home without so much as a phone call or email detailing his whereabouts for the next 4 days. Is he even alive?? It’s a mystery we can only solve next week zzz.
Feels as though I’m going wonkers.

Definitely need a getaway to reconnect with myself and reality.

Working in a little cubicle from Monday to Friday certainly has its adverse effects on sanity.

Anybody up for eloping?


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