My 18th Birthday

OH MY GOSH before starting I just HAVE to rant about how absolutely terribly EXHAUSTED I am!!!

Weds: 5 hours of sleep
Thurs: 5 hours
Fri: 4 hours
Sat: 2.5 hours WTF!

And it looks I won’t be getting much sleep tonight either sobs.

Yeah so anyway Yen “made” me a cake and I blew out the “candle” (note: singular) at midnight on Wednesday, but Soon Seng hasn’t sent me the pics of her uhhh whimsical cake yet, so sabar lah.

On Thursday, I was extra happy cause Ming Teng was back from Sabah for some forensic training kursus thingy at the bureau. Damn lucky ok he got selected to come =)))

In my state of euphoria at getting retained, I susah-payah made “name cards” for everyone. VY and Linda decided to join in the fun too.

Ah ma-style name card.

Messing around with Ming Teng’s newly bought goggles.

It like totally goes with my outfit don’t you think?


In honor of my 18th birthday (wtf) Voon Yuen, Su-Ann, Edm and I plus Ming Teng plus Tan Eng Tat/Tan Egg Tat/Tan Tan Tat were supposed to have a karaoke session at Amp Square in Pyramid.

Manatau on Thursday itself, this Su-Ann failed to turn up to work, apparently due to horrible diarrhoea sobs!!!! And worse still, she wouldn’t be coming to the karaoke session cause she had to shit every 5 minutes wtf. Buuhuu!

Nvm. We planned to sabotage her at her house after singing.

Voon Yuen and I.


After singing for a short while, the door opened and Su-Ann hopped into the room!!! With 3 balloons in tow!!!



AWWWWWWWWWWWW she went all the way to 1U to hunt down balloons for me cause she knows what a childish bugger I am <333

So after that we naturally kept using the balloons for props to camwhore with lol.

Obviously this pic is just lakonan semula lar.

Su-Ann and I.

BOOM Yuen and I.

Ming Teng and I.

Edm and I.

Groupie sadly ruined by my shittily out-of-focus camera.

Pink, heart-shaped and strawberry-flavored OMG!!

All I could ever ask for wtf.

Ming Teng bought me that thing which makes a noise which he likens to my nagging ish.

Yen: Spot where I photoshopped! lol.

We sang from about 7pm til the clock struck 12 wtf and then we remembered that we still had to work the very next day oh no. Super pooped. But the night was really fantastic, thanks guys <333


On Saturday night, my main koncho-koncho gathered at Yun’s house for dinner to celebrate Alwyn’s, Kien Fei’s and my birthday – simply lump everyone together since we’re all busy people wth.

We were supposed to head down to Teluk Gong (which is in Port Klang ahem) for dinner. Sadly, the stupid weather was all wet and emo so potong stim. But we still went anyways.


Went to the Coconut Flower restaurant as usual. No idea how that stupid name came about, one day we should really ask the people there lar.

Everyone thought I damn thick face go call myself “Assistant Director” ish. That’s really my post wan ohkay!

Slurps. Now I can sleep peacefully for another month or two.

Groupie, sans Soon Seng the cameraman =(

Our cake was damn funky cause we stuck 69 years worth of candles in it: 26 for Alwyn, 25 for Kien Fei and 18 for me. Like some Ah Ma’s cake only.

69 year old grandpa named Alwyn Soo Kien Fei wtf.

So bright! lol.

Doing the honors together.

We found Pokemon Pocky Men’s biscuits in Shun’s bag.

Our favorite baggies =)

We’ve been using them since Taylor’s rite? That’s like 5 years man!

After dinner, which only cost RM20 per person btw, we headed back to Yun’s house.

On the way back, we suddenly got all excited and decided to go clubbing at Euphoria since it was still quite early.

Sad to say 5 minutes later all of us started dozing off. Sigh.

So in the end we made a pact to go clubbing next week, and we ended up merely karaoke-ing in Yun’s house since no need to pay money.

Yen had funky hair that night.



Gay buddies for life.

No 1: Stupit. No 2: Why is it I seem to be glowing SKII rocks wtf.

We sang from like 12am til 3am and only stopped when people started falling asleep one by one. Actually I was still quite hyper lar but then it’s never any fun singing alone.

Shun sleep also damn stylo milo man.

And now I’m going to fai fai bathe and hop into bed cause I simply cannot survive on only 2.5 hours of sleep. Got to get up early for work tomorrow too haiyo.

Sorry lar got no time to blog properly. Sleep comes first, always.

Lastly, here’s a big thank you


to everyone who celebrated with me and to everyone who remembered to wish me. To those of you who forgot, may your backside grow 6 mushrooms and 99 butt hairs.

Random camwhore pic from the MIFW.

Oh ya btw did anyone realise that my camera pics are only blurry on the left sides? Damn weird rite. Sony cameras suck balls man.


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    Nov 19, 2009 @ 13:15:31

    Thank for this great story, nice to read and i enjoy so much… happy happy to you


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