Of a wedding and my babies

Early on Sunday, Voon Yuen, Su-Ann and I met up at Subang Parade of all places for breakfast and a brief shopping stint. Our mission was to buy matching stuff for our workplaces but it failed cause Parkson sucks.

EDM, being the smart one, only joined us later on, when we were more or less done with scouring Parkson.

And then, the 4 of us headed down to Klang to attend Azri + Maya’s wedding.

This was my first Malay wedding ever, and also the first time a friend was getting married (Jing Mein’s registration not counted) so I was understandably pretty excited. And that’s not even considering the fact that both Azri and Maya are colleagues of ours and we’ve been teasing them into getting married for a whole year!!!

Apparently Malay weddings aren’t as elaborate and extravagant as Chinese ones, so we dressed down in jeans and blouses (except EDM who wore a shirt lar).

Their wedding must be one of the more elaborate ones cause there was a massive row of lovely tents.

There were people making cendol for the guests *slurps.

The newlyweds looking resplendent in their matching outfits.

Su-Ann honeyboo and I.

Eng Tat, EDM, Voon Yuen, me and Su-Ann honeyboo.

The cutting of the cake literally took 10 minutes cause so much photo-taking was going on.

EDM looking damn aunty with his blue handbag.

Adat resam bersanding.

Groupie of the bureau gang + Linda’s bf (left-most).



Chester holding the wedding invitation and the super cute doorgift-bag.

Random: Su-Ann honeyboo bought me a bellystud from Thailand as a souvenir/Xmas gift =)))

We weren’t there for very long before it started raining BAH spoiler betul. But anyway most of the guests, who had probably been there all morning, were beginning to leave, so we all wished the couple our very best wishes and left.

Congrats Azri and Maya!!! =)


Brought Chloe and Rascal home today, cause I wanted to change their sand. The one I had bought was synthetic and probably wasn’t very healthy for them.

Susah-payah went to Summit after work in search of sand, and found it at the Creepy Crawly shop, as I had expected. Damn expensive – 4.5kgs cost me RM55!!! Geez I’m really investing a whole lot here! Bought a little hollow kayu thingy for them to hide inside too.

Their re-refurbished home and my horrible parquet floor.

Rascal looking super adorable!

Love those beady eyes!!!

Rascal giving me some sexy leg action.

Rascal on the left, Chloe on the right.

Besides the slight variations in their shells, I can tell them apart by their personalities – Chloe is waaay more chicken than Rascal, as demonstrated by this photo.

So I’m like really glad they didn’t die over the long weekend when I left them alone at the office. As a matter of fact, I sorta think their time alone did them good, cause they seem a lot more active now =)

Random: I got a new maid, and she arrived a day before the old one left. Good coordination allows the old to teach the new the ropes.

My dog who has bitten countless people always seems to be able to tell the maids apart from non-maids, and always gives them a fond welcome cause he knows they’ll be the ones feeding him wth.

Oh yeah and whilst I was choosing the sand, the petshop man asked if I liked the outdoors and I lied and said okok. Then he invited me to join him on some camping trips and I was like OH NO lol. As much as I adore nature, I will probably never go camping ever!


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