Happiest Day of the Year

So the happiest day of 2008 was when I got my posting letter stating that I was to be posted to the bureau.

Guess what the happiest day of 2009 is?


WEEEEEEEEEEEEE got posted back to the bureau. For the next 3 years (probably). Super happy!!!!

Thank you god, thank you Ministry of Health, thank you bosses! <333 muak muak I love all of you. Even though I always complain about work, I swear I will turn over a new leaf and become super rajin!!!

K, now all that's left to do is to go to Putrajaya to collect my posting letter; only then will me future be confirmed. Takut nanti we terdengar salah over the phone and I actually got Sarawak or something boo.

Can't wait to hold that impossibly important document in my hands. Please En Osman, please don't give us the wrong information hor.

*crosses fingers.


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  1. vyuen
    Nov 10, 2009 @ 00:22:19

    barbie soo upon receiving her posting letter..

    name : barbie soo ah ma — checked!
    ic no : 541835-62-8887 — checked!
    posting : npcb (tears of joy welling up soo ah ma’s eyes) — checked!
    reporting date : 16 nov 2009 — checked!

    double check triple check..

    ok confirmed!

    turned around with shiny smiling eyes..

    yahoooooo!!! *cue bimbotic dance*


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