Chloe Baby & Rascal

My dog and his cat (yes my dog owns a cat wtf) seem to have become increasingly skilled at fitting the both of them on his small chair.


My cat, on the other hand, seems to have the entire household to herself.

But more interesting than that, I just got myself a new pet(s)!!!

It started off when Soon Seng and I were discussing about how boring our desks looked, and how we should buy more pink stuff to decorate them with (well, pink was my idea lar).

And then he mentioned wanting to buy fishes, and then I got all excited cause the thought had in fact crossed my mind as well.

But then I realised that the fishes might die when we don’t go to work on weekends. When I told Soon Seng this, he reassured me that they were quite hardy and would be able to survive a couple of days without food. Although it’s probably quite cruel to let them diet lar lol.

On Sunday, Soon Seng and I were at Sunway Pyramid to meet up with a couple of friends who just got back from UK/NZ. And he told me that he had in fact gone ahead with Plan A and gotten himself 3 blue hedijwn (dunno what he said lar).

So of course I was damn jealous and wanted to get myself fishes NOW NOW NOW.

I dragged him to the pet store to help pick out a few pretty fishes but sadly, none really caught my eye.

And just when we were about to head out of the store, I saw them!!!

An aquarium full of busily burrowing HERMIT CRABS!

OMG so cuteeeeeeeeeeeee!

And without much further consideration, I bought a hermit crab along with all the necessary jazz.

A small aquarium, food pellets, a water dish, aquarium salt and a spare shell lest it decides to change its wardrobe. Oh and bling-blings too, of course! Came up to a total of RM65.

I decided to call her Chloe cause I just love that name! Besides Su Ann, of course. If I have two daughters in the future, that’s what Imma name em =) Assuming my hubby has a suitable surname of course heh. Can you imagine if I marry Mr Rah then my daughter would be called Chloe Rah which sounds too much like Cholera. Although I’ve never actually met anyone with that surname, but you never know lar right.

I tried blinging up Chloe’s shell, but the naughty girl kept popping out and startling me so I gave up.

Meet Chloe Baby!

Instead, I blinged up her spare shell, so that when she shifts into it, she’ll officially be the chio-est hermit crab on earth!

Matches my nail polish too =)

I know I know, looks pretty sparse.

Chloe Baby got all excited about her new pool.

But then stupid me forgot the blings weren’t waterproof, so the blings all fell off after her swim ish. I was thinking about waterproof-spraying her blinged spare shell, but I was afraid it would be toxic. So yeah I wasted all that hard work blinging it for nothing boo. Why am I so stupid T.T

Anyhuu, the next day I brought her to work, hoping she would soon settle down and enjoy her new home. But sadly, she just hid in the shell the whole day and refused to eat.


I was so worried I tell you!

I did some research online and found out that hermit crabs are in fact pretty high maintenance in terms of their habitat/crabitat wtf.

They need plenty of space to run around, something to climb, sand to burrow in, a saltwater pool to soak in, a freshwater bowl to drink from, a food bowl and the right temperature/humidity.

Couldn’t do anything about the size of the crabitat since I can’t exactly put a 10 gallon aquarium on my office desk.

I did visit the nearest fish shop to hunt down some new furniture tho. The fish shop man thought I was a bit cuckoo.

Newly pimped crabitat. The bowl for freshwater is actually my mum’s tea cup. Hope mum doesn’t mind teahee (pun intended). And the orange thing in the food bowl is a piece of papaya. Can prevent constipation wtf.

Stuck the crystals on one by one until I went blind.

Damn pretty right??!! Nope. I absolutely do not have anything better to do.

Chloe Baby exercising.

Doing a Prisonbreak, which looks dangerously like suicide.

Anyhuu, after the excitement of her newly pimped home died down, Chloe reverted to her inactive self, hiding in her shell the entire day.

I was so so worried man I tell you!

I then decided to go buy another crabby to accompany her, cause I read that hermit crabs are social creatures and usually don’t live long when they’re kept in isolation.

See kids, this is why it pays to do your research BEFORE committing to something sheesh.


I decided to call him Rascal (yes, by my mighty powers, I can assign them whatever gender I please) cause unlike Chloe, he doesn’t seem to be afraid of me at all. In fact, he has been staring at me the entire time I’m typing this wtf.

You can just about make out his eyes looking at the tissue box lol so cute!

I’ll be bringing him to work tomorrow to live with Chloe.

That is, if she’s still alive of course.

Geez. Please please be alive Chloe Baby T_____T


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mr Rah
    Nov 24, 2009 @ 23:40:17

    laughed till wanna faint when see how u cover the whole shell with bling bling LMAO


  2. soon seng
    Nov 25, 2009 @ 00:16:42

    Wow, you really did a good job with the tank. I had a good laugh at the pet shop, though, and I think the lady attendant did too.. =)

    If i get one, can let them hang out together, or something.


  3. barbiesoo
    Nov 25, 2009 @ 09:43:50

    Mr Rah: damn pretty rite??! Next time I’ll buy waterproof glue to bling up the shell lol. but must make sure it’s not toxic…

    ss: wth no she was not laughing at me! oh can intro them! u know what Pitbull says, 1’s company, 2’s a crowd and 3’s a party lol.


  4. soon seng
    Nov 26, 2009 @ 01:09:20

    Yes, it would be good fun indeed. Oh, and my fish were blue platys. At least, while they were alive, that is.


  5. barbiesoo
    Nov 26, 2009 @ 09:15:10

    blue platys?? by any chance related to platipus?? lol. now they’re very dry blue platys. if u do decide to get a hermit crab call me along ya! oh and i can donate sand to u cause i have plenty left….


  6. andrew
    Nov 27, 2009 @ 07:31:59

    barbiesoo.. i havent had so much laugh just by reading a blog post! Hilarious…how’s Cholera and Rascal doing? lol


  7. barbiesoo
    Nov 28, 2009 @ 02:14:09

    lol… rascal is pretty ok… digging here and there.. chloe seems to be dying.. left them at the office for the weekend, hope they’re still alive when i get back to work on monday…


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