The End of a Dry Spell @ ZOUK

Went to Zouk last night and ohmygosh I had sooooooooo much fun! It has been absolutely ages since I had a proper clubbing session (defined as the absence of a boyfriend plus >2 hours of dancing) and I had forgotten how much I really really really love it! Last night resurrected my passion for hitting the dance floor, and mark my words, there’ll be many more sessions coming right up =)

I miss putting on heavy make up aww sheesh.

Peeps who went were Shun, Karen, Khik (Shun’s colleague) plus Voon Yuen and Su-Ann (my colleagues). It was Su-Ann’s official popping of the cherry cause she was a clubbing virgin lol.

Had to pick VY, Su-Ann and Shun up (Shun offered to drive but we all know that’s NOT a good idea – see below) so by the time we were actually at Zouk it was already 12.30am T.T

Parked in Hotel Maya which has these chunted double-parking ramp thingys that can be moved when cars want to exit.

Moi, Su-Ann and Voon Yuen on our first clubbing night together awww*

Damn tulan. I was the only one whose IC got checked at the entrance wth! Halo 23 edi leh! Ish do I really look that noob?

Getting our table + bottle was another hassle cause the place was pretty much a full-house already. Damn expensive samo, RM389 for VSOP sobs I hate having to pay where are guys when you need em =(

1 bottle divided by 6 ain’t enough by far sigh.

Karen, Shun, Moi and Su-Ann honeyboo.

Forced everyone to down their drinks as quickly as possible so we could hit the dance floor ASAP. Took us less than 15 minutes to finish the entire bottle I think hahaha. Had just about enough to get a wee bit tipsy which was good.

MmmMmm armpit smells good!

Failed group shot.

Doesn’t this picture make you wanna go *awwww?

My hot honeybunnies.

Got some aunty on the podium behind us lol.

Ooo the girl on the right has silver and gold hair highlights wth.

OK let’s now move on to the naughty photos!

Shun and Karen had quite a bit of girl on girl action – no surprise here. I guess it’s just cause Karen’s a really responsible clubbing buddy who spent the whole night making sure Shun didn’t go dirty dance with random lala bengs hahaha!



MmmmMmm two girls lost in the moment.


Shun doing her infamous backbend. Even that dude seems afraid.

Right before the clock struck 3, I spotted Jo-Lynn (Bilin@Yap Li-Lynn’s sister) and we screamed and hugged and dance together for awhile. Definitely brings back the memories of her scolding us kids during Pandu Puteri meetings lol.

Jojo <333 Crap now I miss Bilin even more.

Seafieldians always forever.

Groupie with Jo and uhh Jonathan was it?

Headed to SS2 Murni for a nightcap and smart ol’ me insisted that Shun sat in Khik’s car. Actually it was cause I knew she would be damn kau annoyingly chatty. Manatau she ended up puking in the car and on herself and on Karen’s hands ROFL!!!

Thank god thank god!

If you think I’m damn mean, you’re wrong. I just know Shun too well haha!

Murni turned out to not be opened 24 hours a day, so we detoured to McD’s instead.

If you’re wondering what we did about Shun, well, we just wound down the car windows a crack and locked her in. Even she admitted that she’s used to that kind of treatment already lol.

KO-ed in Khik’s car.

And of course she became the subject of much camwhoring.

The good friend in me remembered to bring antacids for gastric-prone Shun see see I’m such a caring friend hahaha (sorry for the blurry pic, I was laughing too hard).

4am means McD’s breakfast yumyum!!

Dug through Shun’s handbag and found all sorts of nonsense! Like Doraemon’s pocket man wtf.

Somehow her pantyhose ended up in the handbag as well hahahaha!

OK this is a photo of Shun’s own phone. Apparently she saved her own number in (as Audrey Lam) for god knows what reason. Can’t remember her own number? I wouldn’t be surprised -_-

After our supper/breakfast, Voon Yuen teman-ed me to go send Shun back home.

Ended up spending a frustratingly looooong time trying to break into her house cause her door itself has like 4 frigging locks wth.

Halfway through our break-in, waddaya know, Shun’s neighbour came home (Andrew Tan) and stared at us, before he recognised me.

Damn embarassing ok! Especially for Shun cause Andrew and gf came over to the car to get a peep at her hahahaha.

Finally managed to complete the car->couch transfer by 5.40am (see clock on wall) *HIGH 5 VOON YUEN! Decided to fool around for a bit.

Close up of her pwetty Xmas tree =)

At least she was conscious enough to cover her face lol.

By the time I got home it was about 6.30am and my maid was already up and about oops.

Had a really good night. My only grouse was that we arrived so late. Will try to be more punctual next week =)))


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  1. soon seng
    Dec 10, 2009 @ 00:24:58

    Hoho.. its somehow fun to have fun at the expense of other people’s drunkenness.

    Next stop for you: The Opera!


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