Dim Sum + A New Hairdo

After having only 2.5 hours of sleep (see post below for reason why), I woke up with a horrible headache and bloodshot eyes. Instead of just sleeping for another 15 hours like I normally do on weekends, I had to go have dim sum with the colleagues before “shipping” Ming Teng back off to Sabah boo.

We met up at the dim sum place in Damansara Jaya which was quite a large establishment with plenty of old people already chomping on their breakfast. But seeing as we’re not yet exactly “old people”, it was no surprise every one of us looked downright drowsy and blur at 8.30 on a Sunday morning.

Ming Teng pondering the next time he would be having dim sum.

Voon Yuen decided to skip the contact lenses.

Their “tai pau” is really huge!

The bureau HQ with our first visitor, Ming Teng wtf.

After a hearty meal, we adjourned to Su-Ann’s place to lepak whilst awaiting Ming Teng’s predetermined departure time. Her house is in this really posh neighbourhood – the guard house has a frigging build-in cupboard wtf!! I wouldn’t mind being a guard there man.

Something about the eyes…

Su-Ann’s beautiful garden.

Somebody needs to lose a bit of weight.

Su-Ann darling and I lol.

Her room is full of interesting knick-knacks and art wth.

Sewing ala Soon Seng/Yenli.

My honeybuns.

The time to say goodbye came all too soon, and so we had to send Ming Teng to the Kelana Jaya LRT station and bid farewell. So saddening.

I presume everyone who got posted to East Malaysia would possess a backpack like that.

Right after the farewell, I drove back to Subang to meet up with Yenli and Shun cause it was our “hairdo day”. We were initially scheduled to go to Sungai Wang, but as we were behind our schedule, we decided to just be lazy and go to Summit.

Not-so-clear “before” photo.

Went to Super Style as usual cause no other salon can offer anything nearly as cheap. And quality-wise it’s ok also lar. Beggars can’t really be choosers, so oh well.

I wasn’t sure about getting anything done to my hair, but then it was only RM150 for the dye + cut + treatment so I couldn’t resist. Besides, both Shun and Yen were getting theirs dyed as well, and waiting alone isn’t fun.

Stupid sampat.

“Crocodile” clip.

Yen getting a spot of counselling.

My stylist turned out to be quite the poser as well.

Cling-wrapped head.

They have BOOM BOOM POW heating devices wtf.

She got hungry and decided to go tapau food… looking like that oh god.

Soya bean tong yuen courtesy of my tak tau malu friend.

Hair all done =)

Lending the stylist a helping hand.

Somehow Shun is ALWAYS the last to finish.

Messing around the shop.

Super creepy looking mannequins.

Yen’s bf came just when we were all done – right on time to help us take a few photos and to pay for Yen’s hairdo cause her debit card got rejected lolz!!!

He needs quite a bit of training in taking photos *slaps forehead.

“After” photo.

Can see Shun’s gold highlights.

Random: The conditioner was on 50% discount, so Yen and I decided to share a bottle. And because I’m such a good friend, I’ll give her the half in the original bottle and take the half refilled into the Sunflower mineral bottle lol.

After getting my hair done, it felt really smooth and silky for about a week thanks to the treatment. But right now, it’s getting a bit dry and the colour has washed out quite a lot too. I guess that’s what you get for RM150 sigh.


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